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Withings Body Pro
  • Cellular connectivity

  • Long-term user engagement

  • Reliable & accurate data

  • Lasting benefits

  • Tailored to your program

Cellular connectivity

Cellular connectivity, perfected

There is no connected health without a connection. That’s why health care professionals who want to expand past the limits of Wi-Fi are choosing Withings Body Pro.

Effortless setup

Getting started is as simple as turning it on. Body Pro features cellular connectivity to offer a fully configured smart scale that comes associated to your participants, right out of the box.

Reliable & continuous connection

Once activated the Withings cellular advantage goes to work. The data is collected anytime the scale is used with no more setup needed or worries that data won’t flow to where you need it.

Long-term user engagement

Choose the scale they want to use

Consistent usage can be a challenge. With more than 10 years of innovation, Withings has cracked the engagement code.

People appreciate Withings devices because they are designed to make data collection an enjoyable part of a daily routine, rather than a medical chore.

Instant weight & BMI trends

Body Pro allows users to visualize trends reading on the scale’s screen at each weigh-in. Instant and personalized feedback motivates users to reach their goals.

Creating enjoyable routines

Additional features bring more reason to step on. Once the user’s location is retrieved during installation, the scale automatically displays the daily local weather forecast when connected.

12 months battery life

Withings Body Pro comes with 4 AAA batteries already installed that last for a full year before needing to be replaced. The batteries are standard and easy to find, which also helps aid consistent usage and reduces frustration.

Reliable & accurate data

Accurate, reliable data

Body Pro features patented positioning technology that ensures each weigh in is highly accurate and it operates on a variety of surfaces including wood flooring, tile or carpet.

Lasting benefits

Multi-connectivity options provide lasting benefits

Includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options

Never fear data won’t be collected. With multi-connectivity options this is the only smart scale that serves all populations, even those in low connectivity areas.

Long-term gift. Sustainable choice.

After their program is done, participants can enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and continue to use the Body Pro scale and the Withings app at no additional cost*. This makes the scale a sustainable choice—and a long-term health monitoring tool.

Withings Body Pro Multi-connectivity

Tailored to your program

Seamless sync in any environment

Body Pro works right out of the box. Users just step on the scale and their data is automatically synced to the Withings HIPAA Cloud using end-to-end encryption. Our customers can leverage our industry-leading SDK and API to begin pulling data in just a few days.


The Body Pro screen can be customized to feature your logo.

API connection

Withings well-documented API is exceedingly easy to integrate so that you can integrate your users’ weight data in your solution.

Open API documentation


Withings provides a software development kit designed to install our devices in a partner application, to allow the activation of multiple-connectivity options, and ensure frictionless data collection through HIPAA compliant processes.

Secured data

Withings is committed to create a certified environment enabling health professionals to expand medical knowledge from multiple platforms following a unified and secure protocol.

View security protocol and certifications

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