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The most advanced health wearable ever designed.

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Withings invented

  • The first hybrid smart scale
  • The first connected & hybrid smart watches
  • The first connected blood pressure monitor

With more than 10 years experience in the field, Withings invents, designs, and manufactures a range of award-winning, clinically validated smart health devices and associated apps. Withings provides an easy way to take accurate measurements from the comfort of home, and can help anyone master long term health goals.

Developed with world renowned institutions

ScanWatch | Withings


The world's most advanced health tracking watch

Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate & Oximeter

Body Cardio | Withings

Body Cardio

Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Body Composition & Heart Rate

BPM Connect | Withings

BPM Connect

Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Sleep Analyzer | Withings

Sleep Analyzer

Under-mattress sleep tracker

Thermo | Withings


Smart Temporal Thermometer

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Best Portable Blood Pressure Monitor.

BPM Connect

With the Vascular Age, Withings has created an instantly recognizable index to help users better understand their health and maintain or change behavior to live a healthy lifestyle.

Body Cardio

This is an elegantly designed timepiece, perfect for those wanting a more traditional-looking watch without foregoing smart features.


Most user-friendly smart scale in 2021.


The best fitness trackers for recording your exercise, heart rate and sleep.

Steel HR


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I really like my Withings smart watch. Bought a smart scale with it for last Black Friday and it’s been nice to have everything on the same ecosystem.

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I use Withings BP measurment with integrated ECG and Sthetoscope. My episodes last for about 15 minutes so I can catch them, and I get a proper recording of my heart beat :). I don't like wearing anything on me.

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Just got my Withings. One charge for almost a month. Love it.

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One of my fave pandemic prep purchases was the Withings thermometer. It solves 2 major issues. First, it's infrared so no ick-factor sharing an oral thermometer between many folks. Second, my ADHD-addled brain can't track who's temp, if it's up or down. There's an app for that!

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Thank you to Dr. John Kairys @TJUHospital for your leadership in researching and integrating health tech with Epic at Jefferson. The data you helped unlock with @WithingsEN BPM Connect set me on a path to diagnosis and treatment. #HealthTech #gratitude

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Long-term useful: Withings thermo and body scale.

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Fully agree on Withings. Has been much more impactful day-to-day. But still, I yearn for the day where my doctor just taps my phone at the clinic and gets a full picture of my health. More an issue of how medical treatment and records work.

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Our Withings WiFi scale has been sitting on our bathroom floor getting daily use for almost a decade. Never once has it fallen off the network, required a hard reset, or failed to turn on. About once a year it politely asks for new batteries and it still looks great.

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Have you looked into Withings? Been wearing their watches for years - they're hybrid analog/digital so both form and function. Steel HR seems perfect for your use case (step count, heart rate, sleep tracking, and the battery lasts about a month with a single charge!)

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Try a Withings sleep mat. I love my data and have bought them for friends and family with good results

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Oh what smart scale do you use? I’ve got a Withings and I love it

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I too have Wi-fi scales, blood pressure monitor and I also have a Wi-fi thermometer all from Withings. I’m obsessed with body metrics at the moment, it can be so insightful, especially if you’re not feeling good.

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A +1 for Withings. I suffer from blood pressure drops (probably related with my adrenal condition, I’ve given up figuring out). I have used Withings devices to monitor my BP and I have metrics going back to 2013! I also use their scale and sleep mat.

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BTW I'm recently new to withings and have only just purchased the scanwatch and the BPM connect. Love them!

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There is a little known French company I use called Withings trackers that look like traditional watches they are bomb proof and a host of health tools and easy app

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I love the products and the app! Obviously they last forever and are very accurate!!

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