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Body Cardio

Body Cardio

Get a cardio check-in with the world's most advanced smart scale

Body Cardio is a revolutionary scale developed with cardiologists. In less than 30 seconds it provides advanced cardiovascular & body composition insights, from the comfort of home.


Explore your full body composition and weight trends over time

Body+ gives a comprehensive picture of your body composition to help you make smarter choices that can have a significant impact on meeting your weight and fitness goals.


Track progress with an ideal weight management companion

Body is an ultra accurate and easy-to use clinically tested smart scale that offers a complete weight-tracking experience tailored to individuals seeking easy, effective weight management.

Key features


Heart Health

monitoring via standing heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity measurement

Battery life

up to

12 months

- rechargeable - battery life

Best for Cardiovascular Health 2020

Best Smart Scales 2020 - Most features

Best overall smart scale 2020

Best Bathroom scale 2020

Health history

Seamless body composition and heart health tracking in the Health Mate app.



analysis via biolectrical impedance analysis.

Battery life

up to

18 months

battery life

Best Smart Scale Overall in 2020

Best Bathroom Scale in 2020

Best Smart Scale Overall in 2020

Most user friendly smart scale

Best Smart Scale 2019 for Bonus features

Weight smarter

Seamless body composition tracking in the Health Mate app to help reach your goals.

Health Mate


Weight insights

Weight trend, Goal achievement, Body Mass Index

Battery life

up to

18 months

battery life

The best budget smart scale runner-up

Get more insights

Seamless weight trend over time plus extra motivation in the Health Mate app.

Health Mate

Health Mateでスマートに体重を記録

Withingsの体重計は自動的にHealth Mateアプリにデータを同期させます。またアプリで目標体重を設定すると、ゴールに近づいているかの推移を簡単に確認でき、目標に近づくとアプリが褒めて応援してくれます。

  • 長期のデータを一目で確認
  • 運動量 & 歩数を記録
  • 歩数を友達と比較 & バッジを獲得
  • iOS&Androidに対応
  • 自動でデータを同期






If you are looking to buy the best body scale, look no further than Withings. Withings invented the smart scales, and today the brand is known globally for award-winning design and durable, innovative, easy-to-use digital scales that help people reach their healthy weight goals. From weight loss and management, to helping people achieve their lean body mass target or setting reasonable weight goals, and quickly overcome weight plateaus, Withings bathroom scales provide advanced features including body mass index (BMI), full body composition (body fat percentage, body water , bone mass, muscle mass), and heart rate. Data from every weigh-in automatically syncs to your smartphone via the free Health Mate app, available for iOS and Android. Also equipped with position control , Withings Wi-Fi scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) which is the most accurate scale technology for body fat monitors to estimate your fat free mass and full body composition. Special modes on your weight scales also help you with healthy weight gain and tracking during pregnancy, and after delivery, the scales can even help any caretaker easily track the baby’s weight. With Body Cardio, also go beyond weight loss management and take control of your heart health with heart rate information anytime you weigh-in, it just works as a full body analyzer. Get yourself a Withings scale. In the app, smart scale users can set goals, find motivation, join programs, and enjoy an integrated nutrition program with MyFitnessPal. In fact, via Health Mate, Withings wireless scales connect to hundreds of partner apps including Apple Health , Google Fit , Weight Watchers, LoseIt , and Runkeeper to get the most out of your training and the bio impedance analysis. From June 2017 to September 2018 Withings smart scales were sold under the Nokia brand.