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Our watches and scales are designed to help improve your life


Our watches and scales are designed to help improve your life

Withings elevates daily health tracking by integrating powerful health scans into our connected watches and scales. Detect a cardiovascular anomaly and perform a comprehensive body checkup with ease, fostering a healthier lifestyle.

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Experience powerful health scans that help transform your life every day.


Body Scan

The ultimate checkup, including an electrocardiogram
  • Detect a cardiac anomaly2

  • Increase muscle mass faster

  • Achieve fitness goals faster


Heart rate

Temperature variations

Oxygen saturation

Activity monitoring

Sleep analysis

Menstrual cycle monitoring


ScanWatch 2

The watch that changes lives1
  • Perform a medical-grade electrocardiogram3

  • Track baseline body temperature variations

  • Assess part of your respiratory system

  • Phenomenal 30-day battery life

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A legion of happy customers

With thousands upon thousands of reviews and an overall 4-star rating, we’re proud to be supporting so many people on their health journey.

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Blood pressure monitors

BPM Core

The at-home cardiovascular check-up
  • Detect and monitor high blood pressure
  • Perform a medical-grade electrocardiogram
  • Listen to your heart with the digital stethoscope


Sleep Analyzer

A deep reading of your sleep
  • Clinical sleep analysis
  • Detection of sleep apnea
  • Cardiovascular health monitoring

Transformed lives

2 million

signs of atrial fibrillation detected with Withings products since 20204

Atrial fibrillation can lead to serious problems such as stroke and heart failure. 1 in 6 strokes are thought to be caused by this condition.

Source: Montreal Heart Institute


cases of high blood pressure were identified with the help of a Withings blood pressure monitor5

Taking your blood pressure regularly at home allows you to control it more effectively and helps healthcare professionals to determine whether the treatments being used are effective.

Source: European Society of Hypertension

5 million

episodes of sleep apnea detected with Withings Sleep Analyzer6

5% to 7% of the world's population is affected by sleep apnea, a pathology often associated with metabolic syndrome or diabetes (16% of type 2 diabetics suffer from apnea).

Source: INSERM

What do you want to improve?

Our range of cutting-edge healthcare products is designed to help you improve vital health parameters.



Reach your weight targets more quickly


Listen to your heart

Health benefits for all.

More than 6 million users.

My Withings devices accompanied me during my convalescence and allowed me to share my measurements with my doctor. "

AFib alerts on my ScanWatch helped me seek help sooner than later. "

Being overweight and suffering from sleep apnea, my Withings scale has become my ally in achieving better health. "

It’s so easy to get data with the blood pressure monitor that we can then be more informed about our health and that’s really important. "

I was overweight in 2010. Now as a pro-athlete, the scale provides me with detailed trends of my body composition so I can adjust my plans. "

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Scales that perform powerful body check-ups.


Clinically powerful watches that revolutionize health monitoring.


The ultimate ultra-precise smart thermometer.

Sleep Analyzer

The world's first sleep tracker to detect sleep apnea.

BP monitors

Clinically validated blood pressure monitors to track your cardiovascular health.

Developed in collaboration with top hospitals and universities

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