Adjustable wristbands Wear your Pulse O2 on the wrist

Wristbands for your Pulse O2 activity tracker.
Available in black and blue.


A Withings Store

  • - Turns your Pulse into a wrist watch.
  • - Adjusts to your wrist size for a comfortable fit.
  • - Easy to swap using a standard spring bar tool.
  • - Black and blue? Pick your favorite color.
  • - Note that the Withings Pulse O2 is sold separately.

Personalize your wristband

One activity tracker, a thousand ways to wear it. You could already choose to drop it in a pocket or to wear it on your clothes using one of the colorful clips. The adjustable wristbands now also let you wear your Pulse on the wrist! And as their watch bands are attached with standard spring bars, you can easily transform your tracker to match your outfit, your mood, your personality: it adapts to you.


2 colors available