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At Withings, we create technology that people love, to make better health part of daily life.

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  • Careers at Withings
    Inside Withings

    Devices? You bet.

    As an employee, you will be given Withings devices so you can understand the benefits offered by our technology. You will be part of our Beta testing program and provide feedback on the devices to help us improve the user experience and become part of our product story.

  • Careers at Withings
    Careers at Withings

    Learn. Connect. Grow.

    At Withings, we are proud of our company culture and prioritize opportunities for our community to come together. We offer a variety of unique events that cover relevant topics related to the work we do everyday, ranging from diabetes education to using people-first language in healthcare. These events allow us to learn from experts, and each other.

  • Careers at Withings
    Careers at Withings

    Inclusive workplace

    Withings holds diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values. In accordance with our company DEI statement, we are committed to creating a safe workplace for all and aim to fully support all of our team members as they work towards their professional goals.

Inside Withings

What is life really like at Withings?

Grow as an individual, thrive as a team. Across our offices in Paris, Boston, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, we are a team of health-conscious, innovative, and collaborative individuals who all share a commitment to creating technology and solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Inside Withings
Inside Withings
Inside Withings
Withings Office
Withings Office
Withings Office
Withings Office
Withings Office
Withings Office
Withings Office
Withings Office
Withings Office


Building a healthier future for our entire community

  • Health Care offerings, including options with no employee paid premiums

  • All employees receive One Medical and Talkspace memberships

  • 6% retirement plan match (401k)

  • Life insurance & disability options at no cost to you

  • Competitive Paid Time Off plans (vacation, sick & public holidays)

  • Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)

  • Wellness and preventative care reimbursements

  • Daily lunch stipends

  • Employer funded HSAs

  • Healthcare & Dependent Care FSA

  • Employer funded commuter FSA

  • Bike-to-work benefit

  • Own and beta test all of our products

  • Hybrid work flexibility

Our Teams

Discover your future team

We aspire to recruit and hire individuals who are highly experienced, curious, and eager to be a part of the healthcare revolution. Sound like you?

Sodany Ly

Growth Strategy & Operations Officer Marketing

Withings Employee

Tom Legeay

CRM Manager

Withings Employee

Thi Bich Dao Nguyen

PR Manager

Withings Employee

Bassiriou Talla

Talent Acquisition Manager

Withings Employee

Théo Vincendon

Customer Support Specialist

Withings Employee

Marina Kotsur

Business developer

Withings Employee

Discover your future team

  • Platform



    The platform team ensures the security of our data and enables the transfer of data between our products, mobile applications and databases.

    The team is divided into three entities:

    Ops in charge of server management, databases, code deployment and network infrastructure.

    Web Apps develops the web version of the application and the front end of our internal tools.

    Web Services & APIs handles internal and public web services for information storage and retrieval.

  • Data Science


    Data Science

    The Data Science team is involved throughout the stages of product design to help craft key product functionalities. Their primary role is to collect, store, and process product data to create and improve our algorithms. The Data Science team collaborates on a daily basis with other technical teams and participates in all major company projects. Data Science is an agile and proactive team. They are often involved in crucial points of product life cycle development and handle many important issues that arise along the way.

  • Embedded Software


    Embedded Software

    This team is in charge of all the software implemented in our products. Involved from the very beginning of the product life cycle, this team participates in a variety of projects. They must communicate effectively with each department and adapt to their specific needs relating to the development of: sensors of all kinds, algorithms, interactions with the Withings app and our servers. Once our products are marketed, the team continues to improve them by incorporating new functionalities (in the form of algorithms, screens, etc.) and assisting with customer support.

  • Mobile



    The Mobile Team develops and improves the Withings app and all additional applications for internal use. The Withings app, available for both iOS and Android, is a Withings product in its own right and is at the heart of a complex product ecosystem. Able to operate offline, it can communicate directly with all our devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, process health data to add context and present it effectively to our users. With over a million users, the Mobile Team helps people truly take their health into their own hands.

  • Industrialization



    Working closely with our team in Hong Kong, factories in China, and our watchmakers in Issy les Moulineaux, the Industrialization Team is the link between technical teams and production lines. Experts in software and hardware profiles, they are truly integral to the backbone of Withings. They ensure the highest quality standards for our products and coordinate the production lines in Asia and Issy-les-Moulineaux. The Industrialization team is the interface between factories and all the product teams as well. They spearhead innovation by assisting with the development of our products/production lines, and continually impress with their clever solutions to each new challenge they are presented with.

  • Mechanics



    This team imagines and designs each of the mechanical components of our products. Working closely with the design studio, mechanics will draw up and validate each component before supervising their production and assembly by our subcontractors. Mechanics then supervise the full production process and enjoys the excitement of a relatively short product development cycle.

  • Customer Support


    Customer Support

    Specializing in customer service, this team is spread over several continents: Europe, America and Asia. Its role is to support our customers and improve their experience with our products, applications and purchasing. They answer questions from users through all communication channels to help us present a consistently positive image. They write technical articles to guide users and follow our products throughout their full life cycle (before, during and after marketing). Their expertise is key to ensuring we maintain a top quality user experience and they help guide the call centers in meeting a common objective: the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Customer Operations


    Customer Operations

    The mission of this team is to deliver Withings products to our customers, while respecting cost and deadline constraints. This process works in conjunction with customs and the carriers who transport our products from factories to our distribution centers. The Customer Operations team manages our warehouses on a daily basis, so that they can prepare and dispatch orders placed by our partners and users. They regularly use performance indicators to help enable cost saving practices and lead product return flow. They also manage the relationship with our resellers (e.g. Amazon, Apple, Best Buy) and ensure order taking, invoicing and dispute management is done correctly.

  • Research



    Applied research engineers create the medical measurements for our products. The variety of techniques involved calls for expertise in a variety of fields including: optics, acoustics, chemistry, materials, telecommunication, and more. This team will need to test competing products, work with prestigious labs and research institutes, and learn subjects beyond their initial professional training. Research is involved throughout the entire life cycle of a product. Upstream, researchers explore new ideas to produce prototypes and proof of concept. They will then develop this measurement further, through metrology and engineering, before they integrate the hardware components into a usable consumer product. Finally, they conduct the clinical studies necessary for the calibration and validation of these measurements. They are deeply involved in development and collaboration with internal teams, as well as with doctors and researchers.

  • Sales



    Responsible for distributing our products in different countries, Sales is in constant contact with international retailers (Amazon, Apple, BestBuy, Fnac Darty, etc.) and are always looking for the best new distributors. Focused on growing our market share in both brick and mortar locations as well as online, they make our products accessible to the general public. They are outstanding negotiators, enable global sales and conceptualize innovative and creative assets that will win them new customers.

  • Electronics



    This team implements the electronic functions of our products, finding the best components for the product teams to use in the design and routing of electronic boards. They work closely with the software team to optimize operation, and with the industrialization team to carry out their work in the factory. They have had a large part in developing the renowned long battery life of our products, and often have a hand in many of the different stages of product life cycles.

  • Purchase & Manufacturing


    Purchase & Manufacturing

    Based in Paris and Hong Kong, this team is at the heart of the product life cycle, helping us procure the best possible components for each one. They serve as a link between engineers and suppliers, working to define the methods, means, tools and materials needed to manage the supply chain for all our products. By taking charge of the entire manufacturing chain of our products, they guarantee high quality production. They also perform regular checks of our factories to ensure optimal delivery of all our products.

  • Hardware / Software Quality


    Hardware / Software Quality

    This team guarantees the proper functioning of our applications and the products delivered to our customers. The Hardware / Software Quality team is always thoroughly testing products to ensure that they are satisfactory on the hardware or software side. Working closely with all development teams from the beginning of the projects until their release, they analyze customer feedback, test updates, and propose solutions to ensure that product quality is always top notch.

  • Health Solutions


    Health Solutions

    Our Health Solutions division is working to answer this question. In concrete terms, our employees establish partnerships with key players in the healthcare world such as medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, EHPAD, etc.), research institutes, patient monitoring programs, pharmaceutical groups, insurance companies, and more. This is a multidisciplinary team where strategy, research, products, sales, marketing and support functions work side by side.

  • Product Managers


    Product Managers

    The product team consists of three main areas: PM product, PM application and services, and UX/UI designers. Product Managers build the best possible user experience for each product or service they are responsible for. They also coordinate the development of product functionality, while taking into account deadlines, costs, competition, medical regulations, clinical validation, and intellectual property. They are involved in every stage of the product life cycle from conception of design to product withdrawal. They work closely with development teams and coordinate with the marketing, sales and customer support teams to ensure the product is the best it can be. Product managers’ expertise ranges from engineering to marketing and requires a strong business sense. A keen eye for the user experience is also necessary to make sure our customers are fully satisfied. The collection of unique skills Product Managers possess makes the team a strong and close-knit group.

  • Human Resources


    Human Resources

    The HR team supports the company's strategy on a daily basis. The team's missions are wide-ranging: recruitment, leading a positive internal culture (the good stuff — like celebrations, tech talks, and good coffee to name a few), personnel administration, training, HR marketing, and more. HR works with all employees to ensure a consistently healthy working environment. The team is made up of several members that take on different responsibilities to enable the company to work strategically and operationally while preserving our greatest asset — our employees.

  • Marketing



    Once our groundbreaking new health products/services are invented, tested, and developed, it’s up to the Marketing team to make them understandable and appealing to retailers, partners, medical professionals, and of course, our users. This team uses a variety of methods to effectively communicate, including PR, social media, events, online advertising, video, CRM tools, retail marketing, content and influence marketing. As we sell our products all around the world, the Marketing team must adapt its strategy to each culture and language, while ensuring a strong and consistent brand voice. In order to support a truly innovative brand with a real mission to improve people’s health, they rely on their creativity, curiosity, and strong interest in our users' health, needs and stories. With several new products launched each year, they continuously uncover new and exciting ways to spread awareness about Withings.

  • Finance / Legal


    Finance / Legal

    The Finance team handles accounting and business control. The Finance team takes care of all invoices, all legally required declarations and must check the veracity of all financial information communicated. The Business Control team monitors every expense incurred by the company and analyzes them to ensure the sustainability of the business. The team is also responsible for checking the turnover and profitability of each customer and/or product in order to help the sales and marketing teams maximize their investments. The Legal department manages all the legal commitments of the various departments. They ensure the best defense of the company’s interests. Together, Finance and Legal support all the company's innovation and research efforts.

  • Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs (QARA)


    Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs (QARA)

    The role of the QARA team is to ensure that our medical devices and services comply with current regulations before, during and after their launch.

    The team is divided into two entities:

    QMS The QMS team is responsible for implementing quality management with the aim of continually controlling and improving Withings' various processes

    Regulatory Affairs The Regulatory Affairs team implements our regulatory strategy by drafting regulatory dossiers, responding to requests from regulatory authorities, and supporting the product, sales and marketing teams in bringing our products to market


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Do I have to send a cover letter with my CV?

No, but a few lines explaining why you're interested in the role and/or Withings in general will always be useful and maximize your chances of getting an interview.

Can I apply for several roles at the same time?

Yes, of course, there is no limit to the number of applications you can send in at the same time. Please note that the Recruitment team will have access to all your applications.

Who will have access to my application?

Withings aims to offer equal opportunities to all applicants, and only authorized personnel (HR and Management) will have access to information concerning your application.

How is my application assessed?

Through a recruitment process combining structured interviews and technical tests/case studies. These various interviews enable us to assess not only your business/technical skills, but also your behavioral competencies and your potential to grow with Withings, while limiting cognitive bias at the same time.

When will I receive feedback on my application?

Withings strives to be as reactive as possible while processing your application. You can send an email if you are waiting for feedback on your application.

How can I be sure that the person I'm speaking to is actually from Withings?

All email communications will come from an address with the Withings domain name (such as Withings does not use instant messaging applications (Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp or others) to contact you. You can contact and if you receive a suspicious email/message.

Can I apply for a job even if I don't see one that matches my profile?

Yes, we welcome spontaneous applications. Please specify the type of job/mission you are most interested in.

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