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Have a flexible spending account or health savings account? Some Withings devices are FSA-eligible without a doctor’s prescription. Shop now for smart FSA/HSA eligible items that can help you manage your health—and save money doing it.

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More information on flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts:

A flexible spending account (FSA), provided by an employer, allows you to use pre-tax money to pay for health care expenses for you, your spouse, or for your dependents. You choose how much money you want to save, and that amount is deducted from your paycheck throughout the year. You can then use those pre-tax dollars to pay for a wide variety of FSA-eligible items and health-care expenses, from medical appointments to first-aid supplies. Many people know their FSA covers copays at the doctor, prescription medicines, and even sunscreen. But many are not aware that blood pressure monitors and digital thermometers are over-the-counter (OTC) items that are 100% FSA eligible.

In 2021 there were FSA changes the government enacted in late 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The major health FSA benefit compared to previous years is that any money you contributed in 2020 and did not use in 2021 can be carried over to 2022. However, employers aren’t required to offer this carry-over option, so it’s important to check with your plan admin to find out if this benefit is available. The 2021 FSA maximum contribution limit per employee is $2,750 annually, which is unchanged from 2020.

Similarly, a health savings account (HSA) allows you to set aside pre-tax money in a savings account to pay for medical expenses. Unlike an FSA, the account is not provided by an employer, and money can be rolled over year after year.

Many different health items are FSA or HSA eligible. Many items are also eligible through Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) plans, but you need to check with your plan administrator to confirm HRA eligibility. Some medical products don’t even require a doctor’s prescription to be FSA eligible—including Withings BPM Connect, our Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor, and Thermo, our smart temporal thermometer. Investing in a durable product like a blood pressure monitor is a smart way to use your flexible health savings account money and can provide health benefits for years to come.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only. As rules and regulations change frequently, please always refer back to your plan provider for current limits and regulations.

How to claim your FSA refund

  1. Shop now on withings.com and save your receipt to be reimbursed for the eligible items. Your invoice is a receipt that will be available for download as soon as the payment is processed.
  2. Send the receipt to your FSA or HSA provider.
  3. Get reimbursed.

If you have an FSA debit card you can now use it to buy these eligible items on Amazon for more convenience. Shop FSA eligible items on Amazon

Note: No matter where you shop, it’s always a good idea to save your receipt for tax purposes. See below for more details on FSA/HSA accounts.

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