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Clinically tested

Introducing the most advanced health wearable ever designed

  • Irregular beat alerts
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Sleep apnea detection
  • Multi-sport tracking
  • 30-day battery life
  • Smartphone notification
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New sensors.
New insights.

Nested in a high-end watch, state-of-the-art medical technology has been carefully selected to create the most health-oriented watch ever offered to the public: combined heart rate and SpO2 sensor, 3 electrodes, and an altimeter featuring a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days.

heart scanning.
Invaluable peace of mind.

ScanWatch checks heart rate and delivers heart health notifications when heart rate is atypical (too low or high) and if irregular rhythms are detected. Developed with cardiologists, our exclusive algorithm analyzes your heart without disrupting your life.

A medical-grade electrocardiogram anytime, anywhere.

Detect atrial fibrillation and classify your heart rhythm as normal or out-of-range in just 30 seconds to provide valuable data to share with your doctors.



Normal Sinus Rhythm

Normal Heart Rate

Thanks to its 3 electrodes, ScanWatch can record a medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG).

ECG is especially useful to reveal heart rhythm conditions such as atrial fibrillation (AFib), an anomaly of the heart’s electrical activity that tends to be asymptomatic.

Immediate ECG results will be shown on the watch screen, and can be replayed in the app, where users will find a more in-depth diagnostic report that details possible signs of atrial fibrillation, as well as related advice.

Sleep apnea detection, on your wrist

Monitor oxygen saturation all night long via the embedded SpO2 sensors, so you can wake to learn if an apneic episode occurred while you were sleeping.

Medical Validation pending

Oxygen Saturation



Good SpO2 Level

Apneic Episodes



per hour


Irregular Heartbeat



No events

With its embedded light sensors, ScanWatch interprets the changing blood color within your vessels to determine the oxygen saturation level in real time.

Sleep apnea is a prevalent, underdiagnosed, and chronic condition in which breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. In addition to the fatigue it can cause, it has serious health implications, as it is often associated with high blood pressure, arrhythmias, stroke and heart failure.

During an apneic episode, insufficient air flow into the lungs may cause a drop in blood oxygen levels.

By performing continuous SpO2 tests when the Overnight Scan feature is activated, ScanWatch can help to reveal whether sleep apnea episodes have occurred so that you and your doctor can take action.

Track all your activities.
Surpass your fitness goals.

Improve cardiovascular fitness with the help of dedicated workout metrics, Fitness Score via VO2 max, connected GPS, an altimeter for floors climbed, and swim-ready water resistance to 50 meters.

Fitness Score







Plan de travail 1












75% Goal · 18 Floors





125 kcal

Choose from over 30 activities and initiate workout mode directly from your wrist.

Launch a running, biking or walking session to have post-workout access to a map of your path, plus distance, pace, and elevation.

ScanWatch is Water-resistant up to 50m (5ATM) and will determine the number of laps, strokes, type of stroke and distance while swimming.

With each running session, a fitness score is determined via V02 max estimation, a crucial determinant in endurance sports.


Medical data in hand

Health Mate provides valuable data that can be used daily or during a doctor's visit. Data collected via SCANWATCH is computed with our MED.INTELLIGENCE and proprietary algorithms to provide an insightful, understandable, and fully leverageable record.

Features that will win your heart


38mm Black


38mm White


42mm White


42mm Black

Extra-long battery life

Make low battery anxiety a thing of the past and enjoy freedom from the charger with with a hybrid smartwatch that lasts up to 30 days between charges.

Smart notifications

Stay connected to what matters: ScanWatch will vibrate and display a preview of your smartphone notifications for any app of your choice.

Connected GPS

Start location tracking directly from ScanWatch and then view a map of your workout path for any distance-based activity in the Withings app, Strava, or your favourite partner app. Note: this feature leverages your phone’s GPS.

Activity detection

ScanWatch automatically detects when you walk, run, sleep, swim, and even workout—without pressing any button.

Waterproof to 5ATM

ScanWatch will follow you in all your underwater adventures, up to 50 meters—and automatically tracks swimming.

Standard Wristbands

We chose to equip ScanWatch with standard horns, so you can swap in any wristband that matches your style.

Make every second count

Nearly 1 billion adults are estimated to suffer from sleep apnea. In the US and in Europe, 1 out of 4 people will develop atrial fibrillation in their lifetime.

At Withings, we believe in empowering people to take care of their health with prevention and early detection—which requires medical-grade accuracy.

That’s why we develop ScanWatch with the help of cardiologists and somnologists, and conduct thorough clinical tests to validate it.

Withings ScanWatch is still under development. Available features at launch may differ according to regions and applicable law. This product has already been clinically tested and is pending FDA and CE Medical certifications.

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