Withings Health Mate: a Fitness, Activity and Health Tracker App

Withings Health Mate is the best way to keep track of activity, sleep, weight, and more. You’ll see trends, progress, and get coaching to help you improve over time.
Whatever your health goal, you’ll find support for it in the Health Mate app.

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Get more active

Activity tracking

Know where you stand and get inspired to move more: activate step tracking on your phone in the Health Mate app or with a Withings watch. You can even connect your favorite partner app: data can be fetched from Apple Health, S-Health and others.


You can set your daily step goal, and then also assign activity-related weekly goals to keep yourself on track. Want to dance at least once a week and play tennis twice per week? It’s easy to set it, and then get rewarded when you make your goals.

Leaderboard and badges

Link up with friends and family to experience the definition of healthy competition. You’ll enjoy seeing the rankings and get rewarded for your progress. Plus, our data shows that people who challenge one or more friends in the Health Mate app leaderboard end up walking 25% more!

Workout report

After a sport session, get a full report on your activity: Heart Rate zones, duration, calories burned, fitness level via VO2Max and GPS path. *Note: Some workout features only work with Steel HR, or Steel HR Sport

Manage your weight

Be a trendsetter

The simple act of stepping on the scale can be a powerful motivator. Our data shows that people with a weight loss goal who weigh themselves daily lose 4x more weight, on average, than those who don’t.

Track your child’s growth

From making sure baby is getting adequate nutrition when breastfeeding, to simply keeping tabs on weight gain between doctor’s visits, Baby Mode helps parents and caregivers monitor and track the baby’s weight simply by stepping on the scale while holding them in your arms.

Get support during pregnancy

Expecting mothers can activate Pregnancy Tracker to easily follow pregnancy weight gain and know if they are on the right track. There’s also obstetrician-reviewed content at every stage, so moms-to-be know even more about what to expect.

Assess your sleep

Night moves

Wake up to what happens when you are asleep with in-depth into on light & deep sleep cycles, as well as sleep interruptions, to feel rested and help improve long-term health.

Sleep score

Every day, wake to your sleep score in the Health Mate app, and learn about the parameters that impact your sleep quality.

Smart wake up

Wake up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle so you feel alert and ready to take on the day. Works with a compatible Withings watch.

Get vital information

Blood Pressure

Get a picture of your overall cardiovascular health or monitor hypertension. Color-coded results and a complete history help you know where you stand. The app also lets you easily share results with your doctor.


If you use Thermo, our Smart Temporal Thermometer, the app will track temperature history for up to 8 users. You can also track symptoms and medications, get advice, add reminders and share results with your doctor.

Clear your mind

Meditation on demand

Petit BamBou means “little bamboo”, and it’s also the leading meditation app in France. Withings offers this free program right in Health Mate to introduce you to expert relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

Feel better

Meditation has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including decreased anxiety, improved sleep quality, and enhanced self-awareness.

Learn more about Petit BamBou
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