Remote monitoring built for practitioners, loved by patients

  • Complete Dashboard
  • Works for teams
  • Time tracking
  • 20+ Metrics tracked

Withings created MED·PRO CARE to leverage 10 years of connected health expertise and provides accurate, patient-centric data to better monitor health parameters and efficiently manage participants.

Withings | MED·PRO CARE

Designed for efficiency

  • Convenient access & visualization

    Easily access a comprehensive dashboard, view metrics at a glance, and dive into relevant details plus a better way to view long-term trends.

  • Better patient management

    The software is optimized to allow care teams to manage easily a large number of patients: share information within your team, set up a tailored measurement plan, coordinate with other carers.

  • Improved patient communication

    Allows patients to express themselves and feel taken care of with secure in-app communication, allowing you to save time and prevent unnecessary visits.

  • Effortless reimbursement

    Easily track time spent on platform by your practice to bill for reimbursable remote patient monitoring.

Work with award-winning devices

Withings products are renowned for their accuracy, ease of use, and durability. As a result, our devices boast industry-leading retention rates.

  • Scales
  • BPMs
  • Sleep
  • Trackers

Easy to install,
easy to love

Devices can be installed using our app. Additionally, DATA·HUB technology uses cellular networks to help reach a much more diverse population, working even when the patient has no smartphone and/or a Wi-Fi network.

Leverage a variety of metrics

Withings devices are able to accurately and consistently monitor a variety of important health metrics.

Smart Scales

  • Weight
  • Muscle mass
  • Water mass
  • Fat mass
  • Bone mass
  • Pulse wave velocity
  • Heart beat

Hybrid Smartwatches

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Lost calories
  • Heartbeat
  • VO2 max
  • ECG measurement
  • AFib detection
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep cycles

Blood pressure monitor

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart beat
  • ECG measurement
  • AFib detection
  • Valvular heart disease detection
  • Heart sound


  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep cycles
  • Heartbeat
  • Snoring duration
  • Sleep score
  • Breathing disturbances

Work with the Best

See why Withings is ahead of competitors.

Use real-time data

Retrieve data whenever patients take at-home measurements. To maximize flexibility, Withings devices can be installed with three methods: regular setup with the Health Mate app, plug-and-play with the HUB or in your own app thanks to our SDK.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Patients files are prioritized by urgency, for more efficient management. On the dashboard, you can view your patients’ trends, notes, and set up alarms with configurable triggers. You can also upload reports, results for clinical exams, blood analysis… The dashboard is packed with team-friendly features to reinforce the collaboration between caretakers—with unlimited accounts.

Privacy & Security

Our platform is HIPAA-compliant. It features banking-grade encryption methods and was designed with privacy in mind. Withings employees can never access identifiable health data without explicit consent from patients.

Forget about missed measurements

Many factors make patients miss measurements: battery issues, crashing apps, or even the need for a smartphone can hinder remote monitoring. Our award-winning devices surpass the competition in design, user experience, and battery life, giving products an industry-leading retention rate.

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