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Smart blood pressure monitor with ECG & digital stethoscope

Detection. Prevention.
Heart health revolution.

Advanced design.
Advanced heart health insights.

For the first time, a connected blood pressure monitor can detect a variety of cardiovascular diseases in the comfort of your home and help identify heart conditions before they progress.

BPM Core delivers accurate blood pressure and heart rate, as well as ECG monitoring and a digital stethoscope. Now an at-home device can point to a risk of serious conditions, including atrial fibrillation (AFib) and valvular heart disease (VHD)—conditions that may have no symptoms.

  • Works via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Features an LED Matrix screen for instant feedback
  • Get a heart health checkup in 90 seconds
Blood Pressure Monitor

Health Mate

BPM Core syncs seamlessly via Wi-Fi with the Health Mate app, available for iOS or Android. The app keeps a record of all measurements, delivers insights to improve your cardiovascular health, and makes it easy to share measurements with a doctor. It will also give alerts for early signs of heart disease. Health Mate also works with other Withings devices to track your activity, weight, sleep, and more.

BPM Core - an essential companion to monitor, detect and prevent heart conditions

BPM Core is a revolutionary smart blood pressure monitor that, for the first time, integrates an electrocardiogram and a digital stethoscope to detect Afib and valvular heart disease risk—and does all three measurements in just 90 seconds. This medical-grade device can help patients to monitor and detect important heart-related vitals at home, so that they can then share results with their doctor. High blood pressure management
1 in 3 adults in America suffer from high blood pressure, and the American Heart Association and the European Society for Hypertension both recommend at-home blood pressure monitoring with an approved on-arm cuff style device for anyone who suffers from hypertension.
Revolutionary cardiovascular health insights
Now, with BPM Core, a user monitoring their blood pressure at home can now also detect two major heart diseases at the same time. Two conditions that are both more frequent among hypertensive people and currently under-diagnosed:
Atrial fibrillation (AFib)—a serious form of irregular heart rhythm and that can lead to heart failure or strokes, detected via integrated ECG.
Valvular disease (VH)—characterized by a defect of heart valves that can lead to heart failure or blood clots, detected via the integrated digital stethoscope.
The good news is that these conditions have a better outcome when detected early and addressed by a cardiologist.
Quick & easy measurement, tracking & sharing
In just 90 sec, users can check their results with color-coded feedback directly on the device, and they can see their full history in the free Health Mate app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Users can also share that information with a physician for early diagnosis, so that treatment can be administered before the disease progresses.

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