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Clinically validated

Upgrade your blood pressure monitor

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Developed with experts

BPM Connect was developed with the help of leading cardiologists and has been thoroughly tested against several reference devices to ensure best-in-class blood pressure accuracy.

Best in class
blood pressure monitor

Thoroughly validated

To validate the performance of the device a clinical study was conducted that followed a protocol developed by the European Society of Hypertension, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation in the United States, and the International Organization for Standardization.

Easy does it

Exceptional design

Easy to operate

After downloading the Withings app, you just have to push the only button of your device to pair it—once for good. Once paired, just press the button to take a measurement.

Easy to understand

Unlike most blood pressure monitor screens that are overloaded with information, BPM Connect displays readings with large and simply-lit LED lights. Color-coded indicators also make it easy to understand blood pressure numbers.

Easy to pack

This smart blood pressure monitor consists of only one piece, and its soft cuff allows for quick and effortless transport.

Easy to love

Designed in Paris, the device is modern and minimalist, and made of premium soft fabric to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable measurements when inflated.

Health Mate | Withings
Health Mate App | Withings Health Mate App | Withings Health Mate App | Withings Health Mate App | Withings Health Mate App | Withings


Data at your fingertips

BPM Connect syncs via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth with the free Withings Health Mate app, available for iOS or Android.


Technology you can trust

Withings launched the world’s first connected blood pressure monitor in 2011. More than 10 years of development, user feedback, and advanced research have enabled us to offer a blood pressure monitor of exceptional reliability and longevity.

BPM Connect | Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Why Wi-Fi matters

BPM Connect’s Wi-Fi capability means that you don’t need to have your phone with you when taking a measurement as readings are synched automatically via a home Wi-Fi network. Compare this to many other blood pressure monitors which only offer Bluetooth connection.

Incorrect measurement indication

To guarantee measurements are as accurate as possible, BPM Connect will alert the wearer if the cuff is not tightened correctly, or if talking / movement has been detected.

Rechargeable battery

BPM Connect charges via micro-USB and lasts for up to 6 months on a single charge.

Wide-range cuff

One size fits all.: The cuff has been designed to fit arm circumferences ranging from 9 to 17" (22 cm - 42 cm) while providing accurate measurements.


BPM Connect is compact enough to fit in an overnight bag so you can make sure to check your blood pressure regularly no matter where you are.


We protect your health.
We also protect your data.

Withings processes your personal data in compliance with applicable privacy and personal data laws according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Withings is committed to giving the utmost attention to the security and protection of your privacy. For more information on how we protect your data, consult our Privacy policy.

Withings BPM Connect

Clinically validated

US$ 129.95

30-day trial

2-year warranty

Withings BPM Connect

Smart Wi-Fi blood pressure & heart rate monitor

Compatible with iOS & Android

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The BPM Connect feels like a premium hone health product with soft, heathered fabric around the outside and a soft-touch plastic to the tube and a metal ring when connecting on your arm.

The editorial staff


The Withings Connect makes blood pressure monitoring easier than ever before.

Kelly Hodgkins


Charging or swapping out batteries can be a challenge with most blood pressure monitors, but not with the Withings BPM Connect.

Hannah Doyle


I've been using this blood pressure monitor from withings for awhile now. It connects to an app so you'll have records of all your BP data if you need to share with a doctor! Managing physical wellness has never been more important and @BestBuy has you covered!

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My husband and I both use this, it’s come in handy being able to just send the data to our doctors nice we’ve switched to telemedicine, also Withings is my fav I’ve got the body scale and the BP cuff!

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Best Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

Dave Johnson


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A +1 for Withings. I suffer from blood pressure drops (probably related with my adrenal condition, I’ve given up figuring out). I have used Withings devices to monitor my BP and I have metrics going back to 2013! I also use their scale and sleep mat.

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It works great, no hassles!

David A. Spounias


The best products now and in the making. Good job!

Rohit Gandhi


I like BMP device. It’s precise, easy to use. Support service is great. Great product Thank you

Danijel Kuti


Great product! Easy to use, good app to go with it. Battery life is a dream. The multi-user option is excellent. Very affordable :-)



Thnak you for caring for my health



The BPM Connect seems to have resolved all of the issues I had with its predecessor. It’s much more comfortable and reliable. One-button activation on the device, eliminating the need to operate it from my iPhone, makes it extremely easy to use. The Health Mate app UI is well designed, making health monitoring just as simple. Together, they’re a great way to stay on top of my health.

Dana C.


I use my BPM in conjunction with the scale and the app and they both work seamlessly



Withings Connect is the Ultimate in technology of blood pressure measurements. Very reliable and accurate. Easy to use and read. The app is an additional wonderful tool to use that helps with your goals. Keeps records of your pressures without having to write them down. Just put the cuff on your arm and your done. Just work towards your goal. I just love Withings so much that I have begun to buy all their products. I am a registered nurse, by the way, so I know quality when I see and use it.

Wonderful Withings


System very good. Description to use needs improvement. Can it record on iPhone? How to separate users?

Jan kennddy


The Withings BPM Connect for 2020 is wonderful. It is smaller, lightweight and compact. There is a charge cord (no batteries to change). Measurements are super fast. (I usually have problems getting readings on the first try and this one has no problem getting mine done.) Once it is paired with your phone and the Healthmate application the unit displays your name. When your measurement is complete the reading is displayed on the unit, pushed to the Healthmate App and an indicator light lets you know if your blood pressure is normal, elevated or high (green, yellow, or red). The Healthmate app is nice because it gives you graph of your readings. You can also email your readings. The BPM Connect has made virtual doctor visits easy.

Sa B


I love my BPM Connect. It's small and stylish, so it doesn't look too out of place leaving it on the nightstand, which is good for reminding me to use it. Using a single button has a learning curve to it; it's not exactly intuitive adjusting the menu. Once it's set up it's not too annoying.



A must have. Easy to slid in your travel bag. Easy to use. With its integrated app, this BPM will make BP monitoring extremely easy to transfer to your Doctor.



Great product. Very easy to use and compact.



This product is fantastic. Easy to use and automatically syncs to the Healthmate App and my Loseit App. Battery is great and lasts weeks. Instant readout on the screen is great. I highly recommend this product.



Great device. Appears to be accurate. Simple to use and very compact. Battery life appears to be great, as I used it a couple of times a day for over a month and battery level dropped less than 30%. Would buy again!

JJ Diaz


This is my second integrated monitor with an app. The reason for getting Withings BPM is because my first was very basic and needed my phone to use. I wanted my second to be a stand-alone/ upload to my phone somehow later (if that was possible via wifi). Welp, I found it. A little bit of work to get it on to my wifi connection and boom, zero need to have the app up while taking a BP (saving my battery possibly, or my sanity). I now honesty take my BP more since because of this again and can keep an eye on it (like with my wrist one but now it goes to my phone like I wanted) Yeah. I now have the best of old-world wanting with wifi thanks.

Anonymized user


My wife and I had the older withings BP moniter for a few years it quit working we purchased the newer BPM really like it so much faster and easier to use compared to the old one great product also have Withings scales and watch really like them and the app

Bill Rogers


I have had two other portable BP monitors and wasn't satisfied with either, so I thought I'd try Withings. I really like it - easy to use, consistent user experience, and seems very accurate. I am very pleased with how easy it is to take my blood pressure.

Tom J


This blood pressure machine is a great investment. The cup is great when putting it on your arm. The machine can be set to 3 level reading or single, i like that the most. On overall this machine is a great buy.

John Lindsey


The BPM Connect is a wonderful device. Easy to install the app. Easy to connect to my phone. Easy to read results. All around it's EASY! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to monitor their blood pressure at home.



The monitor is compact and attractive design and quite easy to use. I like that it syncs so easily with the health apps in my iPhone. With this monitor and my Withings scale, I can monitor my health progress and status with accuracy and ease.

Hamish P


I bought the Withings BPM Connect to keep track of my blood pressure after a high reading and a family history of problems. It is extremely easy to use, quick to set up and the battery life like all Withings products is exceptional! Highly recommended.

Andrew B


I’ve used this blood pressure monitor for about a month now. I’ve found the monitor easy to use and the results have been accurate. Once the app is on your phone the results are automatically uploaded and can be easily viewed, sent to others etc. The machine can take an average of 3 consecutive tests and the time in between each test can be altered. Overall a great machine, simple compact design (will easily fit in your coat pocket) works well and good battery life.

Anonymized user


This is my second blood pressure cuff from Withings. The first one required a connection to the iPhone via a 30 pin connector! It still works but it was time to upgrade to a WiFi version for the ease of use and I love it! I normally do the series of 3 blood pressure checks, and before I can remove the cuff and put it away then open the App my vitals are there for my viewing. Everything works perfectly and I’m really enjoying being cordless now!



Very simple setup and easy to use. I like the ability to choose between a long BP or a short BP screening. The integration with the app and Withings scale are fantastic!



Thank you for your product!

Vally Bishop


This is my third version of a WITHINGS blood pressure device

Bill in Oregon


This has been a really great blood pressure monitor. It’s very simple to use and seems to be fairly accurate for a home unit in this price range. I love the fact that it integrates with all of the iPhone health apps and can share information with my doctor if I decide. Set up the measurement is fully automatic and takes less than five minutes or so. The rechargeable battery lasts a very long time I’ve charged it one and use it daily for a month or so and it still had reserves. I would recommend this to friends and family as well.



I love my Withings blood pressure monitor. I chose it over a similar item from a different brand because I liked the design of the cuff itself and the app. The feature of sending the data through Bluetooth so there is no syncing or anything. It’s super easy to switch between accounts as well. I’ve just ordered the Withings steel HR watch and I’m so excited to have all of my health information in one app.



Fantastically simple to use, fast and compact device. Did a fair bit of research and they all pointed me to the same device, due to the previously mentioned reasons.



This is a product designed with the user in mind for ease of use. It is a quality product with such slick features, stylish in the display, and in its shape and form, and it does a superb job of fullfilling the purpose for which it is manufactured. I really cannot fault it. Love the way the accompanying app stores all the readings, finds averages over time periods and shows trends visually. Highly recommend it. Thank you ☺️



Do the job without difficulty



I bought this product a month ago, and I use it daily. I can recommend it, it is a good purchase. Compact and easy to use. I cross tested it with other BPM monitors, and it is really accurate. It is easy to track previous measurements in the Health Mate app.

Andras Toth


Simple , Clean , Reliable , Compact, Excellent quality Withings you have a customer for life.

Andrew K.


Very easy to use . Every time I go to the Dr my blood pressure is very high. Now with my Withings I can take my own readings and generally they are ok.I do have recognised white coat syndrome so being aware of this it’s nice to take my own reading at home.



Easy and convenient to use. Don't need a special space or bag for it. Long lasting battery ensure ease of mind when travelling. All reading are immediately captured into the app wirelessly. Don't need to bring anything else to the doctor, just your handphone.

Bin Ahmad


I was looking for a BPM to get accurate readings and easy to use by myself. Since quadruple bypass surgery I wanted to keep on top of my blood pressure and to share with my doctor. It works great.



Withings BPM Connect is a really helpful product, easy to use and with long battery time. Allows me to measure my blood pressure levels from home instead of making a doctors appointment each time. I initially bought it to try it out and to help keep track of my health, but it has already identified elevated levels that I didn’t know about and now can get medication for. It’s also great to be able to follow what impact exercise and other activities have on my blood pressure.



Would highly recommend this product. Very easy to set up, portable and good app.



It is an awesome tool! Even if you don't need it it is good idea to measure your blood pressure for historic purposes. The trend is important! Easy and quick to use tools such as BPM Connect is what you need to build a habit of health tracking.



Excellent Product !! Highly Recommended !! Easy to carry and reliable !! App could be better but improving..



I am very happy with the Withing BPM. It took a little time to work out how to sync with my Iphone but now it is set up it works great. I haven't used it with other people so it is setup for just my name but I believe it can be used with multiple people. All in all a great option for a person to do their own BP at home. I will be able to take the readings to my next doctors appointment for their checking.



I really appreciate the design of the Withings blood pressure monitor because of its convenient, easy to use design. I love that I can take my measurement and walk away knowing that my results are being recorded and saved in the app, without me having to carry out any additional steps. It’s beautifully designed and even features my name on the screen, which is a nice touch.

Easy Peasy


Got this to replace old bpm. Having to not change batteries is fantastic, the screen advises you on what is happening. A vast improvement from your old model and so easy to use.I give Withing’s 5* for their continued development



Quick, easy to use, portable and accurate. Has multi-user and triple measurement with adjustable interval functions but right in. Totally love it. I with it would always come with a travel case though

Exactly what I wanted


BPM Connect is very easy to use, also very compact to stow away and it looks so modern you don't mind it laying around. The app is absolutely great - especially if you have like me many Withings Products which really gives you a great overview of your Health. Can only recommend!



Purchased for daily tracking and logging of BP to share with doctor. This is a convenient and easy to use device and it integrates with the app I already use for my wifi scale.

Great BP cuff


easy to use, great app, highly recommended!

happy customer


I already had the Withings steel HR watch which I sync with the Health Mate App. My blood pressure has been rather high and wanted to monitor this so after some investigation, I purchased the BPM connect. This is an extremely well designed blood pressure monitor which I now use every day and I like the way that it provides the readings on the App. It is very well made and quite light. I found that it also charges quite quickly and has retained its first charge for a long time. I suspect that one would only need to charge it approximately once a month. It can be a little difficult to see the blood pressure reading while you are wearing the monitor however this is not really a problem as the reading is immediately synchronised with the App. I have also now purchased the Withings Body plus scales which is also a fantastic piece of equipment. So far all the Withings products have been easy to use and very reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend these to others.

Hugh G


A fantastic piece of equipment! Easy to use, portable and most of all - able to perform an automatic triple measurement as per current recommendations for diagnosing and treating hypertension. Highly recommended!

Jacek Bujko, MD


the blood pressure monitor is very easy to use and easy to link to the app



the blood pressure monitor is very easy to use and easy to link to the app



I purchased your BPM connect originally to replace my old blood pressure machine that was warned and awkward to use. Withings BPM connect is compact, easy to use and has many more features.

Kenneth Brown


I purchased your BPM connect originally to replace my old blood pressure machine that was warned and awkward to use. Withings BPM connect is compact, easy to use and has many more features.

Kenneth Brown


A very reliable product, easy to use plus a good design !

Konstantinos A


Withings BPM Connect has helped me manage and reduce my blood pressure significantly. I was regularly at 150/90 and above. While my diet and exercise were excellent, using Healthmate and my BPM Connect helped me identify that my caffeine consumption was too high and that I needed to meditate and manage my stress more. After one month of changes and twice a day BPM readings, I am down to a regular 130/80 and feeling much better and more confident about my overall health. Thank you Withings!

Lex Collins


The device is easy to set up and use and provides a quick, accurate readout. The display on the cuff is also large and clear.



BPM Connect is the best investment so far that I did in terms of me and my wife’s health monitoring equipment. Looking forward to purchasing the new one, the BPM Core.



Excellent product!

Mikhail Salinas


It is a good device -- accurate and simple to use. Although the BPM core has great features, it seems to not be as accurate. I would only recommend the BPM Connect if you get it used like I did as it is at least 2x the price it should be for what it does.



My MD wanted me to record my BP to determine if rx was needed. I loved that the device was easy to use and it was able to give avg of 3 readings. Also loved that the app could email recordings directly to MD.



Easy to use and very convenient.



Withings products are fun and easy to use. I highly recommend them. The customer service is dedicated. They took care of my concerns. For the first few days my BP was a bit high. The cuff inflates pretty good. I had to get used to that. After a few days all my readings were normal.What I really enjoy about this and other Withings products is that readings are automatically uploaded. It is just so easy. The products are well built, great quality, and just a joy to use.And, no, I am not affiliated with Withings, just a happy customer :)



Great device!



I received the BP monitor as a gift from a very close friend because I told him about my B.P. issues. We both set it up together with ease and in less than 10 minutes. I use 3 to 6 times a day and it gives accurate readings on B.P. Heart Beats and more. Very happy with this health product and I highly recommend it to all, it is so easy to use. After a full charge it does not have to be recharged again for about a month. Great product, buy it, well worth the money.

Thomas J.


Withings is a more stable BPM than previous system I was using. Easier to use, cuff way nicer. Whole system is totally modern. I feel the readings I’m getting with my Withings are way more accurate than other bpm I had.



I have been a user of the Withings suite of devices and apps. From the smart scale, BP, thermometer and iPhone app. Get into a routine and you can collect all of your health data in a single source to measure trends and progress

Tony Minyon


I've been getting my blood pressure on average about 2-3 x a week and I do it almost same time an hour after waking up in the morning as per medical instruction. My BP is more or less consistent, off by 1-3 points and is aligned with my previous readings done in a clinic. Withings is unlike the other electronic BP monitors which have very big variance from one reading to the next. I recommend the product especially for those who want accuracy and convenience.

Anonymized user


Easy to use, good price and reliable product!

Anonymized user


10/10. I can take my BP while watching the evening news. The HealthMate app records the data & automatically shares it with my Health app so my physician can view it in real-time, if necessary. I don’t even have to think about it. Simple, quick, & convenient—everything is done with a press of a button.

Anonymized user


This is an excellent blood pressure monitor. It is incredibly easy to use and helps keep track of health measurements in a way that is accessible and usable.

Anonymized user


Great tool to track, recommend strongly

Anonymized user


Nice device

Anonymized user


I was looking for a BP monitor to read my BP and interface with my Apple Health app as I have recently seen a rise in my BP and wanted it monitored daily. I am happy with the ease of use of the Withings monitor and the associated app which allows me to track my BP. I have since purchased the Withings bathroom scales so I can track my weight on a daily basis

Anonymized user


The BPM is so easy to use and fulfills all my needs

Anonymized user


I like it. My P.C. Dr. likes it. It records to my phone. I just wish the data stayed on the device a little longer --- I also keep a paper record for my cardiologist! I hope to get him on the Withings app! Dr. Petal are you listening? He is a great doctor - an Interventional Cardiologist!

Anonymized user


Its an excellent product and easy to use

Anonymized user


a reliable travel buddy if you wanna monitor your blood pressure wherever you are



I love it! Its easy to use and saves all your blood pressure cks to a easy to use app. Love for when I go to the doctor. Can just show all the data without having to write it down each time.



After buying 2 not very accurate machines from chemist within a month I decided after some google research to buy and was not disappointed. use everyday for 2 months and have charged only twice. It has always been accurate and with all the lockdowns and covid being able to share my data with doc instantly instead of writing and sending paperwork to him is great. was so happy with their product I have also invested in scanwatch.

Withings user


Very easy to use and accurate. I'm hypertensive and use this to monitor my blood pressure and share it with my doctor. I found the readings to be very close to my manual measurements. Another plus is the ability to sync to the app and with Apple health.

Withings user


My Withings BP device was recommended by a nurse to assist me with obtaining more accurate BP readings and I took her advice and I was not disappointed! The device and app were easy to set-up and use and I love it! I highly recommend procuring it as well as it's portable carrying case!



Great easy to use not bulky like other machines I have used in the past very compact and from tests I have done quiet actuare



Product gets 5 star from me it's the best blood pressure cuff on the market in my opinion and I have bought 7 of these before this my biggest complaint is complaint is you cannot take it and check your blood pressure anywhere unless you have Wi-Fi if this machine had its own Wi-Fi that would be the best that would get tense star sigh yeah star size is perfect works well I have no complaints on the mechanics



Easy to use and looks premium.uite expensive.as some connection problem to wifi to sync and upload the results. not always works and you should measure again to be able to upload your previous results.he LED is good but short . I prefer a bit longer to be able to show the whole name.here is no travel bag or case in the box and I believe such a premium expensive devise must have at least a travel bag.





Wireless Sync




BPM Connect can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet, via the Health Mate app available on iOS (iOS 14 and higher) and Android (8.0 and higher).

Cannot be set up from a computer


Conditions of use

Pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) can make BP measurements inconclusive.


PC plastic



50 x 65 x 155 mm (1.97 x 2.56 x 6.10 inches)

250 g

Arm circumference: 22 to 42 cm (9 to 17 in)


LED matrix screen

Storage and memory

Unlimited storage on Withings cloud

Up to 8 measurements on-device between synchronizations

Power supply

Rechargeable battery

Charge via micro-USB cable

Battery life: up to 6 months

Metrics tracked


Blood pressure monitor

Systolic blood pressure

Diastolic blood pressure

Heart rate

The BPM Connect performance to measure blood pressure was validated in a clinical trial.

The results are within the margin of acceptance defined by the internationally recognized evaluation standard of blood pressure monitors ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-2:2013, EN ISO 81060-2:2014, developed by the European Society of Hypertension, British Hypertension Society and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation/American Heart Association.

Get to know BPM Connect


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