Pulse O₂ Track. Improve.

A "wear it your way" tracker to monitor
your activity and sleep, read vital signs and improve your overall health.

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  Advanced tracking,
every step of the way  

Whatever your fitness level or style, the Withings Pulse O2 can help you be more active and improve your health. During the day it captures steps, distance walked, elevation climbed and calories burned. At night,
it monitors your sleeping cycles. And when asked,
it measures your heart rate and blood oxygen level.
The Pulse O2 offers an empowering experience, as you are able to better yourself by making informed choices.

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Every step counts! Start tracking them to know where you stand and to see how fast you are progressing.



Whether you are going to climb Mount Everest or just upstairs, the Pulse O2 counts the feet you climb because they represent extra efforts.



Realize how far you have traveled, without carrying around a bulky device.



Instantly know how many calories you burned today.
Did you burn as many as you wanted?

The most versatile tracker

Wear it your way

Sport it or hide it! The Pulse O2 adapts to your style.
During the daytime the Pulse O2 can be worn 3 different ways:

At night, use the wristband to monitor your sleep. As the watchband's spring bars are standard (18 mm) you can even create your own customized wristband.


Running the good race

Analyze your running in real time with the Withings Pulse O2. When you are jogging, pressing the button once will bring forward the feedback you need: duration and distance.


Listen to your heart

With its 4 LEDs the Pulse O2 measures 2 vital signs - your heart rate and blood oxygen level - giving you a quick view of your health status.

Your heart rate in a heart beat

The Pulse O2 is the smallest device to measure heart rate. It lets you check your heartbeat rate on any occasion: before a date to assess your stress or after exercising to monitor your recovery heart rate.

Start considering your blood oxygen level

Also known as "The Fifth Vital Sign", the blood oxygen level is an estimation of your blood's oxygen saturation (SpO2). It is a way of assessing the overall efficiency of your respiratory function.

Why do it?

Faithfully following your nights

Time to go to bed? Place the Withings Pulse O2 in the wristband and launch the sleep cycle analysis. The next morning you will have the opportunity to precisely assess your sleep in order to have more restorative nights. The in-app graph shows the different sleep cycles and lists key sleep quality indicators - something more reliable than "impressions".

  • 0h00 in bed
  • 0h00 of sleep
  • 0 wake-up
  • 00:00 0:00
  • Awake 17mn
  • Light 3h18
  • Deep 3h59

Swipe for motivation

Did you beat your previous record?

Slide your finger across the touch screen and go back into time! The Withings Pulse O2 features History Browsing which allows you to display 10 days worth of data, giving you instant insight on your progress.


Learn about yourself

Sync seamlessly   

The Pulse O2 automatically syncs to your smartphone all throughout the day thanks to its embedded Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Each time the data is wirelessly transmitted to your free secured Withings account, it is put into perspective and made available in the dedicated Web and mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Discover this app

See the data come to life

Watch as the Health Mate app breathes life into those raw numbers! The app instantly turns them into easy to read graphs showing trends and showcasing your day-to-day progress. Soon you will have a better understanding of how your body works and how your habits impact your health.


Gamify your wellness


Get real-time personal coaching


Leverage your competitive and playful spirit. It has been evidenced that challenging your friends and family members is a great way to keep your motivation. Similarly, unlocking the first activity badges will push you to get the next ones.

withings withings withings withings

Collect activity badges

Get into the game and stay motivated with the Withings activity badges. These virtual milestones reward your efforts and push you to excel yourself. Continued efforts will even take you across the world as our Lifetime badges are geolocalized!

Keep the score

Invite friends to your Leaderboard and challenge them to take the most steps, week after week. Be notified each time your ranking changes and send motivational messages to those who lag behind. Anyone you choose to invite will be able to compete: Health Mate offers a basic in-app step-tracking function.

See badge map

Real-time personalized coaching

For each new intermediary goal you reach we tell you what the next step is. We believe these feedback loops are the key to behavioral change. Health Mate gradually incorporates a Timeline with daily reports and personalized advice to support your efforts. These insights are sent at the right time to keep you focused and motivated.

Smart healthy reminders

Adopting healthy habits is all about making subtle changes to your daily routine. What are the small steps that lead to the healthier me? Set the relevant Reminders and let the Health Mate app tip you off. Let's say you want to be more active for example. Why not walk when making calls? It will help you add steps to your day while connecting more with your friends and family.


Balance physical activity and nutrition

Master your body's weight. Simply log your meals in the MyFitnessPal app - the world's largest food, nutrition and calorie database. Our Health Mate app brings home their caloric equivalents and measures them against the number of calories burned.



Tech specs

  • Apple
    iOS 7 or higher
    iPhone (4 or higher)
    iPad (2nd generation or higher)
    iPad mini
    iPod touch (4th generation or higher)
    With iOS 7 or higher
  • Android
    4.0 or higher
    Android 4.0 or higher smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth compatibility
  • Bluetooth
    Painless set up and synchronization through Made For iDevice (MFi) compatibility
  • Standard USB
    charging cable
    Charging via provided power cable micro USB standard
  • 2 weeks
    battery life
    2 week average use between charges.

  • Power save
    24h more
    Power Save mode: Reserve power gives you up to 24h of tracking, even though the screen is not on.
See all the tech specs

* Formerly known as the Pulse O2. The O2 Telecommunications Group, known as “O2”, does not endorse this product.

Works with other apps

Users Reviews

Aussie Trevor


Love the pulse, love the other Withings products we use, but have trouble getting anything Withings in Australia as the local agent is out of stock of everything and none of the latest accessories and Withings doesn't ship here. Withings products ...

Press Review



“It works really well. It factors in more data than just about any other fitness tracker, and displays it right on the screen or in easily navigable apps.”



“I’m addicted to the pulse sensor aspect of the device, and in tandem with the Withings Smart Body Analzyer, it really helps paint a more full picture of your overall personal health. The Pulse offers the best value for money of any...



"We can easily say that Pulse is the best consumer-level fitness tracking tool we’ve yet tested. It’s an unobtrusive accessory that looks great, and presents useful data in an easy and fun-to-access way. The heart rate sensor is a g...



You know what’s great to have on your wrist? A watch. It is, you might even say, wearable. You know what else is Wearable? This activity tracker from Withings, the Pulse O2.



"(...) this little device does more--and costs less--than the competition"



"(The Withings Pulse is probably the best activity tracker on the market, with a feature list that’s hard to beat (...) The ability to measure your heart rate, and the fact that the Pulse can recognise when you’re running instead of walking are gr...

Trusted review


"(The Withings Pulse packs a lot into such a small body. It’s so easy to use, has a great battery life and has the unique features that make it the best fitness tracking device to buy right now.)"

Main informática


"...tenemos ante nosotros a un diminuto dispositivo que pesa solo 8 gramos y es capaz de medir lo habitual en estos equipos (nuestros pasos, cómo dormimos, distancia recorrida ..) pero también algo no visto antes: nuestro ritmo cardíaco gracias a ...



"A favor:
- Sensor para el pulso
- Autonomía
- Pantalla con historial de medidas
- Aplicación y panel web"



"Allerdings glaube ich kaum, dass es günstigere Möglichkeiten gibt, um all diese Daten so perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt zu erfassen. Tolle Arbeit von"



"Alles in allem ist der Pulse ein schönes kompaktes und vor allem auch preisgünstiges und auch robustes Gerät das schnell zum täglichen Begleiter wird ohne jemals im Weg zu sein."



"At this point, there's no other connected activity tracker that offers quite the range of functionality in such a small, unobtrusive and inexpensive package."



"Avec le Pulse, un minicapteur connecté qui se clipse à sa ceinture, chaque mouvement quotidien est enregistré. Imaginé par Withings, ce «smart tracker» de 8 grammes seulement analyse la marche, le rythme cardiaque, le sommeil, les calories brûlée...



"Best heart rate monitor to buy in 2014: At less than five centimetres long, the portable Pulse gives you a wide range of feedback on your daily activity – including distance travelled and calories burned – from the comfort of your pocket."



"Capteurs d'activité. Le français Withings analyse le mieux notre journée"

Die Welt


"Das Gerät eignet sich hervorragend zum Ermitteln, wie viel man sich im Alltag eigentlich bewegt. Es regt so auch gut zu mehr Bewegung an."



"Das Withings Pulse ist ein absoluter Winzling und durch den Screen ein mich ständig auf dem Laufenden haltender Begleiter."



"Der Fitness-Tracker von Withings überzeugt durch seine Präzision und Funktionalität...Optimiert Withings künftig diese Mängel, klettert Pulse aber ungehindert an die Spitze der E-Trainer-Rangliste."



"Der Withings Pulse ist ein guter Aktivitäts-Tracker mit Pulszähler als Bonus. In unserem Test hat er sich gut in der Kernkompetenz, dem Schrittezählen geschlagen. Die App ist gut, lediglich Gamification Aspekte werden vernachlässigt. Alles in all...



"Der Withings Pulse ist kein Mode-Accessoire wie der Jawbone UP und auch nicht spritzwassergeschützt wie der Fitbit One, dafür aber ein echter Allrounder, den man sogar tagelang ganz ohne Smartphone verwenden kann. Wenn Withings bei der App am Bal...

20 minutes


"Esthétiquement d’abord, l’objet fait des étincelles. (...) Côté fonctionnalités, polyvalence et simplicité sont au rendez-vous. (...) Le Pulse sait plus ou moins tout faire."

Men’s Health


"Forgoing the usual bracelet design, Withings' fitness tracker packs in the usual steps, distance and height climbed measurements, but also includes a pulse meter so you'll know exactly how tough that superset was (and can immediately share it on ...



"In puncto Funktionalität hat Withings Pulse die Nase vorn, da der Tracker auch ohne Smartphone in der Hand Auskünfte liefert und präziser zählt, was sich speziell beim Sport als hilfreich herausstellt."

Men's fitness


"It's easy to use, and a comprehensive support website helps you analyze your data"

Apple Tribu'


"la perfezione tra gli activity tracker"

Le Geek Sportif


"Le produit est d’excellente qualité, il offre des fonctionnalités innovantes et en avance sur la concurrence, il possède un écran tactile, il mesure votre fréquence cardiaque et… la société Withings est française. De plus, les accessoires livrés,...

Le Blog Des Nouvelles Technologies


"Le Pulse de Withings dispose de nombreuses caractéristiques dans un si petit corps. Il est si facile à utiliser, possède une grande autonomie et possède des caractéristiques uniques qui en font le meilleur dispositif de suivi de fitness à acheter...

Le Parisien Aujourd'hui en France


"Le Pulse est un petit domino bourré d'électronique qui se glisse dans la poche ou s'accroche au poignet comme une montre lorsque l'on dort. Comme un petit génie qui veille sur vous"

01 net


"Le Pulse est, de loin, le meilleur et le plus complet des traqueurs d’activité."

Huffington Post


"Nicht nur zählt es Schritte sehr präzise, es überwacht auch Tiefschlaf-Phasen und hat auf der Rückseite einen Sensor, mit dem man, der Name des Geräts sagt es, den Puls messen kann."



"One of the most attractive and feature-rich activity trackers we've tested, and wrestles away our Editors' Choice from the Fitbit One."



"Pour garder le rythme. Réputée pour ces balances intelligentes, la marque française Withings invente un coach personnel ultra compact (43,3 x 22,1 x 8,3 mm) de seulement 8 grammes : le Smart Activity Tracker."

Sport Life


"Se diferencia del resto por su pulsómetro incorporado: poniéndole el dedo encima te da la frecuencia cardiaca. Pasos, distancia, altura ascendida y calorías son los otros datos que aporta, y si vas a correr o hacer deporte también te puede dar el...

Le 20 minutes


"Si « Withings » n’était pas inscrit sur l’appareil, on se dit qu’Apple aurait très bien pu signer ce design minimaliste, tiré au cordeau. La comparaison ne s’arrête pas là. A l’instar de la marque à la pomme, le soin apporté à la finition...

The Test Pit


"So tiny, unobtrusive and packed to the nines with features and innovations, the Withings Pulse is a must-have tool for those living the active life... and those who really should."

MSN Tech


"The heart rate measuring means a much more rounded picture of your total health. By monitoring both resting and physical activity heart rate, you'll be able to see how the improvement in heart rate correlates to physical activity."



"The heart rate sensor really makes it a great product. This product is simple and effective to use and covers all areas of your health."



"The Pulse joins the growing army of step counters but it's stepping in with a special weapon. Sure it'll count your daily paces, mileage, calories and even attitude climbed, but it also offers a clear touchscreen display, clip mount, wrist strap ...

The Next Web


"the Withings device for me just shades it due to the built-in heart-rate monitor."

Trusted review


"The Withings Pulse packs a lot into such a small body. It’s so easy to use, has a great battery life and has the unique features that make it the best fitness tracking device to buy right now."



"The Withings Pulse; the only activity tracker (so far) to measure heart rate. You can sync the Pulse with the Withings Smart Body Analyzer scales, adding weight body fat percentage and your rooms CO2 levels to the mix of data"

The Gadget Show


"There's not much to fault the Withings Pulse on: it's a simple, understated device that you can stick right in your pocket and it'll track your activity for well over a week. Plus it can sync with a wide range of devices and measure your heart ra...

OX Gadgets


"This really is a superb activity tracker. I was worried when I heard that Withings were going to be entering this already fairly saturated market, but I have to admit that they have come up with something that not only improves on the shortcoming...

The Sun


"This tiny gadget is one of the most discreet trackers around. But while it is small, it boasts superb functionality."