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Big Health Bundle

4 devices and 1 app to get 360° insights on your health, day & night.


The Big Health Bundle is a pack containing:


Our best-selling body composition smart scale.

Sleep Analyzer

An advanced under-mattress sleep tracking mat.

BPM Connect

A clinically validated smart blood pressure monitor.


An accurate, hygienic smart temporal thermometer.

Holistic health tracking

With this set of devices, you can:

  • Track your weight & body composition.
  • Shine a light on your nights by tracking sleep cycles and breathing disturbances.
  • Be prepared to take and track temperature measurements for up to 8 users.
  • Monitor your cardiovascular health with systolic and diastolic blood pressure plus heart rate measurements.


Easy to use

Thanks to the Withings app, installation and use are a breeze: simply set up the devices on your Wi-Fi network and get all your data in your profile, seamlessly. No Wi-Fi? No problem. All devices have Bluetooth connection as a fallback option.


Body+, BPM Connect and Thermo can be shared by the whole family thanks to easy user recognition or selection.

Share with your doctor

Keep your doctor in the loop when you’re not at the office is important, that’s why the Withings app makes it easy to generate a PDF with one tap. Your Health Report that contains all the data you want to share, and can help your doctor when making a diagnosis.

Get all the data

Here are all the metrics you can monitor thanks to devices included in the pack.


Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale



Fat mass

Bone mass

Muscle mass

Water mass

Bonus: Body+ also shows a localized weather forecast with every weigh-in.

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Sleep Analyzer

Under-mattress sleep tracker

Sleep Cycles


Time to sleep

Sleep Score

Time to wake up


Sleep apnea

Bonus: Easy one time setup

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BPM Connect

Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Systolic Pressure

Diastolic Pressure

Beats per minute (heart rate)

Bonus: Digital screen shows measurements + Can track up to 8 users

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Smart Temporal Thermometer

Accurate body temperature

Medication journaling

Family dashboard

Bonus: LED screen makes reading/assigning temperatures at night a snap.

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Note: each product comes in its individual packaging, so you can easily gift devices and share the Withings experience with friends and family.