The Nokia Digital Health business was acquired by Withings co-founder Eric Carreel. The Withings brand will return by the end of 2018. Learn more

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BPM Connect

Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

US$ 99.95

Withings Move

Activity & Sleep Watch

From US$ 69.95

Pulse HR

Health & fitness tracker

US$ 99.95

Steel HR Sport

Multi-Sport Hybrid Smartwatch

US$ 199.95US$ 159.96
You save 20%(US$ 39.99)

Steel HR Limited Edition

Hybrid Smartwatch

US$ 229.95US$ 183.96
You save 20%(US$ 45.99)

Steel HR

Hybrid Smartwatch

From US$ 179.95US$ 143.96
You save 20%(US$ 35.99)


Activity & Sleep Watch

From US$ 129.95

Body Cardio

Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Body Composition & Heart Rate

US$ 149.95


Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

US$ 99.95


Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Scale

US$ 59.95


Sleep Tracking Mat

US$ 99.95


Smart Temporal Thermometer

US$ 99.95


Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

US$ 99.95

Wristbands & Accessories

From US$ 19.95

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