Easily collect accurate patient-generated data

Benefit from the most engaging connected devices, featuring custom data collection solutions, a secure platform, and a decade of experience.

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Withings | Med Pro Devices
Withings Body Pro


Body Pro

Body Pro works right out of the box. Get reliable weight data with best-in-class accuracy and advanced user retention capabilities.

Withings BPM Connect Pro


BPM Connect Pro

Easily collect accurate blood pressure readings from anyone, anywhere, including aging and rural populations.


A trusted name in healthcare

Withings Health Solutions is used by professionals and trusted by many of the world’s leading institutions.

  • Researchers
  • Hospitals and doctors
  • Digital health programs
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Insurers
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro
Withings | Med Pro

Easily collect & manage health data

We power healthcare professionals with the most complete ecosystem of connected devices and custom data collection solutions. A remote patient monitoring platform also helps to provide more efficient and engaging care to patients.

Withings BPM Connect

Reliable hardware

Equip patients with engaging connected devices

Every Withings product has been designed from the ground up with the end user’s experience in mind.

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Equip your patients with best-in-class hardware

Every Withings product has been designed from the ground up with the end user’s experience in mind. Our B2C expertise is an invaluable asset for your health program:

Desirable devices

Our medical grade devices are manufactured with a keen eye to design. This can reduce the trepidation people may have towards medical objects, and is a strong driver of our users’ engagement.

Easy set up

Setting up connected devices can often be a source of friction. Our designers streamlined the experience to make sure installation and use are frictionless. Our solutions are plug and play as they can work over cellular networks, making the devices smartphone and Wi-Fi independent.

Get data regularly over a long period

The average use-life of trackers over one year is only 43%; Withings devices exceed industry averages with over 90% of people engaging with their trackers over the same period.

  • Scales

  • Blood pressure monitors

  • thermo

  • Sleep

  • Trackers

Percentage of devices still being used after one year
Source: internal study on Withings database

Long battery life

Charging a device can risk patient participation in programs,so we removed this barrier by providing long battery lives to our products, such as Withings smart scales which can last up to 2 years on one charge.

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Secure access

Remotely access & leverage health data

Thanks to our set of custom data collection solutions, you can always have secure access to reliable health data.

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Remotely access and leverage health data

Thanks to our set of custom data collection solutions, you’ll always have secure access to reliable health data.

Flexible installation

We made installation flexible to adapt to most constraints:

  • Withings App

    Our devices typically sync with our platform via the free Health Mate app, available on iOS and Android, so you can directly pull data from our platform into your environment with the Withings API.

  • Cellular gateway

    Not every user has access to a smartphone or a Wi-Fi network at home. Our new Withings Data Hub gateway solves these barriers by securely transmitting data over cellular networks.

  • Your app

    If your organization or office has its own in-house app, your development team can integrate our SDK to set up Withings devices directly into your environment.

A secure environment

We are committed to being a trusted partner. We have secured both ISO 27001 and HDS certifications, which enables us to provide HIPAA-compliant capabilities to health professionals and HIPAA-compliant capabilities for providers.

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Easy & reliable API connection

Remotely access data easily 24/7 using our simple API. Our servers are secure with encryption at all levels and an observed 99.9% uptime.

Dedicated solutions

Withings | Med Pro
  • Digital health programs
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical groups & CROs
  • Researchers

Leverage a variety of metrics

Withings devices are able to accurately and consistently monitor a variety of important health metrics.

  • Withings | Med Pro

    Smart scales

    • Weight
    • Muscle mass
    • Water mass
    • Fat mass
    • Bone mass
    • Pulse wave velocity*
    • Heartbeat
    • Metric available in certain geos*
  • Withings | Med Pro

    Hybrid smartwatches

    • Steps
    • Distance
    • Calories burned
    • Heartbeat
    • VO2 max
    • ECG measurement
    • AFib detection
    • Sleep duration
    • Sleep cycles
  • Withings | Med Pro

    Blood pressure monitors

    • Blood pressure
    • Heartbeat
    • ECG measurement
    • AFib detection
    • Valvular heart disease detection
    • Heart sounds
  • Withings | Med Pro


    • Sleep duration
    • Sleep cycles
    • Heartbeat
    • Snoring duration
    • Sleep score
    • Breathing disturbances

Why Withings

Large variety of data

Our full range of devices will allow you to leverage more than 20 data points to retrieve accurate and reliable measurements from end users.

Exceptional user engagement

85% of our watches are still in use after 3 years, and half of our scales are in use for more than 8 years. This usage rate is unrivaled in the tech industry.

Ease of use

We pride ourselves on putting the user experience first. Withings devices are easy to install, boast an incredible battery life, and can use Wi-Fi or cellular so people can manage their health, not a device.

HIPAA certification & best-in-class privacy

Withings complies with HIPAA rules and regulations so that our services can be more effectively integrated by HIPAA-covered entities. Our privacy by design also ensures that user data is safely collected.

Medical-grade products with clinical validation

Every product is clinically tested. All Withings products delivering medical-grade metrics are CE Medical and FDA cleared.

Flexible logistics

Benefitting from 10 years of experience, Withings removes the complexity of shipping devices to your participants.

Withings has developed a complete ecosystem of award-winning devices during a decade of expertise in the connected health industry. This varied range of devices allows healthcare professionals to track the largest array of data points such as weight, heart rate, ECG readings, blood pressure, body temperature readings, and more. To fit any situation, we have also developed data connectors that improve patients’ user experience. These data connectors include a software development kit (SDK) and a Data Hub. The Withings Data Hub allows you to turn any Withings device into a cellular connected device, including a variety of cellular connected smart scales and smart BPMs. In addition to our data collection solutions, we also offer a HIPAA-compliant remote patient monitoring platform known as MED·PRO CARE.

Frequently asked questions

Are your devices medically certified?

Withings devices providing medical data are FDA cleared. Please contact our team for more details about the algorithm, their accuracy, and their validation.

How can I retrieve data from Withings?

We provide several solutions to help you collect data in a secure way: Withings has an open API that allows any partner to retrieve secure access to end user data. Withings is integrated with major data connectivity platforms, and our HIPAA-compliant remote patient monitoring platform allows healthcare professionals to securely access accurate data.

What is Withings Data Hub?

Withings Data Hub is a cellular turnkey solution that allows you to collect data from patients that do not own a smartphone or do not have Wi-Fi. This simple plug and play device transforms Withings connected devices into cellular-connected scales, blood pressure monitors, and more, thereby opening access to a more diverse group of patients and participants.

Which devices are compatible with Data Hub?

All of our devices work with the Data Hub. Please contact our team for more questions regarding Data Hub and its connectivity to additional Withings devices.

Which devices are compatible with SDK?

All of our devices are compatible with SDK.

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