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Withings Health Institute

Our vision of health

At Withings, we are driven to improve health via innovative devices and apps that provide unique insights. Thanks to the data from our connected devices and projects we undertake with partners, Withings Health Institute conducts studies that push the boundaries of medical knowledge.

Our products are used by researchers for health studies, at hospitals for remote monitoring, and by companies that enact employee health programs.

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Health insights

At Withings Health Institute, we are committed to making our research available and understandable so everyone can benefit. Take a look at a selection of some of our consumer-facing studies below.

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Whether you want to use Withings for patients or employees, conduct scientific studies, or simply connect to our API, our team will be happy to assist.

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Withings Health Institute - Solutions for research, patient & employees

If you’re looking for the intersection of health data and best-in-class digital health products, look no further. Withings has an ecosystem of connected devices that easily track and monitor key health metrics, including activity, blood pressure, weight, sleep, and temperature. Hospitals, insurers, and researchers enjoy easy access to an open API to find the information they need. Withings has proven health care solutions for employers, hospitals, and researchers. We’ve helped organizations to implement diabetes prevention programs that can be life-saving interventions HR departments engage corporate wellness programs that inspire employees to get active using fitness monitors, and researchers with clinical trials, Withings is committed to offering an open API as well as support for clients who wish to engage in studies or remote monitoring. Take a look at the science behind the devices with white papers and data studies that show how our connected health devices can have powerful results that can lead to better long-term health outcomes.

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