Withings Home HD camera with environmental sensors

An elegant HD camera with environmental sensors to stay connected with your loved ones while making your home a healthier, safer place.

highStay connected

Instant access to your home from anywhere

We are all emotionally attached to the place we call "home". It’s the one place you would like to be able to access at any time, from anywhere. The Withings Home happily fulfills the desire to stay connected.

HD up to 1080p 135 degree viewing angle withings

Stay connected


Do you find yourself stuck at work but your child has just gotten home from school? Thanks to the Withings Home you can watch him studiously starting homework at his desk. Send him praise through Home's High Quality speaker and see how his face lights up!


Stay connected


Check on your beloved pet throughout the day - watch him nap on the couch and later fool around with his toy… Wait? Are those your sneakers in his mouth? Zoom in to make sure. Home is like a window looking into your living quarters, always readily available.


Stay connected


Need to keep an eye on your little one napping, while you enjoy dinner with your friends in the living room? Want to have him under your benevolent eye while you are on a business trip? Simply place the Withings Home in his bedroom. You can switch on the nighlight or start a lullaby remotely, even if you are away.


highNever miss a special moment

Beyond birthday, holiday or milestone celebrations, happiness feeds off of the fleeting moments of joy we share everyday. Withings Home seizes these special moments and creates a Home Diary on the fly, available in the mobile and Web apps. Scroll through the Timeline, go back in time and replay short video clips of all memorable events.

Get notified for activities you care about

Choose to receive notifications when certain events occur like someone walking into the room, movements by the window, or a crying child. Home is able to identify particular activities and to keep you in the know.


highProtect your home 24/7

In addition to its elegant look, the Withings Home comes with smart home security features to empower you to protect your family.

A handy Home Diary

Each time Home detects a noteworthy event, it takes a photo and a 5 second video. They are then uploaded and stored for 2 days, forming a Home Diary over time. Scroll through the diary to understand what happened in your home. See a photo or clip you would like to keep? Simply download it, free of charge. Want more? At any time, you can subscribe to one of our 3 optional cloud video recording plans.


VOC sensor

Home addresses the issue of indoor air quality with a Volatile Organic Coumpounds (VOCs) sensor giving a good indication of the presence of air contaminants.

What exactly are VOCs?
VOCs are potentially harmful airborne organic chemicals originating. Indoor VOC levels are typically 10 times higher than outdoor levels. Combined these compounds have both short and long-term detrimental effects on human and animal health. Use the Withings Home to monitor their presence in your home throughout the day, and to know when it's time to clear the air.


Smart alerts

If unusual VOC, temperature or humidity levels are detected, the Withings Home sends you a notification. You can fine-tune the levels at which an alert is sent, or stick to unusual spikes.


Leverage Withings connected ecosystem

IFTTT-friendly, the Withings Home links your house to the Internet, enabling you to utilize customized services. And like all Withings devices, Home is part of a wide ecosystem of compatible products and partner apps.

Tech specs

  • iOS compatibility
    iPhone (all versions above iPhone 4S)
    iPad (all versions)
    iPad mini (all versions)
    iPod touch (4th generation or higher)
    With iOS 7 or higher
  • high High definition camera
    HD video with 5 MegaPixels 30FPS sensor. Ultra wide 135° angle. IR filter, crystal clear two-way talk with 2 digital microphones.
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth Smart Ready device with Bluetooth 2.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity
  • WI-FI
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 Ghz) WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal security compatible
  • Easy set up
    It only takes 30 seconds to set up Home with your iOS device. There is no need to remember your Wi-Fi network password.
  • Free app
    Get the free Home Monitor app from the Apple AppStore.