Pulse Wave Velocity

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What is Pulse Wave Velocity ?

An innovative metric used by the medical community to assess cardiovascular health

  • Each time your heart beats, it induces a wave along the aorta and the arterial tree. This wave leads to blood-volume changes in the vessels that expand and contract in response to these changes. Pulse Wave Velocity is the propagation speed of this wave along the arteries.

  • Pulse Wave Velocity is usually measured between the carotid and the femoral artery using applanation tonometry. However, this technique requires an advanced equipment and a well-trained operator.

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Pulse Wave Velocity
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Anyone can lower Pulse Wave Velocity

Lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise, controlling blood pressure and diabetes, and managing cholesterol levels can help improve Pulse Wave Velocity measurements and consequently improve your overall cardiovascular health.

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Pulse Wave Velocity

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