Withings – Warranty – 01/20/2011


 The Customer benefits from a one year warranty against hidden defects. In the event that a manufacturing defect renders the Product unusable, the customer may contact the customer service at contact-shp@withings.com.

Warning! Poor maintenance of your equipment can lead to irreparable damage. In particular, you should only use soft cloth slightly moistened (with soap and water only) to clean your Withings product. Deterioration resulting from the use of non-recommended cleaning product lead to an exclusion of warranty.

Any return of the product under the above warranty must be with the prior agreement of Withings. To that end, the Buyer shall contact the Withings After Sales Service. Warning: To benefit from Withings after-sales services, you must have purchased the product on  www.withings.com site or from an authorized dealer. In the second case, an invoice will be required before proceeding to any exchange and / or repair

Withings will then issue the Buyer with a product Return Authorisation Merchandise (RAM) number.

The RAM number, which is an indispensable and mandatory condition for the return of the products, is valid for a period of seven business days, from the moment that it is communicated to the Buyer. After its expiry, the Buyer must repeat his request, in accordance with the above procedure.

The defective product must be returned in its original packaging, with all its parts and together with its accessories, and be accompanied by the return number, which must be legible, as well as the series number of the product.

Any product, which is incomplete, damaged and/or the original packaging of which has deteriorated, will not be taken back or exchanged within the framework of the warranty.

All costs and risks involved with the return of the products are at the Buyer's expense. The customer must comply with all return conditions described in the paragraph 9 of the General Sales Conditions.

If it is accepted that the product is defective, Withings undertakes then to send to the customer, at its expense, a Product in good working order, which may be a replacement. Should the product be out of stock or impossible to repair, the Customer will be offered a replacement or refund of the initial Product.

The product under warranty will be exchanged or repaired, as Withings may decide.

Repairs can take between 4 and 8 weeks. The handling delay arises from the exchange or refund management.

Withings may not be held liable by the Buyer, with respect to any hidden defects that might affect the products delivered or within the context of a replacement of defective products or parts which render them unusable, for any possible damageable consequences that might arise from their use.

In any event, the warranty does not cover:

- replacement of consumables;
- any use which is not normal and consistent with the product instructions;
- damage which is specifically mentioned in the product documentation; 

- defects and their consequences, arising from action by the Buyer or a repairer not authorized by Withings;
- defects and their consequences linked to use not in accordance with the purpose for which the product is meant (professional use, joint use ...)
- products covered by a specific assistance and maintenance contract.