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ScanWatch Horizon features all the cutting edge tech of the original edition outfitted with notable design and material upgrades including a rotating bezel, Luminova indexes and 10 ATM water resistance.

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  • 1年保証
  • 一度の充電で30日稼働
  • 平面サファイアガラス
  • 316Lステンレス鋼ケース
Withings Scanwatch Horizon


鏡面研磨されたベゼルは電極としての役割を果たすため心拍などのデータをいつでも記録できます。 *

ScanWatch embeds the Scan Monitor feature. Scan Monitor is a medical device manufactured by Withings. Consult your physician. This medical device is a regulated health product that bears the CE mark. Read the instructions carefully.

Withings | Scanwatch Horizon



Optical heart rate sensor

The optical sensor keeps tabs on heart rate day and night, while also conserving battery life by activating periodically around the clock. A notification can be sent to the user in the case of a high or low resting heart rate episode. Continuous heart rate monitoring is activated and recorded when using Workout Mode.

Clinically validated Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

To deliver the percentage of blood oxygen, or SpO2, ScanWatch uses a multi-wavelength PPG sensor to emit and measure red and infrared reflections of blood vessels in the wrist. Normal SpO2 values vary between 90 and 100%, and readings appear on the watch and in the app.

ECG readings

An ECG is the best way to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a highly prevalent heart arrhythmia. AFib often goes undiagnosed because it can show no symptoms and/or not be present during doctor’s visits because the episodes can be intermittent.

Note: ECG must be used under the care of a physician. ECG requires a free in-app activation process. ECG is not intended for use by people under 22 years old. Prescription Use Only.

Share with a doctor

All heart health data is compiled in the app and can be easily shared with a doctor, health coach, or loved one with a few taps via the Health Report feature.

Sport sessions


ScanWatch Horizonは日常活動以外にもスポーツなどを自動で検知し記録します。GPS接続機能と合わせることでより正確な運動データを取得することとが可能です。

最大10 ATM (100m)防水

Withings | Scanwatch Horizon

Sport sessions

Activity tracking

ScanWatch Horizonは日常活動以外にもスポーツなどを自動で検知し記録します。GPS接続機能と合わせることでより正確な運動データを取得することとが可能です。

Step Tracking

Scanwatch Horizon | Withings

With the activity subdial always available at a glance, ScanWatch helps you know where you stand with your daily step goal. A 3-axis accelerometer and a decade of algorithm improvements allow you to enjoy the most accurate results.

Automatic Activity detection

Health Mate | Withings
Health Mate App | Withings

Take a swim, commute by bike, or go for a run—ScanWatch will automatically recognize your activity and log it in the Health Mate app. Get credit for all your moves with no button to press.

Connected GPS

Health Mate | Withings
Health Mate App | Withings

Map your workout sessions and enjoy distance, elevation, and path with Connected GPS.

Workout Mode

Scanwatch Horizon | Withings

Easily activate workout mode right on your wrist by choosing from over 30 sports. This shows your workout duration, and logs heart rate and movement continuously.

In-depth analytics

Advanced Sleep Monitoring

ScanWatch Horizon collects numerous data points to measure Sleep cycles, monitor breathing disturbances and then calculates your overall Sleep Score—automatically.

Scanwatch Horizon | Withings

Sleep Cycles

ScanWatch tracks your sleep cycles (light and deep), duration of sleep, time to be asleep and wake up as well as interruptions, and logs it in the Health Mate app so you can view your trends.

healthmate app view







Sleep Score

Our exclusive algorithm automatically scores your night based on sleep cycles, duration, regularity and interruptions.

healthmate app view


Smart Wake-up

Because ScanWatch knows if you are in a light or deep stage, it can choose the best time to wake you up according to your schedule. You simply set a wake-up time in the app, and ScanWatch will wake you with a light vibration.

healthmate app view



Respiratory Wellness Scan

In addition to analyzing sleep, activating the Respiratory Wellness Scan can monitor breathing disturbances via the PPG sensor and the accelerometer based on an analysis ofcontinuous blood oxygen levels (SpO2), heart rate, motion and breathing rate.

Timeless tech

シンプル & スマート

Health Mate | Withings
Health Mate App | Withings



Withings | Scanwatch Horizon



Withings | Scanwatch Horizon



Withings | Scanwatch Horizon



Developed with cardiologists. Included in several validation studies conducted at renowned hospitals and research institutes.

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