About us


We are withings.

We build smart devices around health.


Withings creates smart products and apps
to take care of yourself and your loved ones
in a new and easy way.

By extending the capabilities of an object through network resources, Withings provides access to infinite computing and storage facility at no extra cost, turning objects into smart connected devices. Since 2009, Withings has extended those benefits to a wide range of lifestyle-friendly devices. And by using mobile phones and computers as bridges and opening up its platform to a wide ecosystem, Withings now works seamlessly with over 100 partner apps and devices, providing users with a 360° health and wellness experience.


  • Withings designed and released
    the first connected scale ever
     September 2009  Wi-Fi Body Scale Wi-Fi Body Scale
  • Blood Pressure Monitor Design & Engineering showcase honors
    at Innovations international CES 2013
     May 2011  Blood Pressure Monitor Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Baby Monitor Design & Engineering showcase honors
    at Innovations international CES 2011
    German Design Award 2012
    Observeur du Design Award
     November 2011  Baby Monitor Smart Baby Monitor

  • The Withings free Health Mate app
    lets you get an instant access
    to main aspects of your wellness.
     August 2012  HealthmateWithings Health Mate

  • Withings entry-level scale also offers
    high accuracy measurements
     October 2012  Wireless Scale Wireless Scale
  • award German design award nominee 2014  January 2013  Smart Kid Scale Smart Kid Scale
  • award Design & Engineering showcase honors
    at Innovations international CES 2013
     March 2013  withings Smart Body Analyzer
  • award IF Design Award 2014
    One Star at Observeur du Design 2014
     June 2013  Withings Pulse Withings Pulse
  • Blood Pressure Monitor Gold IF Design Award 2014
    Étoile observeur du design
     April 2014  Blood Pressure Monitor Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  •   April 2014  Withings Pulse O2 Withings Pulse 02




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Cédric Hutchings

CEO of Withings

Cédric benefits from an eight year experience in marketing general public technological products.

Cédric worked at Inventel as a product manager where he managed the launch of residential wireless gateways before joining Thomson in the position of marketing director of domestic products in charge of developing residential offers.

Cédric has an engineering background from the Ecole Centrale of Paris, holds a Masters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and was recognised as best Product manager of the Thomson group in 2006. At Withings, Cédric manages commercial development, general management and marketing.

Eric Carreel

Chairman of Withings

Eric started his career in institutional research as a researcher in the field of radio.

He then co-founded Inventel and remained its President from 2002 to 2005, being recognised as one of the major architects of Triple Play in Europe. After Thomson bought Inventel, Eric became technical director of Thomson's domestic products division while creating and managing the Advanced Product Development group.

Eric is an Engineer from the Industrial Physics & Chemistry Grande Ecole in Paris (ESPCI) and has a PhD in engineering from the University of Paris VI. He is the author of over fifty patents and directs the vision and innovation at Withings.


We have these investors to thank for letting us do this Withings thing.



Our foreseeable future is larger than life.
Major innovations have already changed the way
we do everyday things forever, letting us do more, more often.
Empowering us. We are excited and positive.
There’s a lot more to come.
We ought to know because we pride ourselves
on being pioneers of the connected wellness world.
Want to be part of the revolution?
Stay far away from certainty.
Question the way things are done.
Give “self-control” a new meaning.
Set off to improve your whole family’s well-being.
Our smart devices let you do it, while providing you with a seamless experience.
Withings helps you care more for what you care about.

Where to find us?

We have offices in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France (a block away from Paris); in Boston (MA), USA; and in Hong Kong, China.

Withings America (US)
Withings Inc
101 Main St., Floor 14
Cambridge, MA 02142
Withings Europe (France)
Withings SAS
2, rue Maurice Hartmann
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux
Withings HK Limited
Unit A, 3/F, R&T Centre,
83 Larch Street,
Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon,