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Activity tracking
Battery life up to 18 months
Fully customizable
Sleep analysis
Water-resistant up to 50m

Basic Essentials

Enjoy form that follows function

Black & Yellow Gold

€ 69.95

White & Sea Blue

€ 69.95

White, Black & Mint

€ 69.95

White & Coral

€ 69.95

Black & Mint

€ 69.95

Smart Dot

Shine a spotlight on your activity


€ 79.95

made in france

Iced Blue

€ 79.95

made in france

Dark Blue

€ 79.95

made in france


€ 79.95

made in france

Ruby Red

€ 79.95

made in france

Sea Blue

€ 79.95

made in france

Terrazzo Superb

Go Venetian print for a legit trend


€ 79.95

made in france


€ 79.95

made in france


€ 79.95

made in france

Made to order

When you order a customized watch, your model will be assembled by hand in our Paris workshop by a professional watchmaker. Once your watch is assembled, it undergoes the same quality tests that would take place in a factory: waterproofness, hand calibration, connectivity.

Withings Move Customization

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Withings Move Custom € 79.95
Details Included

Leaves warehouse in 1-3 days

Tracking in disguise

Withings Move is an advanced activity tracker housed in a classic watch designed for simplicity. But don’t let its lightweight feel and good looks fool you, take a look at what’s inside and you’ll find it’s a powerful hybrid smartwatch.

Activity Tracker

Track steps, run, swim, and many more sports seamlessly—no fiddling needed.

18-month battery life

Enjoy freedom from the outlet: Withings Move requires no charging, and lasts for a year and a half on a standard button cell battery.

Sleep Tracker

Just wear it at night to see light and deep sleep cycles, interruptions and much more. Every morning wake to a daily Sleep Score which gives a comprehensive overview of your overall sleep quality

Connected GPS

Leverage your phone’s GPS during your workout and see your path, elevation and distance in the app when you’re done. Brag your achievements by sharing your map with friends

Waterproof to 50m

Jump in a lake, take a shower, do dishes without fear. Or hit the pool and track your crawl endurance—automatically.

Multi-sport tracking

Launch a sport session—dozens of activities are supported.

Smart Wake-Up

The silent, vibrating alarm can be set to go off at the best time according to your sleep cycles. You can even set multiple alarms to get you on time during the day.

Health Mate App

Withings Move automatically syncs all your data with your compatible iOS or Android device.

2-year warranty

Peace of mind—if something’s wrong with your device, we’ll replace or refund it.

Scale your options

Company logo? Special event or launch party? Withings Move units can be customized with your unique design.

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