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Move ECG New

Get ECG on demand from an analog activity tracking watch that boasts a 1-year battery life so you never miss an AFib episode.

BPM Core New

Clinically validated

Get a more complete picture of your cardiovascular health with a smart blood pressure monitor that includes a digital stethoscope and ECG.

BPM Connect New

Clinically validated

The simplest way to manage your blood pressure from home.


In-depth insights and personalized advice to improve your nights and energize your days


Get fast and accurate temperature measurements plus in-app tracking and advice

Apps that help you take your health in hand

Sleep and BPM both sync with the free Health Mate app available for iOS and Android where you’ll find weekly health reports, personalized programs, and the ability to connect with hundreds of partner apps. Thermo has its own dedicated app for temperature history, reminders, fever advice, and much more.

More about Health Mate

Sleep Mat, Blood Pressure Monitor & Thermometer by Withings

If you’re looking to buy health monitors for smart health tracking look no further. Our medically accurate devices help you manage and track the health of the whole family via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. For cardiovascular health, our wireless blood pressure monitor takes blood pressure and heart rate in seconds while automatically syncing with the free Health Mate app. To help manage hypertension and avoid white coat syndrome, the BPM excels by offering color-coded results instantly show you where you stand and the app features a way to easily share with your doctor. Thermo is a thermometer that is fast, non-invasive, sanitary. With an LED screen, you can easily take a baby’s temperature in the dark and Thermo doesn’t require a smartphone be with you to get and track highly accurate temperatures. Fever tracking is also made easier with color-coded fever indicators, advice, reminders, and the ability to track symptoms on your phone. And since better sleep is linked to better health, our sleep tracking mat has advanced sensors to monitor heart rate, respiration, wake-ups and much more to show you how your night was, and how to improve. Sleep delivers a sleep score every morning and also features IFTTT integration to help you power a variety of smart home scenarios, from controlling a smart thermostat to acting as a switch for smart lightbulbs.

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