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Withings devices boost research with long-term data collection for deeper health insights, driving scientific breakthroughs.

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Unlocking the potential of innovative health data

The Withings ecosystem allows you to track a wide range of data with medical-grade accuracy. From step count to pulse wave velocity, Withings devices provide access to more than 35 data points. The medical-grade measurements provided by our devices result from years of dedicated R&D studies conducted by a team of over 50 research employees based at our headquarters. This team's efforts ensure that Withings devices not only offer comprehensive health monitoring but also contribute to the development of innovative solutions for chronic care management.

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Data Privacy

Data protection is our top priority. We meet the highest standards of safety and security at every step for both our partners and study participants. Compliant with GDPR and HIPAA, we have also received HDS and ISO 27001:27 certifications. For further details, please consult our privacy policy.

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