Body Scan

Connected Health Station

Ultra-accurate monitoring

Segmental Body Composition

Advanced sensors embedded in the handle are able to scan torso, arms, and legs to give a precise picture of body composition and overall fitness.


Segmental body composition allows the smallest changes in body composition to be identified, mapped, and monitored over time.

Body Scan uses multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition ultra-precisely by distinguishing each body part independently including trunk, arms, and legs to reveal more about localized fat findings, and efficiently spot possible muscle imbalances.

Metrics delivered include fat and muscle mass in each distinct part of the body.

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Connect to your heart

Vascular Age and Pulse Wave Velocity.  Identify changes in overall cardiovascular health and understand how well heart and blood vessels are functioning.


A cardiovascular health assessment

Get a clearer picture of heart health by measuring the speed at which wave heart-generated waves move along the arteries.

A low pulse Wave Velocity indicates better heart health: you can work towards decreasing it and improve cardiovascular health with proper diet & exercise. These lifestyle changes are made easier as they are provided in our habit formation modules.

Withings is also able to estimate the age of arteries to give a clearer picture of heart health, and help identify signs of increased risk of vascular disease later in life.







*Via Withings ECG Monitor available on Body Scan


An Electrocardiogram to help detect AFib

At every weigh-in, Body Scan can record a 6-Lead Electrocardiogram, a test often done in a hospital representing the electrical activity of your heart.

By performing regular ECGs, you increase the probability to record and detect signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib) a common form of arrhythmia that can lead to serious heart-related complications if left undiagnosed.

Understanding your heart function can require help from an expert. You can easily share all of the results of your 6-lead ECGs with your doctor using our app. If you don't have a doctor to review your results, we provide an integrated ECG review through our cardiology team.

*Via Withings ECG Monitor available on Body Scan


Get a Nerve Health Score

WHY IT MATTERS  Body Scan can assess nerve health to help detect signs of peripheral autonomic neuropathy, and to help anyone take better care of their overall health.


Body Scan is the first-ever smart scale that can assess the health of nerves in your feet via a Nerve Health Score.

A low score may be a sign of peripheral autonomic neuropathy, small nerve damage, which is associated with complications of common chronic conditions.

Withings can help anyone improve these metrics via our habit formation modules, and the Nerve Health Score data can be easily shared with doctors to help manage any health issues.

Body Scan facilitates screening for disease and helps physicians treat issues earlier, attenuating the impact these conditions can have on health.

3 months of Health+ included

Improve every day

Powered by behavioral science, Health+ is an enhanced in-app health experience to help anyone create routines that provide a positive feedback loop.


Know where to start

Be guided to build a steady measurement routine and get a holistic approach to your health with in-depth analysis of your metrics. Coming soon: the ability to give context to your data by logging food, symptoms or sleep.

Health Mate | Withings
Health Mate App | Withings


Be empowered

Better choices every day add up. Upgrade your daily routine and create habits with an exclusive library of 6-week Habit Builders focusing on activity, sleep or nutrition.

Health Mate | Withings
Health Mate App | Withings


See progress

Alongside your metrics, get insights on correlated actions so you know where to place your efforts, get weekly reports to see your evolution and receive monthly reports to deep-dive in your health and share it with your doctor if needed.

Health Mate | Withings
Health Mate App | Withings


Motivation unlocked

Every milestone deserves to be celebrated. From a steady measurement routine, to slowly increased activity, to metric goals achieved, stay motivated by collecting exclusive badges.

Health Mate | Withings
Health Mate App | Withings


What is Body Scan?

More than a smart scale, Body Scan is the first connected health station. It bridges the gap between access to breakthrough metrics and integrated support from coaches and health professionals.

Is Body Scan a medical device?

Withings Body Scan is a medical device allowing to detect and follow-up autonomic peripheral neuropathy thanks to the Nerve Health Score feature.

Does Body Scan feature a 6-Lead ECG?

Withings Body Scan is compatible with Withings ECG Monitor, a medical device software that allows recording a 6-Lead Electrocardiogram and detecting Atrial Fibrillation, the most common cardiac rhythm disturbance.

What's the difference between Body Scan and other Withings smart scales?

Body Scan is our most advanced smart scale to date. Simply by a simple weigh-in, users get access to the largest number of health biomarkers ever seen on a scale.

How many users can Body Scan support?

Body Scan automatically recognizes and tracks up to 8 users independently.

How long is the battery life?

Body Scan boasts a long-life rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 year per charge.

What is the price of Body Scan?

The suggested retail price for Body Scan is €399.95

Why is there a handle on the scale?

The handle allows the user to get much more accurate body composition measurements. It also enables segmental body composition for which users get fat & muscle mass of each body part: torso, legs and arms. The handle also contains the electrodes needed to record the 6-lead ECGs.*

*Via Withings ECG Monitor available on Body Scan

What are the requirements for using Body Scan?

Users with pacemakers will not be able to access all features as bioimpedance technology (BIA) is used. For these users body composition and nerve activity assessments will be deactivated.

More questions? Reach out to our Support team.

Withings Body Scan is a medical device allowing to detect and follow-up autonomic peripheral neuropathy thanks to the Nerve Health Score feature. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment can be dangerous. Always consult your doctor in case of questions or doubts.

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