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Powerful sensing capabilities

Sleep Analyzer records and computes your health parameters in real time to understand your sleep and deliver accurate health data.

Heart rate

Each time your heart beats, it propels a mechanical wave through your body, which is measured continuously with high precision by the pneumatic sensor.


Sleep Analyzer filters your motion signal to extract your breathing rate throughout the night.


The movements of your body generate mechanical waves, which are captured by the pneumatic sensor.

Carefully calibrated. Extensively tested

Sleep Analyzer has been developed in collaboration with sleep physicians from Hôpital Béclère in Paris and extensively tested against data obtained by polysomnography (PSG) analysis, the gold standard of sleep diagnostics.

Advanced sleep tracking

Accurate data collected by the sensors is processed using exclusive algorithms that benefit from a decade of expertise in connected health.

Track Sleep Cycles




By precisely assessing the sleep stage you’re in, Sleep Analyzer helps you to monitor recovery during your night:



During deep sleep, breathing slows and muscles relax. This phase helps you recover from physical fatigue, and enables learning and memory consolidation.



Most of your dreams happen in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. REM is very important for emotion regulation and memory consolidation.



Light sleep is physiologically important but the least restorative of sleep stages. You are easily awoken during this stage.





Sleep score


Sleep Analyzer breaks down your night in 6 meaningful indicators with color-coded feedback to clearly identify the dimension of your sleep that can be improved:






1 time



Time to sleep

8 min

The Sleep Score was developed with sleep physicians to build a specific algorithm that reflects the physiological importance of each metric for the body during sleep.





heart rate tracking


Sleep Analyzer measures your heart rate while sleeping, an indicator reflecting whether enough time is spent in deep sleep and a powerful marker of how your lifestyle impacts your heart health.

Know how to interpret your HR with color-coded feedback and get tips to improve it.

Avg. Sleep Heart Rate

53 bpm


64 bpm


41 bpm





Snoring detection




Track the number of snoring episodes and their durations. In the app, learn more about snoring patterns and what impacts them.

To give you a complete and accurate overview of your snoring episodes, our exclusive snoring algorithm has been trained against a dataset of low to heavy snorers. A wide variety of unwanted noises has been included in this dataset: subway noises, partner snoring, washing machine noises, cell phone vibration, and TV shows.

Sleep Analyzer can also distinguish your snoring patterns from environmental noises and your partner’s snoring patterns.





exclusive feature

Medical-grade sleep apnea detection

1 in 5 adults are estimated to have obstructive sleep apnea, and 80% of them are unaware they suffer from it. It is an underdiagnosed yet serious condition.

Why it matters

Sleep apnea causes fatigue and can have very serious health implications, including high blood pressure, arrhythmias, strokes, and heart failure.

Know how severe
your sleep apnea is


  • AHI
  • 15
  • 30

Sleep Analyzer’s exclusive algorithm analyses your thoracic and cardiac activity to identify breathing episode cessations that are characteristic of this disorder.

Not only can it detect sleep apnea, it also classifies its severity (low to mild, moderate or severe) following the classification of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, considered as a reference worldwide.

This classification is based on the frequency of obstructive events reported as Apnea–Hypopnea Index (AHI).







"Being able to detect sleep apnea with a non-invasive device at home is a game-changer and could drastically help to better diagnose it."

—Dr. Pierre Escourrou

Sleep Physician,
Béclère Hospital, Paris

The ideal overnight companion

Sleep Analyzer is a snap to install and after a one-time setup, all you need to do—is sleep.

to wear


Sleep just needs to be placed under your mattress to work: nothing to wear on your wrist or your face like classic sleep labs require.





No Wi-Fi
during Sleep


When Sleep detects your presence, it automatically turns off the Wi-Fi connection, and reactivates it as soon as you get out of bed.





Compatible with
most mattresses


Sleep Analyzer can be used with nearly all thicknesses and types of mattresses, including spring, latex, foam, and memory foam. It’ll work with platform or slatted beds, and even on the floor.



Foam & Memory Foam








Medical data in hand

Every day, Sleep Analyzer provides you with accurate data and actionable insights.

Wake up
to results


When you get out of bed, Sleep Analyzer immediately syncs with your Withings account so you can see your results on the Health Mate app.

With precise and easy-to-understand insights, anyone can discover how to achieve better sleep quality for better health.





medical report


Health Mate provides valuable data that can be used during a doctor’s visit.

Easily share a PDF of your data with your physician from the app.

This data includes powerful insights to guide your physician towards a sleep apnea diagnosis, facilitate observance of CPAP treatment, or facilitate insomnia treatment.





Health Mate


Blood Pressure,

4.6, 218.3K Ratings





Suits all sleep positions

Sleep Analyzer will precisely record your vital parameters during the night, no matter how you sleep.


No charging needed

Simply plug in the power cable—that’s it.


Healthy relationships

Health Mate is compatible with Apple Watch, Apple Health and 100+ top health & fitness apps.Check out the list of compatible apps


Free & safe data storage

Get unlimited access and full control of your data, at no extra cost—forever. Data is stored in secure servers and never shared with 3rd parties.


Smart home solution

Create home automation scenarios just by getting into and out of bed. Via IFTTT integration, Sleep Analyzer can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat and more, so you can improve your sleep environment—and have healthier sleep.


Free shipping

30-day returns

2-year warranty

Sleep Analyzer

Under-mattress sleep tracker

Compatible with iOS & Android

Browse the latest user testimonials about Sleep Analyzer.

Withings has had a lock on the top spot of our list of the best sleep trackers on the market for some time, but that hasn't stopped it from giving its device an upgrade. Launching today in Europe and the UK, its new Sleep Analyzer will replace the Withings Sleep as its default sleep tracker.

Max Freeman-Mills

Withings Sleep Analyzer review: advanced sleep tracking made easy

Samuel Gibbs

The Withings Sleep Analyzer is a sleep tracking mat that’s simply easy to live with (...) The data it produces is good and the way it’s presented in the excellent Health Mate app is easy to follow and track across days

Samuel Gibbs

Try a Withings sleep mat. I love my data and have bought them for friends and family with good results

Withings user

Very powerful & helpful tool to improve your Health! For a limited cost, you get like a real Pro ’s equipment that ‘s help you balance you life on the right side for your health. For some’s one who cares about it, it is a must.


The sleep analyser is really useful at recording my sleep even though I get up and down to feed my baby son. I also am reassured by the sleep apnea detection .


Being a patient of acute sleep apnea, and having to wear a CPAP to sleep, I was missing statistical and realtime data on how effective my sleep was. This device and app has changed the way I understand my sleep quality. It give me data that then allows me to adjust my mask or replace it. It is a powerful tool to understand sleep quality. Use it and you will not be disappointed.


I was diagnosed with obesity and I was told snoring could be a sign of sleep apnea, so I was suggested to get a monitor. After reading online I found Withings, and love it, it is just perfect, easy to use/install, and the app is just as pretty as can be.


Pure magic. Have no idea how that measures all the data through a thick mattress, but it works and works good. The only things is that sometimes if I lay still watching TV before falling asleep it detects those moments as a light sleep. I can edit it later though.


Useful addition to my collection of health and wellness tools. It helps me to understand if I'm really getting enough sleep, or I'm feeling tiered when I wake up in the morning because of something else - maybe my lifestyle.

Andrew G

I've been using Sleep Analyzer and the Body+ scale. Middle-aged, I'm in good health with a normally active life-style and I've tried a few devices to monitor some body functions (smartwaches mainly). The Withings products are no doubt the best, the ones that seem the most trustworthy in terms of measurements and reliability of data. The company seems to be primarily a health monitoring company and not one that primarily makes watches, or provides computers or email services of what have you. Monitoring health is at the heart of this business and so naturally, they do it well and the tools are easy to use. In fact, my next smartwatch might just be the Withings one (especially if they make a sport-focused model) rather than one of the traditional brands.


Product itself is fabulous! Easy setup, then hands off from there on.App... Could use some work... Basic info is reasonably easy to access, but cluttered with other health stats, and buggy. In theory should be able to integrate with other stuff, but is proving difficult


We purchased the withings scales , sleep mat ,watch ,that all link together via the app .well worth whatever my husband paid for it excellent bit of kit, i suffer with restless leg syndrome ,+ sleep apnea ,the app + mat ,tell me how many times I've got up in the night +detects how bad my apnea was ,could not be without it now.


It is a great piece of kit. Easy to install and it just works. Helps me understand my sleep patterns and automate my home.

Felix Jackson

I received this as a gift as I had been looking but could not justify the cost. Really pleased with this gift as it gives great insights into your sleep and provides advice on how to improve sleep scores

Fletchy 83

Sleep analyzer is the best X-mas gift for long time. It has given me new insights to my sleeping, and what is the most important, it has really made me think about sleeping rhytm and other things that effect on sleeping quality. For me this device is fantastico :)


The Withings Sleep Analyser has learnt me much more about my sleep than I could possibly imagine. With the sleep analyser I can now determine the most suitable time of the day to take my medicine, thus minimizing the negative effects on my sleep.

Jonas MN

Straight forward installation and easy to just sleep and everything syncs to the app


Easy to install, easy to use and easy to share results with medical practitioner. Showing why I'm tired during the day and sharing this with doc


One of the best bits of tech kit I've bought. Awesome data the morning after the sleep before.

Mark Wilson

Another great Withings health product to add to my weighing machine and blood pressure monitorVery easy to set up and access information and really useful in trying to change habits to improve our sleep It diagnosed sleep apnea in my wife which I am getting checked out

Philip M

I've sued withing products for some time (scales, bp monitor) and found the sleep analyser a great addition. The device is very easy to setup and makes tracking sleep quality a breeze. The data helps form a picture of my sleep and trends over time. I share the information gathered with my sleep specialist and it assists him (and me) in the treament of insomnia.100% recommended.


Really easy to install and one starts getting useful insights immediately. I've started doing some sleep hygiene and started going a bit earlier to bed to try to get 7+ hours of sleep, which with a <1 year old baby can be challenging. But overall I've improved my sleep score already! This is great outcome for such invisible product!




Wireless Sync

Bluetooth 4.0 required for installation

Automatic Wi-Fi sync | 2.4 GHz b/g/n | WEP/WPA/WPA2


Sleep Analyzer can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet, via the Health Mate app available on iOS (iOS 10 and higher) and Android (8.0 and higher).

Cannot be set up from a computer

A Wi-Fi connection is required to install and use Sleep Analyzer


Outer material

Premium fabric

Dimensions and weight

Length: 637mm (25")

Width: 190mm (7.5")

Thickness: 5mm (0.2")

Weight: 350 g (1.13 oz)


Pneumatic sensor: measures respiratory rate, heart beats via ballistocardiography and body movements across the mattress.

Sound sensor: identifies audio signals specific to snoring & cessation of breathing episodes.

Data storage & sync

Free and unlimited online data storage with a Withings account.

Local storage of data between syncs.

Power supply

Power supply 5V 1A

USB power adapter included

Metrics tracked


Sleep duration, sleep onset and time to wake

Sleep apnea episodes with severity classification

Sleep cycles: deep, light, REM phases

Continuous and average heart-rate

Snoring duration

Sleep Score

Get to know Sleep Analyzer


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