Easy & Intuitive
HR Monitoring

During workouts, see your heart rate at a glance. After, assess your overall performance with a personalized in-app report that delivers insights on maximum heart rate and time spent in each heart rate zone.

Day & Night,
Get to the Heart of Your Matter

Heart rate is a good indicator of overall health. Steel HR automatically activates when you run, on demand, and takes readings around the clock to give a holistic view of your heart at work, at play, and at rest.

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Round The Clock Activity Tracking

Steel HR is a comprehensive activity tracker that automatically recognizes walk, run, swim, and sleep and delivers in-depth reporting right to your smartphone.

And now, 10 new activities can be recognized — from ping-pong to volleyball to dancing. To experience how easy learned recognition is, log your activities in Health Mate and soon Steel HR will know and track all your moves.

On Time & In the Know

Steel HR has been designed to include a screen that shows you all the information you want at a glance, but with no compromise on style. The subtle but easy-to-read digital screen displays heart rate, number of steps, distance, calories burned, set alarm time, and smartphone alerts — all housed within a sleek watch case.

Tick Tock Never Stop

Battery up to 25 days

Steel HR goes from the office, to the gym, to a night on the town, and boasts serious endurance — it has the longest battery life of any HR tracker on the market.

Water resistant to 50m

Steel HR is a heart rate monitor that can accompany you to the pool, hit the showers, and survive a downpour.

Automatic sleep mode

Steel HR automatically detects sleep and can wake you up gently with the silent vibrating alarm.

Scale up

Body Cardio

To see the impact of your activity and gain insights on your cardiovascular health, complete your health routine with the world's most advanced Wi-Fi scale.

Withings Aura

To improve your wake-up experience with scientifically-validated light and sound programs, discover Aura.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Being more active has a positive impact on your heart. Follow your overall health progress with a Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor.

Steel HR 40mm black

Steel HR
40mm - Black

US$ 199.95

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Steel HR 36mm black

Steel HR
36mm - Black

US$ 179.95

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Steel HR 36mm white

Steel HR
36mm - White

US$ 179.95

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