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We are on a mission to improve the way people take care of their health, all over the world.

Technology for Health

For the past 15 years Withings has been creating devices that combine cutting edge medical technology with premium design. These easy-to-use devices connect to apps and act as powerful daily health check-ups, as well as tools to help master long-term health goals. The ecosystem range includes award-winning products across the health spectrum.

We are driven by the promise to revolutionize people’s relationship with their health, by bringing new measurement tools that collect and monitor vital parameters remotely. Whether monitoring chronic diseases, detecting under-diagnosed conditions, or simply helping people with motivational tools, our objects and applications are transforming the daily lives of all those involved in healthcare, from patients, to professionals to researchers.

From our offices in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Boston and Hong Kong, we have complete control over the product life cycle, from R&D to marketing.

A true innovation laboratory, Withings was the first to bring a smart scale to market, and the first to introduce metrics reserved for the hospital environment into everyday objects. Today we are going even further with the technology that will enable better health monitoring in the coming years. Join us.



1st BPM with ECG
and digital stethoscope

Withings invented the first
Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor

Withings invented the first
analog watch to record an ECG

Withings invented the first
connected scale

Withings invented the first
hybrid smartwach

Withings leads the way to the future of health .

Working at Withings


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Beta testing

Working at Withings you will receive the full suite of devices as everyone has something to contribute as a beta tester. Employee feedback is vital to continually improve the products and enhance the user experience. As all Withings devices pair with an app, we also offer a mobile subsidy and a state-of-the-art smartphone.

The Withings Med Academy was designed to facilitate access to medical knowledge and enable us to go further in the field of health. Made up of internal and external experts, it enables us to acquire knowledge in the medical field but also to better understand the issues at stake. Working at Withings means being invited to workday events like “Smart Breakfasts” and “Doc Talks” — conferences where a variety of health professionals and team leaders share their expertise.

Our teams


The platform team ensures the security of our data and enables the transfer of data between our products, mobile applications and databases.

The team is divided into three entities:

Ops: in charge of server management, databases, code deployment and network infrastructure.
Web Apps: develops the web version of the application and the front end of our internal tools
Web Services & APIs: handles internal and public web services for information storage and retrieval

What else?

  • They intervene on various projects in connection with different trades
  • They sometimes implement in-house tools for better control and efficiency
  • They design technical architectures and optimize performance in languages such as PHP, Javascript and Python
  • They present Tech Talks: technical presentations on a subject by a team member to build skills

Data Science

The Data team is involved from the product design stage to help craft key product functionalities. Their primary role is to collect, store, and process product data to create and improve our algorithms. The Data team collaborates on a daily basis with the technical teams and participates in all projects, even the most ambitious ones.

Data Science is agile and proactive, dealing with many core issues thanks to their central position in the product life cycle.

What else?

  • They drive research forward and work regularly with prestigious laboratories and industry experts
  • The subjects are challenging and come to life in our hardware
  • They continually learn more and gain expertise about the medical field

Embedded software

This team is in charge of all the software implemented in our products.

Integrated from the beginning in the product lifecycle, the team participates in the choice of components. They must communicate with each of the departments and adapt to their specific needs: sensors of all kinds, algorithms, interactions with our Health Mate application and with our servers. Once our products are marketed, the team continues to take care of them by incorporating new functionalities (algorithms, screens...) and helps assist customer support.

What else?

  • It’s an invigorating exercise in making embedded systems work despite limited resources: battery or battery-powered systems, autonomy, memory constraints and computing power, etc.
  • They work as close as possible to the electronic map


The Mobile team develops and improves our Health Mate application, but also Thermo, Home and all applications for internal use.

The Health Mate application, available for both iOS and Android, is a Withings product in its own right, at the heart of a complex ecosystem. Able to operate offline, it can communicate with all our connected objects, process the data retrieved in this way and present it to our users. Each health universe is optimised to add intelligence to the raw data and allow our users to take control of their health. With over a million users, the mobile team helps people literally take their health into their own hands.

What else?

  • They work on a wide variety of topics, customised UI components, data persistence and processing, accessory communication, advanced multi-threading
  • The process is agile with stand-up, sprints and retrospectives
  • They enjoy a privileged relationship with Apple and Google
  • This team regularly attends top mobile conferences: WWDC, Google I/O, Firebase Summit, dotSwift, FrenchKit, Android Makers, DroidCon, etc.


Working closely with our team in Hong Kong, our factories in China, and our watchmakers in Issy, the Industrialization team is the link between the technical teams and the production lines.

Shaped by software and hardware profiles, they are true professionals of the organization. Coordinators of the production lines in Asia and Issy-les-Moulineaux, they help ensure our quality. The team is the interface between the factories and all the product teams. This team also spearheads innovations that assist in the development of our products and production lines, and continually impresses us with clever solutions to each new challenge.

What else?

  • Even the craziest ideas are listened to here…because this is often where innovation occurs
  • They are unfamiliar with routine and work in a multidisciplinary environment


This team imagines and designs each of the mechanical components of our products. Working closely with a design studio, mechanics draws and validates them before supervising their production and assembly at our sub-contractors. Mechanics then helps supervise production and enjoys the excitement of a relatively short product development cycle.

What else?

  • There’s the excitement of variety, including research, design, sourcing, detailed design, prototyping, validation, industrialization
  • They have a prototyping workshop with state-of-the-art equipment
  • They work closely with an independent design studio on research, sourcing, electronics and industrialisation
  • They regularly travel internationally to meet suppliers and supervise our productions.

Customer Support

Specializing in customer service, this team is spread over several continents: Europe, America and Asia.

Its role is to support our customers and improve their experience with our products, applications and purchasing. They answer questions from users through all communication channels to help us provide a positive and efficient image. They write technical articles to guide users and follow the product throughout its life (before, during and after marketing). Their expertise is key to ensuring quality and they help guide the call centers meet a common objective: the satisfaction of our customers.

What else?

  • They communicate regularly in French, English and German with partners in different countries such as France, the United States, the Philippines and Spain
  • They aren’t bored by routine because each product has its own particularities
  • They work in collaboration with all teams
  • They acquire expertise on all products and they have a key role improving quality via feedback to the development teams.

Customer Operations

The mission of the team is to deliver Withings products to our customers while respecting cost and deadline constraints.

It works in conjunction with customs and the carriers who transport our products from Asia to our distribution centers. It manages our warehouses on a daily basis so that they prepare and dispatch the orders of our partners and users, and use performance indicators to help enable cost savings. This team also takes care of the return flow so that our products can have a second life. One part of the team helps take care of the relationship with our resellers (e.g. Amazon, Apple, Best Buy) and ensures order taking, invoicing and dispute management.

What else?

  • They enjoy the challenge of successfully distributing and managing our products
  • They speak several languages and learn one word of Chinese per week


Applied research engineers create the medical measurements for our products. The variety of techniques calls for very different profiles: optics, acoustics, chemistry, materials, telecoms, and more. They need to test competing products, work with prestigious labs and research institutes, and get to learn subjects outside their training.

R&D is involved throughout the life of a product. Upstream, they explore new ideas or new sensors and produce prototypes and proofs of concept. They then develop this measurement, with a metrology part, and an engineering part, where they integrate the hardware components into a consumer product. Finally, they conduct the clinical studies necessary for the calibration and validation of these measurements. They are deeply involved in development, collaborating with internal teams, as well as with doctors and researchers.

What else?

  • They have the possibility of testing competing products (even connected socks) and often reference medical devices (this limits medical visits)
  • They study original subjects, often outside their training


Responsible for distributing our products in different countries, Sales is in constant contact with international retailers (Amazon, Apple, BestBuy, Fnac Darty, etc.) and are always looking for the best new distributors.

Focused on growing our market share in brick and mortar and online, they make our products accessible to the general public. Outstanding negotiators, they enable global sales and help resellers with innovative and creative assets that win them new customers.

What else?

  • They are all responsible for several countries and work with great autonomy
  • They often travel to meet distributors
  • They get to work on cutting-edge products that are renowned for regular innovations


This team implements the electronic functions of the products, finding the best components for the product teams to create the design and routing of the electronic boards. They work closely with the software team to optimize the operation, and then with the industrialization team to carry out their work in the factory.

They get a lot of credit for helping with our renowned battery life, and can enjoy a variety of products in development.

What else?

  • The electronics engineers have the satisfaction of taking care of their product from start to finish
  • Every product is a new challenge

Purchase & Manufacturing

Based in Paris and Hong Kong, this team is at the heart of the product life cycle, helping us procure the best possible components.

A real link between engineers and suppliers, they define the methods, means and tools needed to manage the supplier supply chain and the materials used for all our products.

By being in charge of the entire manufacturing chain of our products, they guarantee high quality in production. They are also the guarantors of checks in our factories to ensure optimal delivery and production for all our products.

What else?

  • Masters of negotiation and organization, they create new tools internally to improve production monitoring
  • They work closely with the Operations and Engineering teams


This team is the guarantor of the proper functioning of our applications and the products delivered to our customers.

Quality is always testing the products from top to bottom to ensure that they are satisfactory on the hardware or software side.

Working closely with all the development teams from the beginning of the project until its release, they remain involved once the product is delivered by analyzing customer feedback, testing updates, and proposing solutions to ensure that product quality is always optimal.

What else?

  • Follow the products throughout their design and see their evolutions
  • Tests and proposes evolutions for products and apps

New Health Businesses

How can connected products be integrated into medical practice to improve the screening and ambulatory follow-up of chronic patients?

Our New Health Businesses division is working to answer this question. In concrete terms, our employees establish partnerships with players in the healthcare world such as medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, EHPAD, etc.), research institutes, patient monitoring programs , pharmaceutical groups, insurance companies, and more.

It is a multidisciplinary team where strategy, research, products, sales, marketing and support functions work side by side.

What else?

  • At the frontier of the digital transformation of the health sector, they are like working at a startup within the startup
  • They travel internationally to participate in professional events and meet partners
  • As there are still a lot of subjects to explore., this team is learning all the time

Product Managers

The product team consists of three business areas: PM product, PM application and services, and UX/UI designers. Product Managers build the best possible user experience for the product or service for which they are responsible. They also coordinate product functionality development while taking into account deadlines, costs, competition, medical regulations, clinical validation, and intellectual property.

They are involved in every stage of the product lifecycle including conception with the design and development teams,evolution with the marketing, sales and customer support teams, and completion to market withdrawal.

Product managers’ expertise ranges from engineering to marketing with a strong business sense and obsession for the user experience. This collection of skills makes the team a strong and close-knit group!

What else?

  • The PM defines and steers the development cycle from A to Z
  • Enjoys a bird’s eye view and learns from all the company's teams
  • As innovation is constant, they never lack for exciting projects

Human Resources

The HR team supports the company's strategy on a daily basis. The team's missions are wide-ranging: recruitment, leading internal culture (celebrations! tech talks! good coffee!), personnel administration, training, HR marketing, and more. HR works with all employees to ensure a healthy working environment.

The team is made up of several profiles that enable the company to work strategically and operationally to preserve our greatest asset: our employees.

What else?

  • A close relationship with all employees through innovative projects
  • They enjoy diving into the multitude of Withings professions
  • Enjoys strong relationships with the major engineering schools


Once our brilliant minds invent, test, develop and produce groundbreaking new health products and services, it’s up to Marketing to make them understandable and appealing to retailers, partners, medical professionals, and of course, our users. This team uses a variety of levers to communicate: PR, social media, events, online advertising, video, CRM tools, retail marketing, content and influence marketing.

As we sell our products in more than 30 countries, marketing must adapt its strategy to each culture and language, while ensuring a strong and consistent voice. In order to support a truly innovative brand whose mission is to improve people’s health, they need creativity, curiosity, and a real interest in health and our user’s needs. With several new products launched each year, they continuously uncover new and exciting ways to talk about the brand.

What else?

  • This team outsources very few missions and prefers to own its projects: from web design and development to graphic design, copywriting and community management.
  • Includes travel to top conferences, like CES and IFA, to showcase the newest innovations
  • Marketing works with every department to tell the story of this amazing company—in fact right now, someone in Marketing is writing these very words.

Finance / Legal

The finance team consists of accounting and business control. The accounting team takes care of the invoices and all the legally required declarations and must check the veracity of the financial information communicated.

The Business Control team monitors each and every expense and analyses them to ensure the sustainability of the company.

The team is also responsible for checking the turnover and profitability of each customer and/or product in order to help the sales and marketing teams maximise their investments. The legal department, meanwhile, is a control tower offering a 360-degree view of the legal commitments of the various other departments.

It accompanies them in ensuring the best defence of their interests. Together, finance and legal support the company's innovation and research efforts.

What else?

  • They have numerous interactions with banks, auditors, suppliers and customers
  • The company's business model evolves, so the team must evolve with it in order to support the company's transformation
  • Many tools and processes need to be built to move towards B2B and help the management team to make the right decisions

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