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Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate & Oximeter

Compatible with iOS & Android

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This watch could literally save lives.

Caitlin McGarry

The Withings ScanWatch is gorgeous. Everything — the included FKM strap, the stainless steel case, the minimalist design language — looks and feels incredibly premium.

Jimmy Westenberg

The appeal should be obvious to anyone who appreciates the classic design and wants to stay on top of their heart and sleep health.

Dominic Preston

Withings has got a lot right with the ScanWatch. It is an attractive hybrid watch that blends traditional aesthetics with some of the smartest technology available on any wearable today (smartwatches included).

Alistair Charlton

Not many true smartwatches or fitness trackers contain quite as many health-monitoring features, from general activity to comprehensive sleep tracking.

The editorial staff

The hybrid watch face is protected by Sapphire glass lens so it's not only handsome but also scratch- and crack-resistant.

Matt Kollat

Everything here just yells luxury, making the ScanWatch the ideal wearable for a professional, adding a finishing touch to a stylish three-piece suit.

Thomas Deehan

Withings has made something truly impressive with the ScanWatch. It's through its unabashed simplicity that I can easily see it being the smartwatch of choice for a lot of people

Withings user

The withings scanwatch is basically a watch who monitors metrics, while still looking like a regular watch

Withings user

More than ever, we need to take responsibility for our own health and the technology ScanWatch provides allows us to do that.

Robyn Foyster

We’re devilishly impressed. The looks, the functionality, the operation and the battery life are all top-drawer and when you add the price of just $499 RRP ($479 for 38mm version) it makes for astonishing value. Added to the intuitive, mature and well-polished Withings digital health ecosystem, it’s hands down, the best smartwatch on the market.

Nick Ross

The ScanWatch’s traditional clockface hides some of the most advanced tech we’ve seen in a smartwatch yet.

Daniel Bennett

I love my hybrid watch by withings. Looks like a standard watch but has a lot of smart watch functions. Not as large /invasive as a smart watch. Oh and battery life is a month!

Withings user

My Withings has a 30+ day battery life, ecg/sp02, step tracking and simple notifications if I want them...I love not having another thing to update/charge/maintain.

Withings user

The ScanWatch’s traditional clock face hides some of the most advanced tech we’ve seen in a smartwatch yet

Daniel Bennett

Great Smartwatch with looks of a normal watch.


Well built smartwatch with very helpful features!


Best Whitings watch ever


It's a fantastic Watch

Pedro P.

Highly recommended


Lovely timepiece and tech spec too.


Very happy with my Scan Watch

Paul Warfield

Withings has really hit the target with the ScanWatch. I consider it the best wearable product yet. For me a clear focus on health, quality materials and manufacture, value for money and simplicity in use put it ahead of “do everything” devices. It does everything I want it to do health-wise, and it’s great as a watch too. The optional metal bracelet works really well with it; this and other accessory straps are also well made and way better value than others...


The perfect balance of tech and style.

Mark Dansky

Great product, does everything I need, and does it very well :)

Marcos Mendes

Well more advanced than others, with excellent quality and helpful app

George from Athens

An excellent device for helping you understand and achieve fitness.


Great quality product


The scan watch gives me accurate information about my health. It measures not just my exercise performance overall but actually provides up to the minute information about my body fitness and wellness. It looks good too.

Bob bellamy

Excellent watch and features. Solid and elegant.


An excellent watch, providing great features, solid construction and fantastic battery life. Plus it looks absolutely great!


Best value for money in an amazing quality. Higly recommendable.

Asbjørn Thisted

Like the Apple Watch inside but with lots more battery and looks like a REAL WATCH :)


Great watch.


I upgraded my Steer HR to the Scanwatch because of the additional features. I already loved Health Mate which preferred to the Apple watch and Garmin watch apps. I particularly like the styling of the small model and the crown control is much, much less liable to unwanted selection than a touch screen. Brilliant overall. Previously I have worn a normal watch rather than a smart watch except when I wanted to measure something. The Scanwatch is so good looking and easy to use I haven't worn any of my fancy mechanical watches since I got it!

Frank Dernie

Excelent design, and easy of everyday use.


Absolutely fantastic watch. Looks like traditional watch but include inside modern technology. No compromise! ECG, SVP, heart rate monitor, sleeping monitor, sapphire Cristal, stainless still. Looks fantastic. Great Job Withings team!

Rafal P

Love my ScanWatch


the watch is a nice balance between trying to do too much and just enough. and sounds stupid but it is round. i hate square watches!


Packed with features and with outstanding build quality the scanwatch has everything I was looking for in a health wearable.


I have been waiting for the ScanWatch for some time, in particular for the heart monitoring features. I have not been disappointed since receiving mine, I find the features and usage excellent and use it everyday for the full range of functionality that it provides.

Dave Preece

Classic look with powerful smart features


First Withings watch, but not the last.


An excellent product that is easy to use, informative, technologically advanced and stylish!

Tai Chi Gene

This is my third Withings watch and they improve by leaps and bounds each time


Scan watch, as the other withings products, is so intuitive and pratique that you forget that it is a device: it merges with you, with your routines, with your everyday life! That’s when you know that it is a good product!

Isabel Olive

The Withings ScanWatch is a very nice mixture of an analog-looking watch, packed with digital health features. The battery life is excellent and so is the accompanying Health Mate app.

Nord-Jan Vermeer

Excellent device hardware-wise, with loads of potential to surpass its competition on the software side as well. The only device worth of consideration for those who do not like fully-fledged smartwatches.


The Withings ScanWatch is definitely a game changer for tracking your overall health. The watch itself houses clinically validated sensors in a beautiful steel case. The battery life is superb and the biggest reason to leave behind the smart watches that dominate our life. Well done, Withings!


Beautifully crafted hybrid watch. Feels and weights like a premium watch and has all the necessary features of a smartwatch. SPO2 is a nice feature especially in the Corona times.


Just love the product. It works great.


I feel safe and secure, my watch is monitoring me 24/7, and looking good. Well designed in every way. Thank you!


This integrates pretty seamlessly with my life and provides insight which nudges me in the right directions.

Alistair N

It’s the most beautiful thing I own. And perhaps one day it’ll help my innards become more beautiful!


Loving the withings scanwatch. It's the perfect balance between activity tracker, health monitor and timepiece. Well worth the money, excellent build quality, great app. Very pleased.


Does everything I need to monitor my overall health. Gives a person insights on how to improve their Sleep, Activity and general wellbeing. Input basic data and Health Mate does the rest.


Scanwatch is an excellent health and exercise monitor.


Great watch

Bob Oso

Not a legoblock or fany accessory, just a nice watch with really useful and competitive features.


Overall great watch with loads of medical insights. It gets even stronger when you own another Withings products, because the whole ecosystem around is very robust and functional. The only thing Withings can go further is workout tracking. The hardware is there, only the software needs to be polished to fulfill the needs of sporting people.

Michal J.

I like the Scanwatch. The battery life is great. It should have more training features, though.

Staffan Sandblom

I think most smart/sport watches are too ugly and too expensive. Withings is both affordable and classy looking watch with features i can’t find from others. In love already from 2017. Not to mention the battery life!!! 😍


This is literally a 'smart' watch as in stylish. Does what it says on the tin!---too.


I love my Scanwatch. I can't really work out why anyone has any other kind of smart watch. It does everything I want and doesn't need to be charged every night. It's my third Withings watch and I'm sure it won't be my last.


Great watch, good battery life, looks nice


The Scanwatch provides reassurance regarding my health and prompts to make the effort to improve one's own health


Really good watch with clear screen- has all the health features you need more stylish and less clunky than other similar watches- withings customer service is without question one of the best I have experienced so I am happy to buy from them

Kaz P

Great watch. Sleek, comfortable, good battery, many features. No connection issues. Good app.


Great integrated health watch and app


the watch does what it promises it will do with out any fuss or problems

grahame harcombe

There is a premium quality on ScanWatch that makes it unique while you can trust the excellent health tracking features and HealthMate's easy of use and regular updates. Highly recommended!


The Scan watch is clear and smart for any occasion. The health features are simple to use and covers everything I want. Having heart issues, the watch gives me useful information. Excellent in every way

Old rocker

I'm very satisfied with ma watch


An active scan watch which enables me to check oxygen levels and heart rhythm.


The watch looks awesome, like a real classic watch, but it’s smart enough not to need a standard all screen smart watch. It can display most of the info one would need (notifications, quick status info, etc). The rest, is in the app. Battery is awesome - compared with most smart watches out there: couple of weeks vs. couple of days. Built quality is as expected.


The dream health machine.Needs a better watchband

A. khalafalla

Great watch and heath monitor in one. Leading edge parameters in a classy traditional watch. Battery life is absolutely awesome and shames the competition that struggles to last a whole day. This watch will power through at least 2 weeks with vast range of measurements, alerts and messages


A great watch and upgrade from the Steel HR. Welcome back to the sapphire glass and a nice solid casing lets you know this is a quality watch. All tracking features have been great and with new things being added all the time this is a great all round watch with a class leading battery life.


What I love about this watch is the excellent functionality and range of features whilst looking like a regular, stylish watch. As well as the data readings themselves, the information on how to interpret this data is invaluable, helping to set and reach achievable and realistic targets.


Great hybrid watch. Does everything I need and has good battery life. A lot better than the Fitbit Sense I used to own (although step counts and sleep monitoring scores are quite different between the two)!With a wider notification window on the watch and a few tweaks to the software and it would be perfect.


The watch has a very elegant understated appearance which I like. The quality of the product is also apparent evidenced by the clever one button solid button that allows you to access the functionalities. The watch bristles with features which many users will not need but will find interesting. The battery life does not last the 30 days stated but is still excellent compared to the Garmin watch I had. The watch is super easy and superfast to charge. I get 2 weeks with each charge and would get more but use the GPS 4 times a week for my 20 minute runs. My Garmin forerunner 235 lasted 5 days. The ECG feature is very handy for me as well. The only critiques I have is that the transmission of running info to Strava is not satisfactory at all and the display dial is too small. Overall a classy good looking watch and I am satisfied with the product.


Great looking time piece, with fantastic technology hidden discreetly.


Overall great watch - battery is amazing. Would like the confidence that the measurements are accurate


I'm getting older and my steel armour isn't as solid as before. I bought a ScanWatch to get advanced notice of any irregularity with my body.I love what it tracks and how unintrusive it performs. I only need to charge the watch, with everything activated, once every two weeks. That was a big purchase feature and an absolute most for sleep tracking.It's expensive but it looks great and feels great - I NEVER take it off.

Alain Tramblay

This is a great watch, both stylish and functional. Lots of features which I would thoroughly recommend.


This is a great watch, both stylish and functional. Lots of features which I would thoroughly recommend.


I have had many smartwatches before, but they are all cumbersome to wear. The Scanwatch is just like a proper analogue watch and is very good looking. Other smartwatches only have a limited battery like whereas the Scanwatch is 30days.The connectivity with the Healthmate app is superb and the information is very useful. I already own the Withings Scale and Blood Pressure monitor so all my health information in one place. Very satisfied.

Alan Mulford

The fitbit scanwatch has resolved all the issues from the previous smart watches withings had, and added great looks and battery life

Alan Tegel

It is a practical, stylish and quality watch. The perfect mix of classical watchmaking and modern smart watch features plus advanced health features like EKG.


The perfect blend between design and functionality. Scanwatch gives the latest technology features in a beautiful and trendy watch you can wear in any ocasion

Alejandro Buratovich

An outstanding device that I will test in diving


The best


Awesome smartwatch with tons of health related features but without need for everyday charge. Also, look great much like a real watch.


This thing is amazing! It tracks everything and gives huge reassurance, especially with a family history of heart disease.

Alex Farley

Quality with a classic look, can't find anything better

Alex O

Great product


I have been using withings for a long time now and own most of there products. and Have given them as gifts to family and other friends.There products have always been good to use and work so well. and have helped me lose 30kgs and get my fitness back and the best part I can look at the app and see my progress over the months. The app and what is shows you improve the more products you buy but you only really new the scan watch as it does most of what you could need. and when you fall in love with it then you may want to add other products from withings

Ali Austin

A great product overall. Good battery life. But check whether ECG functionality is enabled for your country before buying if this is important for you.


Overall a good looking, solid and smart watch. It does what it promises and the phone app is very user friendly just as the watch. Battery life is really impressive. I recommend it to anyone interested in monitoring his her health stats. As a workout watch is inferior to competitors just a little due to lack of GPS integrated and small issues with strava connectivity.

Andrea Leandri

Overall a good looking, solid and smart watch. It does what it promises and the phone app is very user friendly just as the watch. Battery life is really impressive. I recommend it to anyone interested in monitoring his her health stats. As a workout watch is inferior to competitors just a little due to lack of GPS integrated and small issues with strava connectivity.

Andrea Leandri

I am really impressed with the ScanWatch. I have been using the Steel HR for many years (pre-Nokia) and been very happy with it. But it felt that it was time for an upgrade. So I went with the ScanWatch. The long battery life is a huge plus for me! I wasn't looking for a watch to interact with my phone - like an Apple Watch. I like the basics of notifications and stuff though. The ECG and oxygen measurements are super easy to use, and the data seem reliable. I prefer the "old school" look of it, and I get compliments for it that both my Steel HR and the new ScanWatch looks like regular watches. I can highly recommend this watch for anyone wanting a hybrid between a smart watch and a "dumb" watch - that helps you keep track of your well being.

Andreas S

Notwithstanding the features of the scanwatch I’m impressed with the look of the watch. I don’t want to look like an athlete. It looks good.

Andrew groves

The watch and app are excellent. Delivery times are long

Andy Jen

ScanWatch is one the watches in the Smartwatch sector. It has everything you Need and the battery life is awsame! I can only recommend it!


Love everything about my Withings but it would be great if it was easier to scroll through the menu while wearing the watch. Button on the side is a fit fiddly to access and turn and it would be great if this could be improved.


The Scanwatch is my second Withings watch, I fell in love with the brand after the first one and now again. The look is so elegant, I can really wear it every day. Having a Withings watch has really motivated me to excercise more, walk more and overall live healthier. It has helped me regulate my sleep schedules better and even realize when my heart rate is out of place when I’m stressed and helps me calm down.


Very good looking watch with excellent functionalities, helps me significantly to monitor my health


Top Marks for Scanwatch.


Scanwatch doing that job what was advertised. I am satisfied with it.


This is a very nice watch, looks formal but gets all the smartwatch features. could use a little luminescence on the hands, and a thermometer feature would be neat, and a second hand, but otherwise for a smartwatch, I highly recommend it if you like to have regular looking watches that are formal looking with good features

average guy

Great intuitive and informative. Glad I waited until now to get a smart watch !


The ScanWatch is a beautiful piece with fantastic features. I went from being an Apple Watch fan for many years and have never looked back.


I am satisfied with my watch

Biró István

Love my scanwatch. Does everything i need and looks great on the wrist. I haven’t worn a watch for decades until now.


Having tried four health watches, I am delighted with my ScanWatch because it does give me confidence as to accuracy of readings plus the terrific battery life between charges. Happily recommend this watch to anyone concerned with their heart.

Bob Wicks

Having tried four health watches, I am delighted with my ScanWatch because it does give me confidence as to accuracy of readings plus the terrific battery life between charges. Happily recommend this watch to anyone concerned with their heart.

Bob Wicks

The ScanWatch is as easy to use as all the other Withings products. No overengineering, no complexities, a product for normal human being with a lot of useful functionalities. I'm using the BPM Core for blood pressure measurement since it came on the market and I'm promoting to cardiologists as well because it is easy to use and no-nonsense. The same applies to the smart scale, to the smart thermometer, ...


The Scanwatch is an excellent smart watch for tracking normal health data. I have not bought it to track my exercise so I haven't even bothered looking at how well it does this, but for everything else it does well with one exception. Sleep tracking is not very accurate. It seems to think that when I'm in bed reading that I'm also which completely ruins sleep scores and sleep tracking. It also does not pick up when I'm reading on my phone even when in using the connected Healthmate app! This is just daft and should be fixed. Otherwise I really enjoy this watch. It is comfortable though quite heavy, easily readable, unobtrusive, useful, beautifully simple to use. It's just s shame about the sleep tracking. Unfortunately the Healthmate app the watch connects to really needs a lot more work. It gathers data quite well (though that inability to work out in not sleeping when using the phone it's loaded on is pretty dumb) but data display choices are poor, data analysis is limited, user interface is poor, sometimes counter intuitive and therefore frustrating.


Great watch to monitor and help improve your health


Scanwatch is my best purchase in some time. i provides all the information i require while not being large or cumbersome.

Brendan JR

Excellent ECG smart watch with great battery life and the time display is easily readable 24 hours a day without having to press a button or flick the wrist.

Captain Kayos

An awesome watch which is looking awesome beside health monitoring you need.


Super watch love it


Fantastic watch great features and useful to have all health data in one place. Intuitive to use and great that it links to other apps such as Strava.


The ScanWatch further improves on the health side, will remaining a classic watch in look. The battery life of a good month is more than adequate and charging is easy. That's the most important for me.The small display showing all sorts of notifications, also during workouts or walks, is well thought out and a great addition compared to my previous Withing watch.I must admit I love buying wristbands: I've now more than 10 of them and like to change from bright yellow to classy black leather when I fancy it. It make me wear another watch every few days.


Love it! Awesome quality and useful for monitoring heart. Looks distinctive but understated.


An excellent watch. YOu will not be disappointed


Excellent smart watch - can't recommend enough.


Beautiful hardware, comfortable, light, simple, discreet. Great activity tracking and ECG/SPO2 on demand monitoring. Sleep tracking is awful, struggles to determine if/when you are awake and out of bed despite having and utilising an alarm on the watch itself. Worse than Microsoft Band 1/2, Fitbit Ionic and Sleepon Go2sleep. Connected GPS works fine, shame it is not included but understandable with other sensors etc. App is not polished or professional enough, it's clunky and not slick. I do really like the Scanwatch and it's so close to being amazing; if they can fix sleep tracking it will be very, very good.

Chris Tyas

I have had this watch for a few weeks now and love it. It does everything I need, is easy to set up and understand and looks beautiful. You can change the straps to change the look and as yet I am very impressed with it.


Nice watch.


Following the AFb diagnosis, scanwatch gives ease of mind


It’s a great watch and fitness tracker, it’s got a classy look and it’s a quality timepiece and fitness tracker


Scanwatch - a truly beautiful alternative smartwatch.

Conrad F

Beautiful smart watch that doesn’t look like a smart watch. Overall very happy but ECG AFIB not available in Canada...once it is, it’ll be 100% perfect for me


The best medical device that happens to be a smart watch, excellent build quality and battery life.


I was looking for a smartwatch with classic styling but without sacrificing features. Scanwatch has everything and more. It fits with all looks while bringing fitness tracking and notifications easily into view. And the addition of being able to change straps so easily makes it the perfect smartwatch purchase.


A good-looking smartwatch for all-round health monitoring, with a great battery life


I moved to the Scanwatch from the Steel HR, the Scanwatch feels like a much more polished product, though functionally it shares many features. When you activate the display, the hands move so as not to obstruct you view. The display is bright and slightly larger than my previous watch. The watch measures all the usual stats Steps/pace/calories used/distance travelled/Heart Rate etc.. but now adds detection of Atrial Fibrillation, SPO2 and sleep apnoea. For all of this, one of the best features is something mundane, the battery life, I find it can last 3-4 weeks between charges, which is awesome when compared to other brands. It may not have the big colour screens of some of it's competitors, but it's functionality, battery life and day to day usability make this an obvious choice for me.


Quality product that does what it says . Reliable functions and links in great with the partner apps I use. Riding 5 days a week MTB off road it stands up to the job and thus far never let me down. It connects well with my Apple se phone for gps tracking and shares data reliably with my strava app. The medical functions are brilliant and as a 65 yr old make for interesting reading. Can’t recommend this product highly enough


It’s an easy watch to use, looks nice and the battery lasts for ages. It’s a good upgrade from the Steel HR. I just wish the Bluetooth connection to IOS was more stable.


An exceptional means of enabling me to live healthily

Dave from Canberra

The scan-watch has surpassed my expectations, extremely well made and robust with its toughened glass


The ScanWatch is an attractive smart watch that focuses on health and sleep tracking with amazing battery life. The first thing I do every morning is check the sleep stats to see what portion of my sleep was deep and how my blood oxygen levels were during the night. Sleep interruptions are tracked and always accurately displayed. The rare times when I have to take the watch off to charge it I feel anxious that I'm missing notifications and steps are not being counted! All in all it's a great bit of tech.


The most satisfying product purchase I have ever made. Quality construction, beautiful design, attention to detail and does what it claims, unlike many other products of its ilk.


I have written a full review on the app store, and got to be honest a banal non committal response asking for specifics; not sure how much more specific I can be!

David Crowe

A great watch which improves on my previous withings watch

David Hawkins

Excellent Watch, lovely strap, good looking, comfortable and accurate

David Nicholls

The Scan Watch are an amazing combination of classic watches with the smart world. I am wearing them all day and night which gives me great insights into my health and routine and I absolutely love ~20 days of battery life. With the phone notifications and vibrations, I don't even remember when was the last time I turned on ringing on my smartphone :) The same for the smart unobtrusive alarm which won't wake up my family.

David Schovanec

Greatest watch


Excellent smart watch with a classic design that has all the features you need. The battery life is outstanding! Buy one now.


Love my scanwatch

Debbie Austin

I love my scan watch, I got it as a gift for my birthday and it does everything I need. The sleek design and dress look of the watch are great for work rather than just having a slab of glass on my wrist


High quality health tracking/observing watch. I really like the look.


So far so good

Dennis epp

This is such a great watch I bought one for my doctor as a Christmas gift!


This is such a great watch I bought one for my doctor as a Christmas gift!


Great product overall, accurate reading of all health metrics except sleep duration and quality. Long battery life makes it easy maintenance. Simple to use, classic and understated design. Highly recommended!


I bought this watch over others because it looks better. I hate watches for fashion purposes and because I have really small wrists. The watch face is still a bit too big for me. The exercise but is the most disappointing aspect. It’s sub par at best with uploading, tracking , and recognising.


Excellent watch, probably the best device Withings made.


The ScanWatch in combination with the HealthMate app is the best wearable I know.Its classic and timeless design combines beautifully with the modern functionality expected from a smartwatch to give a seamless experience day and night. The screen is way less noticeable than the product pictures suggest - With the black dial it is near invisible. Using all features regularly, I still get more than two weeks of battery life and then only need to charge it for a few hours while I’m on the computer, missing neither sleep nor exercise data.The recordings are displayed in a compact, modern, and easy to access fashion in the HealthMate app, which also allows tweaking of most watch settings and menus. The ease of use and elegance of the App was a major factor for my purchase decision, having owned another Withings watch before.While there are still some minor problems within the app, Withings are (and have always been) quick to respond to any questions and issues and are constantly working on improving their products further - Not just their future products, but their current ones at least just as much!

Dominik Uher

Excellent watch and app. Use it all the time.


Beautiful health tracking watch

Dr. Arash

I love this

dr. Florin Spadaru

Very satisfied with this watch, its performance surpassing my expectations. Was able to submit comprehensive report to my cardiologist just prior to our phone consultation yesterday: he too was impressed. Nor does it need charging every day like my previous smartwatch: once every 2 or 3 weeks does it!

Eddy Bryan

Withings Scan smart watch the easy way to take heart ecg, SPO blood oxygen levels, awake and sleeping Pulse. Anytime any where with all records available to view and print. A health clinic on your wrist


Withings is one of the best looking watches out there, and on top of it a smart one - super handy to be able to have a watch for work, or fancy occasions, that on top of it performs when running, surfing, swimming, etc.


Withings is one of the best looking watches out there, and on top of it a smart one - super handy to be able to have a watch for work, or fancy occasions, that on top of it performs when running, surfing, swimming, etc.


Great product - looks amazing, app is good, all the features I need AND I don't have to charge it very often. Love it


Love my Scanwatch


The Scanwatch is a quality product. It look very good and works well. The band is made of very tough material and the watch is comfortable to wear. It is not all that big especially when what it has built in is considered.

Evan M. Hart

My scan watch has made me more aware of my health and what I can do to improve it. It's continual feedback works like 'bio feedback' and is really helpful in keeping up motivation.

Evelyn Dalian

This is my 3rd watch from Withings, and I am absolutely in love with ScanWatch, as it brings the latest features and tech to my wrist with a classic look and feels. The best smartwatch which you can find on the market right now.

Evgeny Kozlov

The best watch that I've ever had. I like the design, battery life and the medical approved features.

Florin Laslo

Watch is great, just be aware that some features may not be available where you live. Like the ECG feature in Canada.


I really like the ScanWatch watch, it’s elegant and beautiful


Great product giving me a lot of insight with a minimalist style of a classic watch! Love it!


Good and useful product! Must be updated battery


Firstly I have atrial fibrillation which is a common condition and is well controlled by talking a daily beta blocker. When I heard that this watch was being released and was medically certified I had to have one as it would and it has monitored my AF. The watch itself looks so classic and the features built in although many and really good at what they do are hidden in the background and activated via the crown which is very responsive and gives you access to a range of metrics and monitors in a very subtle way that is just the right amount of information that anyone would require. Of course if you want to deep dive into stats the app expands massively and is as good as any other I’ve used and I have tried them all. I have found the monitors and the stats to be very accurate and the battery is a refreshing change not having to charge it often. I reckon I’m getting about 20 days easily and could probably get the stated 28 days if I tweaked the settings. My research before buying has payed off. I usually change my tech on a whim and always seem to have the latest. Well I will definitely be keeping this for a long time... love everything about it especially the look.


Simple, elegant, practical.


Quality watch which looks and feels good to wear. Health and activity monitoring works well and is quite motivational as it gives reasonable assessments and goals that are realistic.


I love this scanwatch

George Ako

An excellent product and the future of smart watches, especially if you don't want the technology to be the main focus of the watch. This watch combines a traditional look and feel, but with all the features of a smartwatch like the Apple Watch

George Christo

I love my scan watch, it is very easy to set up and use with all information appearing on your phone as a result of information from the app I have a few things in my lifestyle to be healthier. I recommend the withings scan watch

George pledger

I've had two watches now and the scan watch is so much better that the HR - pity there is not a trade in scheme so you can get something back on your original purchase.


I like this watch because it measures importent things about my health. Together with other products from Withings and the app it has become my favourite smartwatch.


Excellent watch. Love the classy looks that disguise excellent health tracking features. The standout feature is the battery life - no more daily ( or even weekly) charging!


Ideal for AF surveillance.My AF comes and goes, some days my heartbeat is normal - other days it goes irregular. This watch is perfect to alert you when this occurs. Well worth the money 👍


Fantastic watch does what it is meant to do and elegant looking and great value for money

Graham. C

I’ve owned Withings watches pretty much since they first came out. They’ve always been great but in it’s latest generation - the ScanWatch - Withing’s has produced a product that has no equal in the marketplace. I’ve always thought the Apple watch to be absurd - a watch that runs out of battery power in less than a day. The ScanWatch always lasts at least a month between charges, it’s highly competent, classy, well made and inexpensive. You simply can’t go wrong owning one.


A fantastic watch that has all the features I need for heart health and exercise, and the battery life is good. It looks great as well! I am only a little concerned about the durability of the proprietary charger.


Really lovely watch: it’s an elegant traditional watch with a cleverly thought out digital aspect that is superb.Extensive battery life makes it far more practical than an Apple Watch. Any of the features the Apple Watch has the Withings watch does not are better on a phone and as you need a phone anyway to get the best out of an Apple Watch, why bother?FitBit is, by comparison, hideous and less battery life too.Delighted to have found out about Withings, will be buying for family members and advocating widely.


Very happy with my Scan watch purchase, my experience is spot on with my research and my needs.


Almost Weekly charging with most of the application on as I don't get much notification.


Pretty watch. Easy to use. Unfortunately big bugs on the Cal counting during exercise, and lack of effort in the app on fitness. It would be nice to let the step counter have some alternative uses.

Hugh Davis

First class piece of kit. Does all the clever stuff and still looks like a watch!


First class piece of kit. Does all the clever stuff and still looks like a watch!


A great device - discreet and well made with ground-breaking technology; superb battery life; easy to use.

Ian in Sydney

Great smartwatch that doesn't look like a smartwatch. More discreet than apple watch etc., perfect for my job as a therapist. Great features, long battery life. App could be better, but doesn't detract too much from the experience.


Great looks, great features, awesome battery life, very easy to use, and seems very durable, but needs better sync capabilities to other fitness apps and equipment.


Great watch that enables monitoring the heart and oxygen saturation without visiting a physician.When above 50 years of age, it is important to keep track of how the pump is working and seek help in time if something is wrong.


Classy smart watch.


ScanWatch is a next evolution from SteelHR. Easier to use, fancy new features. Nice design.


I really like ScanWatch, it needs some fixes, it miss some features, but overall it's the best looking smartwatch on the market with stunning battery life.


Overall great watches especially awesome batery life. Only one issue is button with is easy to press while bent hand for example when riding bicycle.


I use a Scan watch and the Sleep analyser since Christmas, very easy to use and set up, the app is very helpful and clear. I have been raving about them ever since to all my friends. I had Apple Watch, Samsung Active, Fitbit charge 3( BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT BY FAAAR) and the Scan watch worked out the best for me.


Fantastic product easy to use and looks really smart

James Dewhurst

I found the quality of the Scanwatch to be ahead of the completion. It is visually a beautiful watch design, with classic looks with the smarts to monitor your heath. Having heart related issues, it assists with providing both me and my doctors with the heath data collected with no additional ongoing costs. The Health mate app is well designed and very user friendly. I would easily recommend Withings to others seeking a smart / heath watch.


Great smart watch that doesn’t look like one with an amazing battery life. Provides insight into many aspects of your health from exercise to sleep


Excellent battery life, excellent health care approved applications, smart watch also looks like a normal watch.

Jason Robinson

This is a great product it met all of my expectations


Increases monitoring beyond the doctor's surgery


Excellent device. Easy to use. Highly recommend


Scanwatch is for users looking for a fashionable watch that can track their health without the distraction of Apps. The watch is not as smart as competitors as the device has no AI Assistant nor ability to control your smart devices. Battery life is exceptional.


Generally good product still evolving


After having a garmin watch that I had to charge the battery each day I am delighted to find this withings scanwatch which only needs charged once a month. It also has a great app to keep track of your step count, heart rate etc.


I really like my scanwatch but miss the apps that I have on my Apple Watch music Apple Pay hopefully I will see these apps soon on my scanwatch please keep the scanwatch analog watch face would like to see a larger size watch face 46mm that would make it look even better and stylish

Jim Ballantyne

Love the technical ability of this watch. Great battery life. Easy to use app. A great looking watch as well.

Jim J

Definitely recommend this product. Has the classic style that gives a professional look, while having all the bells and whistles to meet your fitness needs.


Very nice watch, stylish and with tons of useful features. The step counting algorithm seems to have a bias towards well defined steps. My slow and soft morning walking around in the house is largely ignored.Otherwise a gem! Love it!


Excellent hardware with great software. Beautifull proportions and after 30 days of 24hr usage, still had 23% of battery. unbeatable, with a gorgeous design that goes well with any clothes, including suit. Perfect!

Joao Carvalhinho

My third Withings watch! Always getting better!

João Ferreira

A great looking and feature loaded smartwatch. Accurate heart rate, ECG and SO2 monitoring with great battery life. Classic / simple look and face, push crown control very easy to use. Highly recommend.


Good buy


Very smart looking watch


A great product, does the job and looks the part like a real watch but with all the technology you could want in a watch ..... would recommend


Excellent watch that does what it says on the tin looking brilliant only flaw is it doesn't do blood-pressure.

John Byrne

I have been using Samsung Galaxy watches and I was pondering a change and then I saw a review that stated this person was a lot happier with his classic scan now watch and I was very intrigued. I loved it straight away, the family has a history of heart disease and I have been having a few heart flutters and I thought this could be my new watch and I purchased it as soon got paid. I have worn it constantly for 3 months now and have only charged it "twice" I was blown away with the battery life and that great daily report which I have shown a medical professional in a consultation.

John Lumb

Overall a very clever piece of technology which I still need to read up on to gain the full benefits the watch offers. Is there a Scan Watch for Dummies available?

John Walpole

Withings Scan Watch have been my savior when recovering from long term COVID-19. I got COVID-19 in mid March 2020, and got all kind of symptoms. Most of the year I was on sick leave part time, and I felt like if I would never get well again. Thank's to Scan Watch I could actually measure that my long term physical data improved slowly, even though I could not feel it yet. This was really encouraging! Thank you Withings!

Jonas MN

The ScanWatch does everything I need it to and looks good while doing it! I love the professional look and feel of the watch. I love the ecg and Afib monitoring, this is important to me and I trust Withings to provide a great quality product.

Jory Mertens

Love my new watch! Fantastic battery life and to automatically recognise exercises saves me when I forget to set it. Very easy to use looks great


Build quality is second to none the screen is very readable and it looks amazing

JP Kearns

Good smart watch but perfectly crown


Lovely looking watch, ideal balance of functionality, not much more to say!


This is a great looking watch let down by abysmal activity tracking. The ECG works well but I would like to check it for accuracy which is impossible without a visit to the doctors. It is expensive and should include a premium band. One real plus is the battery life which on the 1st charge lasted 26 days.


I've been really impressed with the Scanwatch in both its appearance and functionality and with the Health Mate app provides so much current health and fitness information and it's presented really clearly and concisely.

Keith Castle

This is a watch that gives the competition a run for their money. All manner of body monitoring including heart, ECG, AFib, SP02, sleep and so much more. To add to this the battery life is fantastic, I exercise and cycle several times a week and the battery is now in its third week without charging, very impressive. Last but not least the watch is light and very stylish. An unobtrusive device that hides a lot of health capabilities beneath its veneer. The Withings Scanwatch is definitely to be considered as your healthy companion.

Kev Barnes

Great watch plenty of useful features and fantastic battery life. Since Brexit do not purchase direct from Withings as you will be charged£50 import duty buy from Amazon( can't believe I said that )


Exceptional build quality, general look and feel is far superior to any smart or fitness watch on the market. Love it, and the features are outstanding. I've bought one for my wife too


Scanwatch has been great and the battery life exceptional. Coupled with a great app it's been easy to use and completely blended into the background of day to day life


Grreat product.


Great a bit of kit that tells the time. Simple to use all the functions plus looks smart. Decent battery life and handy to be able to quickly change straps for a different look.

Kristian Dale

I Love this watch

Kristijan Ladić

ScanWatch is by far the best Withings product ever designed. Stuffed with health and tracking features, solid classical design and excellent battery life, it's a smartwatch really hard to beat. With ScanWatch Withings finally nailed it!

Laurynas Smogas

Great watch and user freindly!


Absolutely content with the features and experience. Scanwatch gives me that feeling of possibility to achieve great things.


I highly recommend this watch, I use the health monitors at least once a week, with Covid 19 ruling our lives I keep a good check on my bl9d oxygen which is reassuring.


I love my watch, and, how easy to use.

Lori Krats

Great device, but with still some potential to improve.

Luis M Forero

Sorry no more time for this.


my daily essential item


Understated, classy looking watch that keeps its Smarts stealthy.


Before ScanWatch I had miBand and Withings Steel HR Sport. I’m really happy with upgrade, design of watch is great and I have all the features without sacrificing long battery life.


Love my scan watch I feel I have peace of mind with my health now.


I am using Scan watch the last month after passing from many other Brands and smartwatches such as Samsung, Huawei, fitbit, etc. All of them had their pros and cons but the scan watch is covering 90% of my needs as a normal user who exercises regularly (walking, Pilates...) and wants to have an idea of his health picture. Battery last for around 20 days, the notification part is very good. What ti would like to see in the future in order to co er also the rest 10% is a bigger version of the watch (46cm) a better split of deep sleep at the app and also some addition features such as blood pressure and Body temperature.


I love my watch. I love how it doesn’t look like a smart watch. It gives me all the information I need without being complicated or too much.


Love my watch, really impressed with app. One happy customer 😀


Love my watch, really impressed with app. One happy customer 😀


The perfect elegant watch with all the smart features you need. But nothing else. Add a nice band and it will look like any nice traditional watch. Tracking your heart and counting your steps without anyone knowing.


I am finding my Scan Watch with black face a great blend of style and functionality. Battery life is so much better than many smart watches too. Functions are easy to set up and use with the app and the summary reviews give good data to monitor progress, sleep patterns etc. Would definitely recommend for anyone that need more data for their heart, oxygen saturation, sleep levels etc. Keeps perfect time synchronised to the phone, loved that I didn’t need to faff about when BST started, the watch did it itself.


Excellent watch, the app needs updating


I’m very happy with my new Scanwatch. I bought the 42mm black version, which has a solid, well built and weighty feel to it, as well as looking good.Setup is super easy and finding how to use all the functions is very intuitive.I took some months to decide to purchase the Scanwatch but the quality and ease of use have surpassed my expectations.I would definitely buy another one as a gift for someone!


All good, love this device

Mark H

Excellent, but could use some small imporvements


Good products


Much better than an apple watch for health tracking would highly recommend the withings

Martin Urquhart

Like the watch and cardiac related features however workings really need to work on customer service


Great product! But hard core runner will probably choose other…


First found Withings for the Steel HR but after looking in store didn't like the size/shape of the watch. When I heard the scanwatch was being released in January I continually checked for updates on the release and purchased it immediately. Incredibly happy with the scanwatch and the way it looks, I have received multiple compliments and friends have since purchased it. Exactly what I was after, a smart looking, smart watch for general day to day use. I have since purchased one for my girlfriend as a Christmas present.


Great build quality and easy to set up and navigate. Looks like a classic watch but with a test.

Matt Bowman

I try few tracking devices, scanwatch is the best. I like battery life and easy setup with iPhone! My recommendation!


A quality, beautiful hybrid smartwatch. Great tracker backed up by the best fitness app by far,worth every penny

Michael ball

Great product that provides an insight into how your body is doing at any given moment. Ability to share data with health care professionals is invaluable. Battery life very good.

Michael M

Absolutely the best smart watch on the market for features and design and certainly the price, withings has created a great product that fits everything I need to look after my health and with accuracy. I have now retired my Apple Watch 😊

Michael VG

Good product. Perfect app


Extremely happy with my Scanwatch. Does everything I need in watch with health support

Mick Slater

It's a nice looking watch with a lot of features. Deciding factor for me was that is one of the rare watches that recognise cycling automatically.


Loving the design and the functionality of the watch - a smart watch that really does look good and on which I can change the strap for particular looks or occasions. The watch is really helping me in two areas of interest - monitoring my activity level and monitoring my sleep cycles. All in all, I am very happy with the purchase.


The scanwatch looks and feels beautiful. The measurements suit my needs, the app is very easy to use, and the battery life is good (though 30 days is optimistic. Working out five times a week and taking an ecg every other day means I'm lucky to get 18 days out of it, and that's with Quicklook off). I wish the health reports the app generates were more varied. Regardless of the specialist you wish to send it to, they're all identical. I'd like to see more heart rate data for the cardiologist, for example. Apart from that, I love the watch.


A good alternative to Apple. Looks like an attractive watch and some nice additions straps are available

Mike E

Absolute the favorite!


A near perfect hybrid watch. I love to be able to see notifications and decide not to pick up my phone all the time, track exercise and track my sleep. What I don't want is a small phone on my wrist that need constant charging, is bulky and need to be angled a certain way to see what time it is. Scan watch is a great looking watch and with the sapphire glass and a leather strap I can see myself using it all day for many years to come.

Mr. Utter

My scan watch was a gift given as a way to monitor some questionable health concerns. It has proven itself to be accurate and true where having an immediate testing tool has given me peace of mind. The app then provides more health information and motivation to help you improve your lifestyle. And the watch looks great!

Ms Anser

This watch doesn't look like a weirdo watch. It does what I need: notifications, sport tracking, heart rate, steps count.


Great hybrid watch with high quality material and assembly. Neat packaging and well organized app.

Narongpol O.

The Withings Scanwatch is both visually spectacular and capable. After having owned Apple Watch 1&3 and Garmin Fenix 5, I am of the opinion that this is the best smartwatch available.


The Withings Scanwatch is both visually spectacular and capable. After having owned Apple Watch 1&3 and Garmin Fenix 5, I am of the opinion that this is the best smartwatch available.


I was very impressed with the ScanWatch and would recommend it over any other smartwatch.


Amazing! Best word for it. Scanwatch does everything I need - and is by far the best looking health tracking smart watch there is!

Nick W

This stylish watch is easy to set up and use, and I can discreetly check my oxygen levels and ECG, and I have shared the latter with my cardiologist. The GPS tracking is great for noting new routes ( good in lockdown when distances from home are restrained).battery lasts a long time and is easy to recharge.

Nicky Whitaker

Excellent quality product


Excellent quality product


A very good watch with outstanding battery life, for use in many walks of life.


Really great watch, all the intelligent features and fantastic battery life


Love this watch! It’s beautiful and I get a lot of complements on it. The app is easy to use and the tracking works great.

Nora Ochoa

very useful in monitoring my heart condition.It gives me confidence the operation I had has been successful and continues to be successful


I originally used the Withings Steel and it was a rock solid watch that served me well since 2016. The Withings ScanWatch is definitely a step up in terms of look and functionality. I like the fact that it's not trying to be a computer on your wrist. I want, and have, with the Withing ScanWatch) something that accurately tells the time, records activity, monitors key health indicators and is stylish and rugged. 100% solid device - great work and recommended :)


Could be the perfect watch, needs to be more accurate with the sleep app and workouts. Nicely made and the battery is good lasts around a week with everything turned on.


Stylish and smart watch, that I get complimented about. Has all the features to help achieve the wellness goals, as well as the elegant look. Previously had Steel HR and would not change into any other smart watch. Highly recommend it




Good quality smartwatch with useful health tracking features


Good quality smartwatch with useful health tracking features


I would strongly recommend the scan watch for the ability for ongoing monitoring of your heart’s health


Withing watch looks amazing and covers all the bases and I would certainly recommend this product.

Patrick L

Scanwatch is the heart of my health monitoring, combined with Withings other products its a complete health solution for the home or small business.

Patrik Iwarson

An excellent watch that not only looks classy but is functional and gets attention


The watch is brilliant for COPD sufferers like me you can check all the important readings in a couple of seconds which gives you a piece of mind . I highly recommend it


High-quality smartwatch in traditional appearance. Heart rate, step counting, ECG and blood oxygen measure work fine. Notification function for WhatsApp etc. and battery life (more than 2 weeks) are very handy. Potential for improvement: Sleep tracking could be more particularly. All in all, I am very happy!


A lovely watch, sensible price, great features especially ecg/blood-oxygen level plus usual smart phone features plus battery doesn’t need charging very often and looks classy!


Very Happy with the Scan watch within 2 weeks of owning it I had an Afib episode and it came up on the watch and now have consulted a Doctor, i was unsure what was going on as I would only get the high heart rate in the middle of the night and it was gone by morning. The watch was able to capture it all and an ecg and I then could consult the doctor


Stylish watch

Paul C

Genius product & I am using the health mate dashboard & achievement badges in my profile to improve my health & lifestyle. There is no other product like the Withings Scanwatch on the market & I was so impressed, I also purchased the Withings Body + scales & the Withings BPM connect blood pressure monitor. With all 3 connected to the Withings Health Mate app, it’s like having a continual BUPA medical assessment at your fingertips. I wish I had done this years back. Well done Withings! Simply awesome!

Paul Mansfield

Great design, looks good and packed with useful features.


nice watch with very basic activities tracking features

Pavel Koudelka

I absolutely love my Scan Watch. Battery life is great, I like the design, new features are added along the way. Overall I'm having a great experience with Withings and strongly recommend to try the Scan Watch if you're looking for a smartwatch.


I have had my scan watch for a couple of months now and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. It is a little bulkier than my previous steel hr which I love and the features work great. It looks like a great timepiece while allowing you to keep an eye on your sleep, cardiovascular health and fitness. The bezel works great, I find I have to turn the watch towards me on my wrist on certain workouts because I keep accidentally pausing it, it still tracks my heart rate without issue. Great watch.


Love the watch


With the additional new features (SPO2 level, ECG, breathing disturbances measurements, etc), the Withings ScanWatch is the best health monitor and smart watch out there with a month of battery power, hands down. The long lasting battery alone makes this device unique and outstanding on the wearables market. I love the perfect blend of a classic watch face and smart watch functions.

Peter Csorba

Great value for money.Looks like an expensive watch.Great to have the data it measures at your fingertips.Motivates you to make improvements and measure the changes.Glad I bought one :-)

Peter Frankish

I am very pleased with the ScanWatch, both its smart analog/digital face and its technical features. And the companion phone app does a good job of monitoring your activity as well as giving healthy advice.

Peter Klavins

100% recommended, long battery life, easy app, smart and simple


Scanwatch has very good features to track your health: heart beat tracking, step tracking , ECG, SP02 etc. that really work and are useful. And still you can use it as a elegant watch.

Petri K

Elegant, solid hybrid watch. Excellent quality and battery life.


I'm someone who isn't into hardcore exercise but wanted to watch weight and keep an eye on my health this watch has been really excellent. The features are great and it actually looks good whereas the competition all either look incredibly plastic or have loads of smart phone features I am just not interested in.


Happy with my scan watch. Early days but gives good reports on my progress

Prince Philip

Awesome watch with long battery life. Has all the features needed and most importantly for me, it really looks like a classic, elegant watch. The watch and the app are easy and intuitive to use.


I found ScanWatches very reliable for my needs.


Good looking watch with a life saving applications


The best hybrid smartwatch on the market.


Withings Scanwatch is a joy to own. Stylish, comfortable and great functionality.


The Scanwatch is my first smart-watch. I didn't buy one before that as I felt they were too gimicky. However, Youtube reviews presuaded me that I should try the Withings Scanwatch. I like the data that I get on my activity levels, heart rates and health.


Fantastic watch, I absolutely love it. Excellent quality at a really good price.

Richard M

the Withings ScanWatch is made for go, not for show. Nonetheless, it's a subtle but stylish addition to any wrist and an essential addition to anyone interested in their health, day and night. Activity monitoring is scarily accurate and connective convenience is part of the appeal - it'll let you know what your phone is doing if you like - but the main aim of this dark little genius is to keep an eye on your health in as many ways as legally possible in Australia. In short, no other smartwatch can match its health-related features or scientific/medical accreditation. I'll be watching as this classy entry into the overcrowded and hyper-coloured smartwatch market continues to evolve.


Fantastic build quality. Battery life is exceptional, even with daily exercise tracking. Very well thought out digital display with intuitive interaction using the crown. Can't fault this at all

Rob Catch

ScanWatch is the ultimate smart watch and health monitor with a battery and clinical grade health monitoring that leaves the others behind. Peace of mind and style help make this a master and modern time peace.

Rob Q

Great watch


A very beautiful Health Watch with all the necessary features you need to keep track of your life! A true Health companion!


A very beautiful Health Watch with all the necessary features you need to keep track of your life! A true Health companion!


Overall easy to use both watch and app!


Great value, great looking watch. Integration with app and wireless scales is excellent. Fully recommend the ScanWatch. The smart watch that doesn’t look like one!

Robert D

Good watch, complements the Scales (our intitial purchase). Good functiions.

Robin (RJH).

My Withings ScanWatch looks good and is simple to use. Unlike other smart watches, it keeps its charge for a long time. It is mainly health orientated and has good quality measuring systems and integrates well with the Health Mate app.


Very classy looks and a serious health aid


I'm very happy with my Scanwatch, it's helped me gain a better health/sport hygiene discipline in a fun way. Can't wait to go surfing with it!


The Withings ScanWatch has potential to be excellent, once the issues with sleep tracking accuracy have been resolved. Optional heart rate monitoring would allow me to dump my Fitbit. It’s annoying having to wear two watches...


The ScanWatch does everything it says it does the downside is the wristband provided which is uncomfortable and unsightly. The watch should be supplied with a choice of wristbabds

Roy Keasley

An excellent all-round watch with excellent battery life.


Unlike a lot of other health watches out there, this watch is definitely a class act. From the stainless steel case to the sapphire dome, the build quality is superb. The battery life is excellent, I get around two weeks of use out of it even when tracking at least one exercise session a day. This is understated device that still collects a ton of useful data.


Wanted a smart watch with a traditional feeling. Found this make and researched everything about it. All sounded perfect and so purchased this for a big birthday present for myself. Works every time. Battery life amazing. And looks as smart as any traditional watch does. Love it.

Ryan M

I have the black dial, 40mm watch. It is very comfortable to wear with the black rubber strap. It is a very classical looking watch with a nice sapphire crystal and simple hour & minute dial markings, not lumed. Some very weak lume applied on the minute & hour hands. The watch has a nice feature that when you bring your wrist up to look at the time, the watch will display the time & date on the dial face. Battery life is excellent; very easy to recharge.


It's a good looking watch with great featur with a long life battery charge


Great watch with a great value fo money

Salvino E B

Great watch with awesome features at a great price with long battery life. Looks great and leaves other watches I’ve used in its wake


Overall, the ScanWatch is a great product! The features are great and comprehensive, and the battery life is phenomenal! The watch provides all the information I needed for monitoring my daily health and it looks great too! The one drawback (and this is a big one for me) is the very weak notification vibration! There should be the ability to control both the strength and the length of the vibrations through the app. They are often missed because they are so weak! If the ScanWatch solved that, and I believe it could with a firmware update, it would be the perfect device for me!


Great product for AFib monitoring ... great to have dependable reassurance

Scotty T

Just add the clinically-validated blood pressure monitor feature.

Shailen Pothen

A wonderful smartwatch, better than Fitbit. Good battery life and full of useful features. Recommend it!

Silviu Berbinschi

A reliable watch that does all the things you need to monitor your health, and is properly certified. For a long time Withings Scanwatch has been the only watch with a certified ECG feature in Australia. Now the Apple Watch is there too, but you should still buy a Scanwatch. Why? There’s no point having a device that’s not on your wrist to take an ECG. The great thing about the Scanwatch is the time between charges is measured in weeks not days or hours, so you can almost always have it on your wrist. Having it on at night also means you can take advantage of the advanced oxygen saturation measurements that it also takes overnight. A great thing if your on the border of sleep apnea. There’s also one more thing that as someone a bit older you might appreciate an actual watch face that you can just glance at and read. Only criticism would be that the glow in dark hands on mine should probably be matched by a glow in the dark mark at 12 too.


An excellent watch that monitors my heart beats, but also sleeping and breathing patterns. Would highly recommend for anyone who is on the lookout for a decent heart rate monitor, that has an incredible battery life!


An excellent product which is easy to use and the information is clear and accurate.

Simon Phillips

Easy to use accurate and reliable

Simon wasley

Best choice for analog look (but smart) watch


It's great


ScanWatch is a perfect watch for anyone that appreciates a real watch-like device. Withings ecosystem is nicely done and works fine with all of the products they offer.Battery life is awesome, and you can browse through the features with a crown button on the watch.


This watch is very classic. It’s looks cool and work cool to. Rather then having something big or big brand watches I recommend you to use this on cause this watch will actually tell you about your body condition close to acutely. Rest is your choice thank you

Somrat Pilot

This watch is very classic. It’s looks cool and work cool to. Rather then having something big or big brand watches I recommend you to use this on cause this watch will actually tell you about your body condition close to acutely. Rest is your choice thank you

Somrat Pilot

Happy with the Watch, ic only I’d known it was cheaper less than a month later including an extra watchband...


A great watch with marvellous features


The scanwatch is an excellent gadget that not only looks great but is packed with features that will appeal to potential health enthusiast. The ability to measure ECG and SPO2 and the ability to give you an overall fitness level coupled with the ability to last nearly 30 days on a single charge is probably unique in the market.


Great watch. Unbelievable value for money. Just need an app which records distance run and walked accurately to be 10/10.


Overall I’m happy with how things work even if there are teething problems


An amazing watch which looks good as well. Simplicity with technology, very well combined. Look forward to withings next project. Can you better the Scanwatch? Who Knows!

Stephen Bennett

The new scanwatch is pretty much everything I had hoped it would be. It looks extremely classy. It shows enough information on the inbuilt screen, with any more detailed information at hand on the health mate app, which I have already been using for some time, along with some other withings products. Overall very happy with this watch, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my friends.

Stephen D

There are so many things to love about the ScanWatch! The build quality is amazing, it looks beautiful, the interface is super simple, the notifications are subtle, the battery life is impressive, and so much more. But if I had to pick one, it's that it just gets out of the way and lets you get on with life. It's a watch, not a distraction, always there to tell you the time, but ready to do so much more when you're ready. I don't have to worry about charging it or damaging the touchscreen, it just lives on my wrist.

Stephen Rees-Carter

Primarily a sensible watch with health tracker functions. More comfortable to wear (less sweaty) than the silicone band versions.

Steve Ashton

Love the look of the watch, love the battery life, so easy to operate beats tapping on the watch. ECG brilliant. Bought another one for my wife.

Steve Linton

Love the look of the watch, classy, with underlying intelligence. The controls are easy to use and the screen is clear and responsive. Battery life is excellent. I would like to see REM sleep detected and recorded.

Steve M

Honestly couldn't promote this watch enough. The Withings Scanwatch is amazing. It covers all the essential health requirements and more! The fitness tracking is extensive and accurate and the sleep tracking gives more than enough information. The fact you can also programme in weight tracking and connect with third party apps like Google Fit is also a win. Have recommended this watch to others and will definitely be sticking with Withings as a brand.


I have been using the Scan Watch for a couple of months now and I'm really happy with it so far.All the features work well. The watch is comfortable and I've only taken it off twice to charge it. The only glitch I've had is some cutting of music when listening to music through a Bluetooth speaker. The ECG works well but does not read heart beats much faster than about 130 bpm. The workout mode has been spot on every time and again the watch is comfortable to wear. All in all a nice looking watch with all the usual features and soon to come more I hear.


All in all a great product


If you want a very smart elegant looking watch, without all the features that probably never get used on any chunky Smartwatch, but gives you the most important health information and extremely useful health app you will find, then Scanwatch is what you should be looking at. It is the smartest smartwatch you will find.


I love my new ScanWatch. Helps me to monitor my health and suggest adjustments to the lifestyle. I love the battery life!I used Withings watch for many year, upgrading for the new models. This one is the best so far


The ScanWatch is a good quality product and well made packed with loads of features, excellent battery life, but does not have ECG, and does not count the steps correctly, it misses many steps, and it does not calculate resting HR

Ted Brain

An undercover smart watch...classic timeless style for when you are in the office and sleek smart watch ready to take on any workout.


An undercover smart watch...classic timeless style for when you are in the office and sleek smart watch ready to take on any workout.


The ScanWatch is a great piece of hardware. There is still some glitches to be fixed on the firmware regarding automatic exercise detection but I am certain that the Withings team is working on it!


Fantastic, fully featured smart watch with a classic look.


The Scanwatch hardware is simply the best in any health/fitness tracker available to date. It looks super premium and feels great on the wrist. Battery life is simply outstanding. I do not reach the claimed 21 days battery life, but I easily get 14 days out of a single charge including daily 1 hour workout. Unfortunately, it is let down by a few key features that it is lacking in the software department, especially for athletes. There is no ability to use an external chest strap for more accurate heart rate during workouts. Moreover, calories burned do not take heart rate data into account, making the “burned calories”virtually useless. Lastly, I wish we could use any metric to be displayed on the little second hand on the watch, not only steps (for instance intensity minutes). But all in all it is a great looking watch that is both fitting for a gala dinner and on the running track.


An excellent watch

Thomas welsh

A great looking, fully functional sports watch providing all the information required to get to your personal health goals. Its viewable dynamically on-screen and via a full featured app. This also integrates fantastically with MyFitnesspal app too.


Fantastic product. I was blown away by the features packed into this watch. Wearing it everyday with the features activated to their highest amounts still nets me a battery of almost 2 weeks! The easy to use magnetic fast charging (mine charges in about 30 minutes from 25% to full) no batteries to change or cables to plug in or places for debris/water to damage, I really couldn't be happier.Sleep tracking, cardio tracking, and activity tracking seems very close, if not completely accurate. The SPO2 and Heart Rate features match the finger meter I have every time I have checked.If you're not wanting the trouble of the short battery bulky "screen watches" this is a watch you will really love. Analog display that auto syncs your time (if you travel and change localities, your watch will adjust with you) it provides a quick easy to read digital display that shows the time brightly if the room is too dark to read the hands.

Timothy Roxx

Great watch it does what it says on the tin


Fabulous watch, a step up again from the Steel HR. The app is really well organised and easy to use too.


Great gadget! I found it rather user friendly and easy to install and operate. getting all data I need to monitor my health and activity.


It is a good watch, stylish, worth the money. Inkovevthebdesign and functionality. I recommend


Solid business looking watch with key health measurements. Easy to use, intuitive, working.



Tommy G

Excellent piece of equipment, stylish, easy to use. Helps me monitor my heart condition I have recently been diagnosed with, and since purchased my Scanwatch has detected 2 episodes of my condition, so I have been able to deal with them accordingly..Recommend to anyone...


I found the Withings ScanWatch to be comfortable, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing to look at and functional. My main reason for going with the Withings watch is for health functionality as opposed to social or business reasons.The notifications works well enough for what I need, although the round screen cold be better if the made it a rectangular shape to get more of a message in, but this is not a major thing for me.The health aspect is better than what I have used before but the SPO2 function seems to report slightly higher in oxygen saturation when compared to my Pulse Oximeter.The breathing disturbances data seems to have locked out when I activated the sleep oxygen saturation function, but this could be me not understanding enough whether these two functions can work in parallel or only one at a time.If they add a blood pressure function and maybe make the notifications screen slightly bigger (I could handle a slightly larger watch face to do this), then I think the Withings Watch is a real winner

Tony F

The watch overall is a vast improvement on previous models. The menu system is more intuitive and gets a little getting used too. The features match those of another famous brand and in my opinion are better, especially the battery life. They auto recognition that you are doing an activity is great and very useful if one forgets to start an exercise.


Great watch, very positive upgrade from HR Sport watch. The rotating crown and improved screen, notifications and health capabilities make this s fabulous watch, and the hands glow at last!


Overall an excellent smartwatch that provides me with unbeatable health tracking, superb battery life and looks great with formal/office wear. Highly recommended.


A great smart watch for anyone that wants to monitor vital signs for heart disturbances, sleep disturbances, health levels e.t.c. Very stylish as well, keeping the look very traditional which I really like. Great value for the price.

Troy Jenner

I am well pleased with my purchase, it is easy to set up and navigate the workings both of the watch and the app, and it gives me all the information i require to improve my health and fitness, the only negatives i found were the instructions to reset the watch if required need to be improved and the watch does not scan my sleep every night which is disappointing.


This is a stylish and functional watch. It looks innocent on the surface but hides a wild beauty underneath. Like a girl you can take to meet the parents who is a secret party animal


Fully integrated end to end health tracking system that delivers only the critical details. All of the products work well together, including long battery life, and minimal fuss. Great looking, classy, not geeky.

Anonymized user

This is the third Withings watch I have purchased. I continue to come back for the quality, style and look of the watch, combined with all the health tracking capabilities that one could need.

Anonymized user

Scanwatch + Healthmate are very user-friendly and reliable. Especially bluetooth interface seems to have improved. Signal ECG-measurement too weak and too noisy.

Anonymized user

ScanWatch offers the best balance of features, appearance, and battery life. It tracks my activity, displays time, and pulls notifications from my phone (those that I want to see!). All that without the need to charge the watch every night. Wonderful!


I love this watch. It has really helped me to take some control over my sleep and is very helpful to see exactly how much walking I do during the day. It is an amazing product and I am delighted with it.


Fantastic smart watch great looking worth every penny.


Very happy with my Withings Scanwatch. The health features are amazing, the watch is extremely comfortable and I love that it looks elegant and not like the usual chunky smart watches.


The Scanwatch is simple, clever and unobtrusive. It does what I need it to do with vibration notifications, health, sleep and activity monitoring in a stylish and easy to manage package. I love the traditional watch face. Battery life is amazing and the Health app is comprehensive. It has made a difference to my health already.

Wendy W

Great watch, I love it. It looks nice, is great to use.

Willy Silberstein

Not bad, finding it useful and will visit my cardiologist today after automatic records of my heart function. Recommended as a health monitor.


Really good thing. I recommend this watch.


This is a very advanced device and I love that it integrates many products onto one app, like Whitings scale which I love and other tools as well.


ScanWatch is my second watch from Withings and its a really good watch. The build quality feels much better than their previous watches and screen is much better too.The watch works great with the app and the information is easy to find. I bought the watch to track my fitness activities and its okay at that. The heart rate jumps around a bit if you do something where you move your arms erratically, like boxing and possibly tennis. It's perfect for regular activities like walking, running and hiking.I wouldn't mind if the watch also had the ability to check temperature :)


The best function in a smartwatch that looks like a normal one (could be weared in meetings and gala events as it looks good) and be used like a normal one (as it won't need daily charging).

Zeno Amtmann

Great way to track health with amazing battery life

Anonymized user

This device is simply smart and easy to use. Moreover it is classically elegant..!!


Big improvement making it re-chargeable, comparing my previous ECG Move watch. Step counting accuracy can be further improved. Watch face is very elegant but could be better having every minutes marked.

Karoly Lugosi

Overall very happy with the product. Only disappointment is the data from workouts varies considerably from the iFit program I use and doesn't record distance for eliptical machine. Really like the features such as afib detection and oxygen monitoring.


Watch is very good


Great combination of a classic luxurious watch and a smartwatch. Nice looking with great health features, could be better after time with the necessary updates. A Real watch unlike the "toy" watches the competition offers at the moment.

George Plakias

Withings scanwatch provides all the digital integration whilst still providing a watch that looks great at a dinner party


The scan watch is a very interesting concept, with some features that are highly useful such as the oxygen saturation level in EKG feature. However, you cannot entirely trust the EKG feature as I think it is still unproven. Additionally, it's results can be inconsistent from one test to the next. It is very accurate as to exercise and this is a good feature. It gives you sleep data but I'm not sure how useful the information is. There's no way to analyze the sleek data once you have it. Particularly, it doesn't tell you whether you're in REM sleep or not. However, in summary, any data that helps you toward better health is useful information.

Richard G.

It's a nice package, with good battery. Could benefit a for from refining the notifications implementation, and sleep analysis feature.

Tiago Carrola

Scanwatch is the best offering Withings yet. Battery life is easy 25 days even activating tilt display on. More accurate step tracks than Steel HR. Afib and Sp02 are the best assuring features but this watch has flawless connectivity and the HealthMate App. This is important because my other smartwatch (famous brand) has connectivity issues. Finally the watch is simply beautiful and elegant to wear and see. It is also comfortable. WithingsPay and Independent GPS will make it perfect!


The Scanwatch is a great update to the Steel HR. Larger face, more functions, and an easier to navigate push crown make it an easy choice to buy.

Withings user

This is my third Withings upgrade. Love that it looks like a regular watch but is secretly monitoring my every move.


The watch is beautiful and extremely functional. I love the classic look of it -- I'm really impressed with its feature set. I've been using the watch for a few months now, and I've really gotten used to its subtle appeal.


Beautiful watch with all the necessary health features. Easily connected to the app and long battery life. You need to bring along your phone for gps though.


Having had a smartwatch for over a year, I needed to up my game and go for one that had superior battery life and functionality. The Withings Scanwatch is exactly that. It looks like a sophisticated analogue watch but has all the smart features you need. It's classy, understated, good loooking and intelligent. A bit like me!

David Fernando

This watch gave me he right mix of features, look and battery.


Thank you


Great fitness watch, the larger model is perfect for my big wrist, the battery life is outstanding.


Everything is great, battery is great, amazing at monitoring health, i searched for long time for watch like this


Just love my Scanwatch.


Awesome looks and awesome functionality love the integration with other Withings devices.


Perfect product, you don‘t need anything else

Nobbi Portugal

Great smartwatch, a joy to own and use

Ian Seager

A Nice looking watch with great features to help monitor your wellbeing. Love the changeable straps to suit any occasion.

Withings user

Metrics tracked


Heart beat notifications : irregular heart beat

Heart rate: beats per minute

Breathing disturbances: detection via oxygen saturation

Electrocardiogram: tracing of a 30-seconds ECG recording on a millimetric grid

Clinically validated Oxygen saturation level (SpO2)

Walking and running: steps, distance, calories, based on user’s profile for high precision

Calories: metabolic calories and total calories expenditure

Running: automatically detected, in-app daily recap of duration and distance

Swimming: automatically detected, in-app recap with duration and calories burned

Sleep: deep and light sleep phases, irregular heartbeat detection, sleep interruptions

Fitness Level: assessment via VO2Max estimation

Elevation: meters and floors climbed




Bluetooth Low Energy - to sync with Health Mate

Bluetooth connection with location settings permission must be enabled to use the Connected GPS feature


ScanWatch can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet, via the Health Mate app available on iOS (iOS 12 and higher) and Android (8.0 and higher).

Cannot be set up from a computer

View the full compatibility list +



38mm model: 38.4mm diameter (1.6’’), 13.2mm thickness (0.52’’), 18mm wristband width (0.70’’), 58g (watch only)

42mm model: 42mm diameter (1.65’’), 13.7mm thickness (0.54’’), 20mm wristband width (0.79’’), 83g (watch only)


Analog dial with hands for hours and minutes. Subdial displays progress toward daily activity goal in percentage. The PMOLED screen displays SpO2, irregular rhythm and smartphone notifications, heart rate, steps, floors climbed, distance, calories, activities, and settings.

Workout mode displays timer and heart rate(continuous tracking).

Clock menu with alarm, stopwatch and timer.

Notifications display previews of incoming calls, text messages, calendar events and 100+ apps.

Battery life

Single battery charge lasts up to 30 days in normal use

+20 additional days in power reserve mode (time and activity tracking only)

Charging time

Approximately 2 hours to 100%. About 1 hour to 80%


Comes with a stainless steel (316L) case featuring brass lacquered dial with applied chrome indexes, guilloche subdial (except the 42mm black model), chrome hands, sapphire glass, and a soft, durable & water-resistant fluoroelastomer wristband.

Conditions of use

Water resistant up to 165 feet deep (50 m, 5 ATM)

Operating temperature: -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°)

Storage temperature: -20°C to 85°C (4°F to 185°)

Pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) can make ECG recordings inconclusive.


Exclusive multi-wavelength PPG heart rate/SpO2 sensor

Stainless steel electrodes

High precision MEMS 3-axis accelerometer

Withings ScanWatch package content

ScanWatch Hybrid Smartwatch

Premium Sport Fluoroelastomer Wristband Black & Silver

Magnetic charging cable

Quick start guide (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

Reusable transport pouch

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