A powerful clinical experience at home

Revolutionary health analysis

The scale that revolutionizes home health checkups. A powerful, incredibly simple experience. Directly from your home, in just 90 seconds, through a simple weigh-in.

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Withings | Body Scan

Localized percentage of muscle and fat

Build muscle mass faster

Muscle mass and body fat are essential parameters of your health. Visualize your body in 3D and track your progress in three key areas: legs, torso, and arms.


Localized muscle and fat percentage

Experience your body in 3D: locate your muscular progress and follow specific trends in each area of the body.

  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass

Weight loss activation

Reach your weight goals faster

Track your essential metabolic parameters: muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat, and calories burned at rest.

Withings | Body Scan


A revolutionary scan of your body

Withings | Body Scan
Withings app | Withings
Withings App | Withings

Medical CE marking

Detect a cardiac anomaly

Cardiovascular risk assessment. Analyze the condition of your arteries every day to monitor your vascular health.


A cardiovascular checkup

Identify changes in your cardiovascular health and understand how your heart and blood vessels function.

Get a clearer picture of your cardiovascular health by measuring the speed of the waves produced by the heart in your arteries.

If your Vascular Age is significantly higher than your chronological age, you are at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life [1].

Lower your Vascular Age over the long term by implementing better habits with our Withings+ programs, or consult a doctor who will explain the best ways to improve it.







*Via Withings ECG monitor compatible with Body Scan.


An electrocardiogram to help detect atrial fibrillation

At every weigh-in, Body Scan records a 6-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), a common hospital test that reveals the electrical activity of your heart.

By performing regular ECGs, you increase the likelihood of recording and detecting signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib), a common form of cardiac arrhythmia that can lead to serious complications if left undiagnosed.

Understanding how the heart works can require expert help. You can easily share your 6-lead ECG recordings with your doctor directly from the Withings application.

*Via Withings ECG Monitor available on Body Scan

quote | Laurent

“The electrocardiogram and pulse wave velocity are key measurements used by the medical community to assess cardiovascular health and detect cardiac anomalies.”

- Professor Stéphane Laurent, Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Paris.

1st worldwide ·  1st worldwide ·  Nerve health

Detect early signs of diabetes-related complications

Body Scan is the first scale to detect signs of peripheral autonomic neuropathy, one of the long-term complications of diabetes.

Withings | Body Scan

Nerve activity

Detect early signs of diabetes-related complications*.

*Body Scan detects signs of peripheral autonomic neuropathy.

Withings app | Withings
Withings App | Withings
Withings | Body Scan

Benefit from a clinical assessment of your health from the comfort of your own home, simply and intuitively.

Withings | Body Scan
Withings | Body Scan
Withings | Body Scan
  • Ultra-easy installation

    Body Scan installs in the blink of an eye, simply and intuitively.

  • Always connected

    Connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and automatically synchronize your health data with the Withings app.

  • Ultra-readable color display

    Take advantage of an ultra-readable color screen to see all your measurements at a glance.

  • Ideal for families

    Body Scan recognizes up to 8 different users, making it easy for every member of your family to keep track of their health.

Adapted to individual health needs

Their lives changed with Body Scan.

This scale is revolutionary. It's incredible to be able to take total control of so many health parameters right in your own home. This scale makes it possible.

A reference. Body Scan is like a medical checkup right out of bed.

The best way to monitor my health! Metabolic information is great! Body segment analysis and cardiovascular age data are also extremely important.

Essential health monitoring device. Body Scan helps me lose body fat and increase muscle mass to stay healthy.

Body Scan is suitable for all types of users:

Detect up to 8 users

Automatically recognizes and assigns measurements for multiple users

Baby Mode

Get an accurate weight for the smallest member of your family, just by holding them in your arms

Athlete Mode

Adapts measurement algorithms to your unique body composition

Pregnancy Mode

Opt in for helpful tips and easily track your progress throughout your entire pregnancy

Eyes-Closed Mode

Hide the numbers from your scale screen at weigh-ins, and see motivational messages instead

The Withings app

Your data, in your hands

Follow your health metrics every day in the free Withings app, where you can view trends, get insights, access a wide library of inspiring content, and can enjoy unlimited secure storage.

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3 free months of Withings+

Programs, workouts, recipes…

Enjoy three free months of Withings+, a premium service for better health, with any purchase of a Body Scan.

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Withings App | Withings Withings App | Withings