BPM Connect

Clinically validated

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BPM Connect

Smart Wi-Fi blood pressure & heart rate monitor

Compatible with iOS & Android

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I am able to send my Withings bp cuff data to my cardiologist; it works great!

Withings user

Charging or swapping out batteries can be a challenge with most blood pressure monitors, but not with the Withings BPM Connect.

Hannah Doyle

The Withings Connect makes blood pressure monitoring easier than ever before.

Kelly Hodgkins

Thank you to Dr. John Kairys @TJUHospital for your leadership in researching and integrating health tech with Epic at Jefferson. The data you helped unlock with @WithingsEN BPM Connect set me on a path to diagnosis and treatment. #HealthTech #gratitude

Withings user

I've been using this blood pressure monitor from withings for awhile now. It connects to an app so you'll have records of all your BP data if you need to share with a doctor! Managing physical wellness has never been more important and @BestBuy has you covered!

Withings user

My husband and I both use this, it’s come in handy being able to just send the data to our doctors nice we’ve switched to telemedicine, also Withings is my fav I’ve got the body scale and the BP cuff!

Withings user

I had undiagnosed preeclampsia when I was pregnant with my twin boys. If I had a BPM Connect at the time, Doctors may have been able to catch it and I wouldn't have had to go through the pain and suffering that I experienced. I love that the BPM Connect is easy to use, connects wirelessly to the Health Mate App and that you can share your results with your Doctor.


Monitoring my health wasn’t always important To me. I’ve learned over the years how important and how impactful it can really be. Especially now, being in a high risk pregnancy, my blood sugars and my blood pressure are the most important things to monitor. The BPM Connect allows me to monitor my blood pressure between doctor visits to ensure I’m where I should be, because it’s not just me I’m taking care of anymore.




Wireless Sync




BPM Connect can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet, via the Health Mate app available on iOS (iOS 10 and higher) and Android (6.0 and higher).

Cannot be set up from a computer



PC plastic



50 x 65 x 155 mm (1.97 x 2.56 x 6.10 inches)

250 g

Arm circumference: 22 to 42 cm (9 to 17 in)


LED matrix screen

Storage and memory

Unlimited storage on Withings cloud

Up to 8 measurements on-device between synchronizations

Power supply

Rechargeable battery

Charge via micro-USB cable

Battery life: up to 6 months

Metrics tracked


Blood pressure monitor

Systolic blood pressure

Diastolic blood pressure

Heart rate

The BPM Connect performance to measure blood pressure was validated in a clinical trial.

The results are within the margin of acceptance defined by the internationally recognized evaluation standard of blood pressure monitors ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-2:2013, EN ISO 81060-2:2014, developed by the European Society of Hypertension, British Hypertension Society and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation/American Heart Association.

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