A message from our President

To our community of users, our trusted partners, and all who are currently concerned with global health,

Withings is a company that has always been focused on better health. For a decade, Withings has invented, developed and produced products and services to measure and collect physiological and medical data remotely. Withings knows that connected health devices and the anonymized global data they can collect, are tools that can benefit the health community. We wish to help individuals, but also to expand medical knowledge and support health professionals. In the context of a health crisis, it’s critical to be able to support those who give care to tens of thousands of people by bringing them the best tools.

We thought we would share a few ways our team is putting our collective energy into the battle against COVID-19.

• Home SpO2 measurements
Oxygen saturation rate measurements collected via Withings newest hybrid smartwatch (ScanWatch) can bring great value in monitoring the health and respiratory stress of COVID-19 patients who are not in the hospital, but at home. We are working hard with various regulatory bodies to make the measurement of oxygen saturation available on ScanWatch as quickly as possible. The first prototype units will be used in collaboration with hospitals for patient follow-up programs.

• Identification of precursor signals
We are currently taking part in several research projects in order to better understand how variations in heart rate and respiratory disturbances during the night may signal the onset of the disease, and how these metrics progress during its progression.
In this context, we have joined forces with Digital Alliance and their website, which already serves millions of citizens in France. The Institut Pasteur, which carries out the epidemiological study based on the questionnaire, will thus benefit from our additional physiological data.

• Thermometer donation
Several hospitals and government agencies have contacted us to tell us about their difficulty in taking patient temperature, due to a lack of available covers for tympanic thermometers. For this reason, we have decided to donate part of our production of Thermo, our smart thermometer. The donation will go to healthcare professionals to help them better perform hundreds of contactless measurements easily and hygienically.

• Donation of PPE
The World Health Organization has said that globally there is a "significant shortage" of medical supplies for healthcare workers on the frontline of this pandemic. As a manufacturer of physical objects, we benefit from a working relationship with manufacturers in China, and were able to quickly obtain 50,000 protective masks, which we are donating to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in France.

This health crisis reveals the imperative we have to accelerate advances in connected healthcare—where doctors and health professionals can accompany patients into their everyday lives. Our users, especially those who have been with us for many years, know that this is the path that we have always been on, and now, more than ever, it is our guiding strategy.

Know that the Withings team is more determined than ever. We are united in our purpose to implement these projects, and we are forging ahead on new initiatives that can bring the greatest help in this battle. I want to conclude by inviting healthcare professionals to contact us at the following address if they think we can help them:

Thank you for your time, your support, and your trust.

Eric Carreel
President & co-founder of Withings
April 1st, 2020

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