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Custom approaches for data collection solutions from best-in-class devices.

  • 20+ metrics
  • Durable hardware
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Secure platform
  • Tailored solution

Withings award-winning connected health devices are the most reliable way to get accurate real-world data from patients or participants. Now with MED·PRO DATA, Withings opens up numerous new possibilities to leverage this data.

Leverage a variety
of metrics

Withings devices are able to accurately and consistently monitor a variety of important health metrics.

Smart Scales

  • Weight
  • Muscle mass
  • Water mass
  • Fat mass
  • Bone mass
  • Pulse wave velocity
  • Heart beat

Hybrid Smartwatches

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Lost calories
  • Heartbeat
  • VO2 max
  • ECG measurement
  • AFib detection
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep cycles

Blood pressure monitor

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart beat
  • ECG measurement
  • AFib detection
  • Valvular heart disease detection
  • Heart sound


  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep cycles
  • Heartbeat
  • Snoring duration
  • Sleep score
  • Breathing disturbances

Work with award-winning devices

Withings products are renowned for their accuracy, ease of use, and durability. As a result, our devices boast industry-leading retention rates.

  • Scales
  • BPMs
  • Thermo
  • Sleep
  • Trackers
Easy to install,
easy to love

Plug & play? Custom integration? You tell us.

Getting patients set up and retrieving data can be a hassle—so we made the process flexible and adaptable to any use case. Devices can be installed with one of three ways:

Withings APP

Our devices usually sync with our platform via the free Health Mate app, available on iOS and Android, so you can directly pull data from our platform into your environment via the Withings API.

Withings DATA·HUB

Not every user has access to a smartphone or have a Wi-Fi network at home. For those users, our new hub simplifies the process and is able to securely transmit data over cellular networks.

Learn more

Withings Device SDK

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to directly integrate device installation and sync* to your app, so your users do not need to download the Health Mate app.

We’re here to suit your needs

Our business and supply chain teams are dedicated to your success.

  • Flexible logistics—bulk & drop shipments, voucher codes
  • Dedicated support
  • Custom hardware—e.g. on-screen partner logo, data from partner
  • Branded materials
Secure & reliable API

Our products and platform are in compliance with GDPR, and ISO13485-certified. Our observed platform uptime is 99.95% so you don’t need to worry about data availability.

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