Body Segment

Experience the ultimate body visualization

Get a handle on your body

Withings Body Segment is the ultimate body visualization smart scale that revolutionizes home health monitoring. It precisely maps the distribution of fat and muscle mass throughout your body, along with cardiovascular and electrodermal activity assessments.

Segmental body composition

See your body in 3 dimensions

Transform your body with segmental body composition, which precisely identifies the distribution of fat and muscle mass across 3 key areas: your legs, torso, and arms.


Segmental body composition

Visualize fat and muscle mass for deeper health analysis

  • Fat mass
  • Muscle mass

Ultra-precise body assessment

Unlock the power of precision

Understand the breakdown of fat and muscle mass in each part of your body. Use the handle to precisely monitor body metrics, including visceral fat and basal metabolic rate.

Withings | Body Segment


Next-level precision for a healthier life

Withings | Body Segment
Withings app | Withings
Withings App | Withings

Heart health

Connect to your heart

Vascular Age. Identify changes in your overall cardiovascular health and understand how well your heart and blood vessels are functioning.


A cardiovascular health assessment

Identify changes in your overall cardiovascular health and get a clearer picture of your heart by measuring the speed at which waves generated by your heartbeat move along your arteries.

If your Vascular Age is assessed as significantly greater than your chronological age, you may have a greater risk of developing vascular disease later in life [1].

Aim to reduce your Vascular Age over time by adopting healthier habits with the help of our Withings+ programs. You can also consult with your doctor for personalized advice on how to improve further.



Track your heart rate at every weigh-in

Heart rate is a strong indicator of overall fitness. In most cases, a lower heart rate is the result of better cardiovascular fitness. Athletes or highly fit individuals may have a normal resting heart rate of 40 to 60 bpm.

An elevated resting heart rate may signal potential health concerns. A higher resting HR could be associated with increased likelihood of diabetes and obesity. It could also indicate a heightened risk of developing heart disease risk and developing heart disease.

Electrodermal Activity Score

Sweat for better health

Evaluate your sweat glands response to an electrical stimulus and unlock your EDA score. You can use this insightful metric to better manage your health on a daily basis.

Withings | Body Segment

Electrodermal Activity Score

Follow and improve your sweat activity

Withings app | Withings
Withings App | Withings

Take the stress out of tracking your health. Body Segment is elegantly designed and easy to use. No matter where you are on your health journey, this smart scale will fit seamlessly into your life.

Withings | Body Segment
Withings | Body Segment
Withings | Body Segment
  • Easy to install

    Say goodbye to overly complex setup, and get started on your path to better health right away.

  • Stay connected

    Connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and automatically sync your health data to the Withings app.

  • High Resolution Color Screen

    Enjoy a clear and bright color screen, so you can see your measurements at a glance.

  • Family Friendly

    Recognizes up to 8 different users, allowing everyone in your home to easily monitor their health data.

Features for everyone

Share your Withings scale with multiple users, no matter where they are on their health journey.

Detect up to 8 users

Automatically recognizes and assigns measurements for multiple users

Baby Mode

Get an accurate weight for the smallest member of your family, just by holding them in your arms

Athlete Mode

Adapts measurement algorithms to your unique body composition

Pregnancy Mode

Opt in for helpful tips and easily track your progress throughout your entire pregnancy

Eyes-Closed Mode

Hide the numbers from your scale screen at weigh-ins, and see motivational messages instead

The Withings app

Your data, in your hands

Follow your health metrics every day in the free Withings app, where you can view trends, get insights, access a wide library of inspiring content, and can enjoy unlimited secure storage.

Discover Withings app

3 free months of Withings+

Programs, workouts, recipes…

Enjoy three free months of Withings+, a premium service for better health, with any purchase of a Body Segment.

Learn more about Withings+

Withings app | Withings
Withings App | Withings Withings App | Withings

Body Segment

Clinically tested

¥ 59,995



Body Segment

Get a handle on your body

Compatible with iOS & Android

Metrics tracked


Four weight sensors

Precise weight measurements (50g)

Body Composition

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Multifrequency

Units: body fat %, total body water %, muscle mass kg or lb, bone mass kg or lb, Visceral Fat Index, Basal Metabolic Rate

Multi-user friendly

Automatically recognizes and tracks up to 8 users

Features tailored modes, including Athlete, Pregnancy, Baby and Eyes Closed



Wireless Sync

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, compatible with WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal networks

Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Smart Ready)


Body Segment can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet, via the Withings app available on iOS (iOS 15 and higher) and Android (10.0 and higher).

Cannot be set up from a computer


Four weight sensors

Weight range: 5-200 kg (9-440 lbs)

50 g (0.1lb) precision

Units: kg, lb, st lb

Patented body position detector

Highly-accurate weigh-ins via Position ControlTM technology


High-strength tempered glass platform

Dimensions: 12.8 x 12.8 x 1.1 in. / 325 x 325 x 25,6 mm


Clear, easy to see graphical display (2.8”), 320 x 240 pixels

High resolution LCD color screen

Storage and memory

Free and unlimited storage of weight data

Stores up to 16 weigh-ins at one time if the scale cannot sync wirelessly

Power supply

Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Average battery life: up to 1 year per charge


Is Body Segment a clinically validated product?

No. Body Segment is a wellness product, with a focus on helping users get a handle on their health.

Does Body Segment feature a 6-Lead ECG?

No, Body Segment doesn’t feature a 6-Lead ECG.

What is the difference between Body Segment and Body Comp?

Unlike Body Comp, Body Segment features a handle that supports the breakthrough segmental body composition feature. This powerful scan precisely maps the distribution of fat and muscle mass across 3 key areas: your legs, torso, and arms. This revolutionary assessment encompasses your entire body, providing metrics tailored to your unique morphology.

What is the difference between Body Segment and Body Scan?

Body Segment is a wellness device, rather than a certified health station. It is available exclusively in Canada. While it does not feature a 6-lead ECG, it does offer the breakthrough segmental body composition feature, which allows for detailed analysis of three key areas of your body, providing insights into your fat and muscle mass.

How many users can Body Segment support?

Body Segment automatically recognizes and tracks up to 8 users independently.

How long is the battery life?

Body Segment boasts a long-life rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 year per charge.

Why is there a handle on the scale?

The handle allows the user to get much more accurate body composition measurements. It also enables the segmental body composition feature, through which users can measure the fat and muscle mass of each body segment (torso, arms and legs) independently.

Can I use Body Segment if I have a pacemaker or a medical implant?

Body Segment sends a safe, undetectable electrical signal through your body to perform bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) measurements, which can interfere with a pacemaker or other medically implanted device. Withings does not recommend using our BIA features if you have a pacemaker.