Professional Care


Professionnals have the reponsibility to build

a comprehensive approach

to improve the health of their community

  • Employers

    Connect your co-workers
    to their health.

  • Health & Wellness professionals

    Improve observance and show results.

  • Insurers

    Improve healthcare outcomes,
    and reduce risk.


Proven results

  • Corporate Wellness Programs
    demonstrate an average 3.37 ROI. (1)

    (1) Worplace Wellness programs can generate savings.
    2010. Health Affairs 29(2): 304-311.

    see survey
  • Overweight users who weigh-in once day
    loose twice as much weight than users who
    weigh-in once a week. (2)

    (2) Withings statistical analysis

  • Pedometers users tend to walk an extra 2 000 steps a
    day. On average, this results in a 0.38 BMI loss and a
    3.8 mm Hg drop in systolic blood pressure. (3)

    (3) Using Pedometers to Increase Physical Activity and Improve Health,
    A systematic review, JAMA. 2007.

    see survey
  • Overweight Withings users lose an average of 0.3 BMI per year.
    This generates $60 of healthcare saving
    per user per year (4)

    (4) Association of healthcare costs with per unit body mass index increase.
    J Occup Environ Med. 2006 Health
    Management Research Center, University of Michigan

    see survey


Corporate Wellness Program

  • 1

    Raise Awareness on the benefits
    of physical activity

  • 2

    Equip co-workers with
    connected devices

  • 3

    Boost activity with team challenges
    and rewards

  • Extra

  • Employees

  • Reduced

  • Lower
    health costs

Health Station

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Multi-user scale and blood pressure monitor for weight, body fat, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring.
Anti-theft features allowing unattended usage. Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity. Instant sync with third party apps or clouds.

Corporate Customers


Head of Human Resources

At Novartis, the well-being and health of employees, collective emulation and innovation are part of our corporate culture.

Using the Withings Pulse we deployed a motivation program - both individual and team - that combines all of these dimensions. Each person's steps fuel the score of his "roped party" in order to script a collective performance.

The implementation of an innovative digital initiatives program, coupled with health professional interventions made all participants aware of the importance of physical activity, and strengthened team spirit, in a healthy competition.

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